Beatrice Adams

Beatrice (Bea) Adams, younger of a pair of twins, youngest child and youngest daughter of Dave and Michelle.

 A very grown up Bea

Her older brothers are Malcolm and Bertrand, her older sister is Constance. She may be ten minutes younger than Bertrand, four years younger than Constance and seven years younger than Malcolm… but she makes up for it. She has more than a bit of grandmama Rose and great grandmama Rilga’s spine.

Like the other Adams children, her hair is dark. Against that is grandfather Corwin’s green eyes… and she can do bat those lashes, niagara tears and puppy dog eyes with the best of them.

Her current location is unknown. Since her father Dave crispered Caine most of his family is below radar.

An update on her last known whereabouts is she went with her mother and sisters to live with Grandpa Gerard and Grandmama Rose, especially when she took too much of a shine to Tone when she was about 14. Actual age presently not known.

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