The Peoples of Asgard

The Law

There are a large number of races and people in Asgard; these are collectively referred to as the “Fólk” (“People”).  All other beings are simply the “Utanaðkomandi“, or “Outsiders.”  It is at this point, however, that the similarity often ends.  Given these differences in cultures, languages, and ways of viewing reality, it becomes very difficult for this collection of beings, being both corporeal and, in many cases, intangible, to agree upon things.  During the Balancing, the period of time soon after the reforming of Broken Asgard where Magnus attempted to establish a peace between the humans and other races, a simple set of three rules were established as “the Law.”  These rules are considered to be binding upon all inhabitants of the Nine Worlds and enforceable, regardless of the affected race(s).

  • Nothing shall be Unmade.  Given the nature of the living creatures in the Nine Worlds, change happens regularly.  Even the most static creatures have, with study and talent, the ability to access the Great Rune, changing their forms.  Changing a thing…killing a thing…taking a thing….  These are all allowed.  Changing, however, the true nature of a thing, however, is viewed as a crime against the Great Rune and is cause for punishment.
  • Territory is Sovereign.  Whether it is territory, title, or owned items, all races have the ability to act and defend against those who seek to take what was theirs.  Where questions of original ownership is called into question, a Þing will be called.
  • An Offence Against One is an Offence Against All.  Where an individual or group is found to be guilty, they are guilty against all, and the punishment will be executed in the name of all affected parties.

The Races of Asgard

The inhabitants of the Asgardian realm, both human and otherwise, represent the civilized Peoples and societies of the land.  Although their personal interpretations of laws and behavior may vary, the Accords of the Balancing provide a similar framework that governs behavior.  These Peoples include:

People Description Home Rulers
Humans Humanity Various Various (First Lords/Ladies and Substantial Freeholders)
Aesir / Vanir Gods of Asgard Idhavoll The King that Reigns
Jötnar Giants Jötunheimr / Múspellsheimr Various (Thrym, Surtr, etc.)
Ljósálfar Light Elves Alfheimr Lady of Ice and the Summer King
Dökkálfar Dark Elves Svartalfheimr The Onyx Queen and the Obsidian King
Dvergar Dwarves Svartalfheimr Various
Vaettir Spirit Beings Various Various

Some minor races also exist, although they do not do so in large enough numbers to merit inclusion in the list above.  These include the trollkin, kobolds, goblins, and others.

The Clans

The Nine Great Clans of Asgard ruled in Broken Asgard, each existing in small areas of strength and surrounded by enemies. Since the Recovery, these families have spread, increasing in strength and numbers. In support of this, Magnus sent a call to the youth Asgard, sending them into the Rest of Creation in search of nothing less than children of the High Blood. Asgardian women and men sought out members of the Great Families of Chaos and then returned home with their living treasures. These children have since grown and married, giving birth to new generations of Blooded Asgardians. There are no Channicuts, Helgrams, or Sawalls in Asgard; there are the Anker, Björnberg, Ehrenskiöld, Hedemann, Horn, Kärling, Linde, Neergaard, and Vind.

Clan Name Seat First Lord/Lady Location and Industry Clan Traits Relative Power Locations of Interest
Anker Huldremose Bjarke “High-Hand” The clan seat is in the open plains of eastern Asgard. Primary industry consists of agriculture and manufacturing within the cluster of cities nearby. Heavily mercantile clan that houses the majority of Asgard’s manufacturing capabilities. The clustered cities of the Anker represent the area of heaviest population density. Currently vying with the Ehrenskiöld for primacy amongst the High Clans. 1 The Refactory – Manufacturing research center that represents the primary alchemical and metallurgical developments in Asgard. Home of Magnus’ Forge.

The Burning Walls – Remains of the ancient city of Tile.

Björnberg Bjeornshafe Uffe The clan seat sits at the junction of several mountain ranges in the Pass of Dawn. Primary industry consists of minerals, military support, and lumber. The most traditional and militant of the High Clans. The people of the Björnberg Clan represent the highest percentage of officers within the Asgardian military. 2 Tall-Far’s Hall – Seat of Asgard’s only recognized Troll Karl, Krastnal the Crooked.

Ornspirur – Ancient city of learning and monastic training. Ruled by Harald Magnusson.

Ehrenskiöld Stannasgard Sanne The clan seat is at the top of Darkling Bay in central southern Asgard. Primary industry consists of lumber, fishing, and trade/transportation. Arguably the most “modern” Clan in Asgard. The location of Stannasgard provides excellent support for industry and trade. Currently vying with the Anker for primacy amongst the High Clans. 1 Ruins of Thorn – Ruined ancient city of demihuman origin (Alfar and Dverger).
Hedemann Amaroth Arjun The clan seat sits in the northernmost city of Asgard. Primary industry consists of lumber, fishing, and minerals Highland Asgardian Clan that maintains a love/hate relationship with the Björnberg. Somewhat remote given the geography. Heaviest mine density for Asgardian Iron. 3 Eskiholt – Site of the Battle of Godsfall, where the War of Reaving began.

Ringe – The City of Dread. Town completely encircled by vicious rapids. Famous for having never fallen in battle due to its natural defenses.

Horn Kragholm Steinar The clan seat is in southwestern Asgard upon the plains. Primary industry consists of livestock and agriculture. Greatly dispersed Clan that consists of numerous freeholds and farming communities. Source of many famed Skalds. 7 Gislaved – The Tower of the Goði. Administrative center of the Asgardian priesthood.
Kärling Horve Valdemar The clan seat is in southeastern Asgard. Primary industry consists of livestock, agriculture, and fishing. Smallest Clan of Asgard. Established independence from the Vind due to a family schism. The Kärling have a reputation for glory seeking as they attempt to improve their lot. 8 Jomsburg – Island of the Ridden. Training center (that is geographically removed for a reason) for the Berzerkr, Úlfhéðnar, and Svinfylking.
Linde Lindelse Hrothmal The clan seat is in southwestern Asgard upon the shore cliffs. Primary industry consists of research, education, printing, and trade. One of the two primary Clans whose focus includes learning. The Linde house the primary learning and research centers in Asgard and, due to the needed materials involved in this effort, have become a major trade hub in their coastal Clan center. 4 Hús Allra – The great school of Asgard
Neergaard Thrymhold Etre The clan seat is in the center of northern Asgard. Primary industry consists of lumber and herbs. A rugged Clan of frontiersmen that reside in the deepest areas of the remote north. Self-sufficient to a fault, they trade heavy in pharmacological materials with the Linde and Vind Clans. The Clan’s lands are extensive although sparsely populated. 6 The Ironwood – Asgard’s primal forest. Wild and uncivilized lands that belong more to the Vaettir than men.

Skaldshome – The center of learning for Skalds and many Loremasters. Contains knowledge of a more esoteric nature than what is taught in Lindelse or Lammhult.

Vind Lammhult Ostom The clan seat is on the eastern sea coast of Asgard. Primary industry consists of fishing, trade, and medical services. The second Clan focused upon learning. The Vind Clan houses the greatest houses of healing and medical learning in Asgard. 5 Vogir Nornanna – The Houses of Healing

Famous Asgardians

The Kings

  • Odin Allfather – The King That Was and Will Be
  • Magnus Odinson – The King That Watches
  • Jarngrimr Magnusson – The King That Reigns

The Clan Lords and Ladies

  • Bjarke “High-Hand” Anker
  • Uffe Björnberg
  • Sanne Ehrenskiöld
  • Arjun Hedemann
  • Steinar Horn
  • Valdemar Kärling
  • Hrothmal Linde
  • Etre Neergaard
  • Ostom Vind

The Craftholders

  • Seidkonur Helle – The blind Headmistress of the Seiðrhol Academy of Mystic and Mundane Skills in Hrafnborg
  • Herforingi Malaba – Half-giant Commander of the Hús Brjóta, Asgard’s Academy of Military and Martial Arts in Hrafnborg
  • Simeon Lagidfugl – The Master Skald of the Skaldhome, the center of musical and lore studies
  • Hafdan Anker – The Craftlord of The Refactory
  • Bodil – High Voice of Gislaved, the Tower of the Goði
  • Yrsa Linde – Proctor of th Hús Allra, the great school of Asgard
  • Troels Vind – Lord Healer of Vogir Nornanna, the Houses of Healing
  •  Einarr – Preceptor of the Hollustu

The Warlords

  • Rollo – A tall warrior, easily pushing 7′ in height, beard and long brown hair braided and beaded.
  • Cnut – A crafty eyed man with little to note other than the calculating gaze that he casts upon everything around him.
  • Raudur Erik – Famous for his silence, this man, nevertheless, seems to smile like he is hearing the world’s greatest joke.
  • Ragnar – In the words of an Agardian, Ragnar is “an axeman,” possessing broad shoulders, hands like hammers, and enough scars for a dozen men.  He is stares at the world with open hunger.
  • Eric af Blodugum Oxi – If the other Erik was a laughing wolf, this one is a snarling version.  He deals with the world and everything in it with poorly disguised impatience.
  • Gunnar Hamundarson – You could call this man “beautiful” if you dared.  Surrounded by the rough Warlords whom he calls peers, his appearance is even more striking.  Thick blond hair frames his head and shoulders, and he possesses pale blue eyes reminiscent of the hardest ice.
  • Ivar Sem Beinlaus – A cripple amongst wolves, Ivar nevertheless commands easily.  His legs are obviously withered and useless, but his skill in battle makes even the judgmental Asgardians offer nothing but the greatest of respect.  Ivar is rumored to be the greatest commander of the Nine.
  • Bjorn Ironside – The youngest of the Warlords, Bjorn is a heavily built man with heavy blond braids and beard.  Even amongst the raiders and hunters of the Warband, he has a reputation for speed and recklessness.
  • Hastein – Whip thin and scarred, the seawolf of the Warband, Hastein, has a well earned reputation as a vicious raider, thief, murderer, and exploiter of the smallest weaknesses.  He is everything that most Warband soldiers aspire to be – a true Viking.  Magnus is said to value his wisdom greatly.

the Stjórnandi of the HEIMAVÖRÐUR

  • Ange Opar – Stjórnandi of the Rauður Væng
  • Timus Briski – Stjórnandi of the Svartur Væng
  • Mikel Delan – Stjórnandi of the Hvítur Væng

The Sacrifice of the LOKAÓSK

  • Paot Björnberg, Sacrifice of the Lokaosk

Lords and Ladies of the Vaettir

  • Signe, the Winter Queen
  • Surtr, the Darkest Flame
  • Shashel, the Water’s Hand
  • Kraghl, the Stone Lord
  • Eysteinn the Green

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