Chaos, the Black Zone and the Void


Chaos is the circular lands and shadows that compose the area linked to the Thelbane directly without the intercession of sorcery or logrus. It is around the lands of the old Abyss Rock known as Thelbane. Swayville has been the once and only King of Chaos and inherited as a secondary title from his rather titular title of Emperor of the Abyss Empire in the Justin Succession.

The Black Zone

The Black Zone is that territory like the Golden Circle, are shadows that surround the ‘pole’ of Chaos and the Logrus. It is defined as where the Logrus can unconditionally defeat all other Great Powers when summoned in those locations. It is composed of multitudes of shadows and is dominated by large plantations / estates by Chaos nobles and lesser nobles. Human kind and demonkind naturally exist here. Swayville is the Emperor of the Black Zone.

It is comprised of a myriad of semi-Real Shadows which have varying degrees of allegiance or otherwise to the Courts itself, or individual Houses within the Courts. For a long time it was purely in Thelbane sphere of influence. However, in recent times, activity in the region from those who are closer to Amber than Chaos, albeit many of them also have Chaos Blood, has not been appreciated by the residents of the Courts, and has caused hostility towards the Amber interlopers.

The Black Zone continues to be the plantation lands of Chaos. Most Chaos nobles have many open and secret estates in the area.

The Void

The Void is a Swampy Area of where ‘matter’ and reality meets the Abyss. It is a large sprawling area that has not been mapped out fully in Chaos. It has large resources and a vast population. The Void is ruled by the House of Geib with King Milton in poor health (He succeeded childless King Andreas II, Ernst August, and their mutual father Andreas I. There was a succession dispute between the sons of Queen Delia and earlier Queen Lela. Milton has his heir a son who is considered not completely in his wits Raydolph who is childless and a daughter Melynn Jasra. (Not Jasra of Brandenberg) who married morganatic outside of the blood royal. There is one other son of Andreas I and 6 daughters (including Jasra’s mother) of the Delia Line as well as the entire counter dynasty of the Lela line who would like a shot at the throne.

More information to follow.

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