Known Militant Orders

There are several militant orders known about that have intershadow influences.

Knights of the Sword – small reputed vampires – had spat with SS in WWII.

Templars – Knights of the Temple – (think Holy Blood Holy Grail version in spite of some debunking it is good for story telling) – Found in different shadows and still exist on some openly. Templar golds travelled through shadow reportedly.

Neo Templars – Some good, some bad. Claims to be Templar successors.

Hospitalars – Still have ties to RCC – Knights of Malta in some shadows.

Teutonic Knights – Became Junkers with Reformation in some places. Other places still exist.

Knights of the Broken Sword – Templar connection – not much known

Knights of the Cross Swords – Alcazar’s and Tone’s Dad’s Group. Halves of the Golden Apple issue. Warred with Lucius.

Jedi/Sithe – Reported in SF areas. Not much known. Involved in Caine/Thrawn SF worlds war

There may be others including one former group fighting Gaius’ lords in shadow with pirates in shadow.

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