The Gullnahol


The Gullnahol


The private club Gullnahol (“Golden Hall”) sits atop Florimel Hill in Amber City. A large building constructed of heavy gray stone and timber, it looks down upon the nearby buildings and streets, its blatantly different architecture calling out to all who gaze upward toward it. From the peaked roofs capped by the rearing stallions to the heavily carved and gilt doors, the grand building shows an almost opulent disregard for price and the “acceptable” standards for construction that surround it.


Main Hall from Doors
The View from the Main Doors










Tables and Artwork 1
View of the Trestles and Tapestries

Inside, the differences become even more pronounced, and the source of the club’s name becomes abundantly clear. Six great pillars run the length of the main chamber, holding up the high ceiling and framing the fire pit that sits in the center of the floor. Large trestle tables sit in rows to either side with heavy benches to either side. High above, platforms stretch from wall to wall, able to be reached by a pair of stout stairways that touch the floor near the end of the dining area. Covering almost every surface, from walls to the tops of the pillars, gold leaf and gemstones glimmer in the light, a veritable dragon’s hoard of wealth for all to see.



Tables and Artwork 2
View of the Trestles and Tapestries








High Seat
View of the High Seat

Dominating the view is a single seat placed high above the flagstone floor.  Surrounded by more of the rearing stallions, the chair seems to be more of a lordly throne than anything else, and from it, an observer could easily watch the comings and goings of everyone waling across the multicolored tiles.

View from High Seat
View from the High Seat


Between the tables and the stairs leading to the throne, an open section of the floor waits, strange runic script carved into inlays of metal that stretch across the space.  Slender poles topped with slowly fluttering pennants stand at the eight points of an octagon, marking the perimeter of a stage.

Runic Floor and Fighting Area


Doors to Private Meeting Room
Doors to Private Meeting Room










Stairs to Gambling Area
Stairs to the Gambling Areas



Several doorways can be seen near the high seat, hiding entrances to the kitchens and other, more unknown rooms.






Door to Private Residence
Door to a Private Residence