Asgard Game

This has been set up as an experiment for players to develop characters within the Asgard setting, under Solstice. Asgard was closed for some time, during what was known internally as the War of Reaving, and many changes took place within it at that time.

The Asgard Game gives players the opportunity to create 150pt characters, and then explore the Asgard setting, with a number of differences in magical abilites and other powers. At this point in time, this is a seperate game to the overall Solstice Game, and characters are not necessarily compatible with the Rest of Creation at this time.

Characters so far

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Ævar Eiramsson

Ari of Kragholm

Drake Forsetisson

Frode Alvisson
Frode Alvisson

Val Korson
Val Korson

Torsten Eiramsson

Radulf Hrólfr Horn


At the current time, the action is centred around the frontier city of Thrymhold. The city is split into four administrative Wards, each with a constable to keep the peace.

Having solved a problem with non-humanoid creatures attacking the village of Myrwan, the characters have come to the attention of Leif Onrolson, the Constable of the East Ward.

  • Onrolson is a fairly small guy, maybe 5’10” and 165lb. He’s known to be fair-ish, although this is the so he’s probably a lot more harsh than his equivalent closer to the other big towns.
  • The building where he has his headquarters includes at least one meeting room where the lights are running off core power rather than torches or lanterns.

Other notables around Thrymhold include:

  • Garrik Thorsson: a rich and powerful businessman whose reputation suggests that asking questions about his business may not be healthy. He makes a lot of money and doesn’t smile when that money fails. Currently having a few problems with disappearing shipments, which are being blamed on bandits, and he isn’t happy.
  • Idan: a red-haired woman, apparently in her thirties. Representative of the likes of Thorsson, and similiar consortia who are also having problems with shipments. Useful for making introductions to warehouses and other people futher down the business chain, such as:
    • Yellow, a dark-skinned man who runs a warehouse on the river, near the wharves. His people move things that show up and don’t ask questions;
    • Ivar, on Rook Street, and a lady named Magl on Shepard’s Way

A list of other NPCs of note encountered elsewhere thus far can be found here.

The Ironwood

Thrymhold is located close to the “Iron Wood”, a huge forest that stretches west and south. It is largely unsettled, although there are a few small villages, with which a certain amount of trade goes on.

One of the villages is called Anston, a little settlement three days to the west by wagon. It is run by a man called Kinlan. The settlement comprises one family, more or less. Onrolson described him as a “thug and marchlord, at best”, and he rules because he keeps the rest alive.

“There are a lot of things that come out of that wood. Some medicines…drugs….research items. You can imagine. There’s quite a market for such things.” – Idan of Thrymhold

A Map of Inner Asgard

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Other Resources

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