Abyss-Solstice Timeline

FYI – Subject to changes, amendments and revisions including my scattered notes on 6 computers, multiple email records and papers/binders/booklets. There will be more information and perhaps changes. Some marriages not included yet.

First came the Big Bang, billions of years ago.

Archangels in Abyss and proto Void / Rocks to existence – spiritual travel between Rocks 5m to 4m years ago
Destruction of the Archangels 4m years ago

Ancient Gods 4m years ago to 1.5m years ago – overlap with the High Elven period

High Elven period 2.5m years ago
Execution of Melkor and the Doom 2m years ago
Fall of Undying Lands 1.4m years ago to Ungolliant (This does not impact the contemporary Middle Earths as Valar are not involved except from their present lives)

Abyss Queendoms founded 1.5m years ago – The survivors of Gotterdammerung (what was that? but it sucked)

King Constantius of the pre Empire Kingdom – 950K to 800K ago
War between the Karm/Sawall ancestors Marcelines 800-750K ago (Justin was King during this period of his Abyss Kingdom)
Emperor Justin the Stern 750-600K ago
Emperor Theodosius the Clever 600K-450K ago
Emperor Valentinan the Conqueror 450K-350K
Emperor Cornelius the Elder of Cornelius the Consolidator – 350K-250K ca
Reign of Emperor Cornelius the Younger or Cornelius the Great – 250K (father of Cornelius)

Oberon born 155 K years ago

Great Abyss Superstorm – End of the Empire 151K years ago ca (Swayville, Suhuy, Dworkin and Cymnea have exact chronometers to the minute)
Queendoms unaffected. City States founded

~ 150K Years ago 

  • Founding the Chaos Kingdom as a rump of the Abyss Empire – 150K years ago
  • ProtoLogrus built by Cornelius (who died)
  • Death of proto Myfanwy crashing onto Kolvir Mountain as the rest of the Rock of  Kolvir (future Amber homeworld) was effectively scoured (some points survived but 95% of the place was wipes out)
  • Justinopolis the main capital in the Abyss – took the main damage and was obliterated
~ 145K Years ago 
  • Tripartite Creation of Modern Logrus by Dworkin, Suhuy, Swayville
  • Acceptance of Marceline Houses of Karm and Sawall as a Duchy and Grand Duchy
  • Grand Duchies enshrined
  • Communications with Rest of Abyss cut off
  •  Abyss between Queendoms and Solstice a boiling soup – Ix’s stairs closed at times due to instability

Ancient Earth Developments 140-120K ago (Matthieu/ Gateau etc)

~130K Years Ago
  • Gradual official independence and reconstruction of Abyss modern city states
  • Queendoms the Power in Blackwater Abyss
  • Oberon born as were some of his brothers
  • Dworkin married several wives but Maud of Kolvir was Oberon’s Mother from a “Merovingian” style local dynasty who survived the Scourging of Kolvir, Unicorn symbol – Swayville and Suhuy opposed marriage but did NOT impose Royal (or Imperial) Marriages Act
  • Contact with Queendoms first by Ix’s Stairs. “Cornelian” High Bloods in both areas are able to meet again regularly
  • Some dangerous travel in Abyss in blue waters but very risky
~120K Years Ago
  • Ancient Earth/ Earth Projects to build the second power of Solstice. Design disputes and concepts took 20K years
  • Other sons of Dworkin originally considered such as Matthieu but Chaos/Abyss Cancer/Madness were a serious concern for early creators
  • Kolvir still in loose orbit around Solstice in brown water abyss but was roped in during this period – accumulated many other rocks to form modern Amber.
  • Dworkin started to favour the Second Power in Kolvir put at the polar opposte of Amber with the Earth Zone not the frontier but the Centre between proto-Amber/Chaos
  • Swayville marries Queen Alberta and has many children. Only Swayvanna is the surviving daughter of this relationship
  • Earth Kingdoms formed by High Bloods and other major shadows
~100K Years Ago 
  • Amber Created and finalized position at the polar opposite to Thelbane.
  • Pattern made by Dworkin in secret unilateral circumstances assisted by Maud and others
  • Spat with Swayville and Dworkin for rash action but it was not an issue for war. Just dirty looks at Empire Day Celebrations (later Chaos Royal Holiday)
  • Oberon marries half-Aunt Cymnea, an Abyss Queen
  • Navigable waters in blue water abyss for a few
  • Theobald Amblerash named Primate of Amber following Imperial or Amblerash Creed. Oberon swears to never deviate from the faith of his ancestors
  • Amber installs Three House Parliament, later two houses and Universities given autonomy on the Chaos (Cornelius) Model
  •  Golden Circle Wars – Chaos routinely assisted Amber
  • Amblerash; Oberonways, Dworkinways demons – turned permanently to human form but with demon longevity, strength etc.

Founding of Amber ca 102K years ago

~ 90K years ago
  • Young Oberon born (died early) Finndo, Osric born (comparison to Young Henry, Richard and Geoffery in Lion in Winter)
  • Golden Age of Amber; Golden Circle subjugated
  •  Serfdom abolished in Amber led by Cymnea and Theobalt
  • Massive new Earth Kingdoms formed
  • Avalon and Rock Cluster colonized by Oberon’s sons and bastard sons
~85 K years ago
  • Cymnea and Oberon break up after a spat
  • Cymena and Oberon have a temporary separation; Cymnea has a ‘temporary marriage’ – old Imperial Law with Justin and Valentinian for convenience
  • Oberon with Rosemund
~80K Years ago 
  • Lucian and Matthias of Channicutways born
  • Cymnea and cheap Tubble of Channicut break up
  • Oberon wins back Cymnea
  • Rosemund poisoned; Cymnea Blamed!
  • Benedict and Myfanwy Born
~75K Years ago
  • Lions in Winter style bickering and strife
  • Oberon meets Faiella
  • Eric Born Illegitimate (CORWIN WANTS EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT!)
 ~ 70K Years ago 
  • UNICORN IN WINTER (both ACUS 1997 and ACC 2013)
  • Showdown with Oberon and Swayville; Cymnea and Faiella
  • Eric hazed by Lucian, Finndo and Osric and Benedict
  •  Faiella and Swayville almost got together!
  •  Another Natural Daughter of Oberon and Faiella – Helen
  • Mandor’s first visit to Amber
~69K Years ago 
  • Oberon divorces Cymnea. Swayville invokes Head of House Barriman (Imperial House of Justin-Constantius)
  • Oberon marries Faiella with a rogue bishop. Theobalt exiled
  • Amber and Chaos break relations
68K to 65K Years ago
  • First Amber Civil War
  • Finndo and Osric rebel/outlawed
  • Benedict and Myfanwy kept by Oberon; Myfanwy promised to many suitors
  • Swavyille aids rebels openly
  • Earth Zone in ruins
  • Parliament abolished/ University charters revoked
65 K to 63K Years ago
  • Finndo and Osric died in battle; Benedict and Lucius later claimed they were murdered by Faiella and Oberon
  • Swayville Declares War on Amber
  • Amber City burned repeatedly – Kolvir Castle ruined
  • Oberon fled to Garnath Castle and produced mind wiped Finndo and Osric whom he put in suspended animation
  • Abyss Rogue Queens back Oberon and established secret Abyss tributes (7 year and redhead)
  • Remba declares Independence
  • Dealunde cut off; later Revolution, Terror and Regicide happen later
60K Years Ago
  • Peace Treaty with Chaos, Eric legitimized in Amber but not in Chaos – future children
  • Corwin Born
  • Deirdre Born; Faiella Died in Childbirth
  • Oberon distraught; Eric rules Amber in unofficial regency for a couple millennia
  • Golden Circle a weaker rule by Amber – some places symbolic
  • Lucian and Matthias Poisoned by Jesbys
58K Years Ago
  • Oberon marries Clarissa Helgram
  • Darlene Helgram born later cheats with Oberon
  • Helgram relatives flood Amber bringing culture and the arts
  • Learning and magic prosper
  • Helgrams bring Golden Circle back into line for Oberon
  • Bleys, Fiona, Fabian, Aetius and Blaze (girl) born
  • Clarissa brings son Karl by Lucian Channicut to Court – birth information mysterious; Oberon welcomes boy despite turning into a bear
  • At some point, Oberon has an affair with Moins of Rebma, and Llewella is the result.
  • Oberon and Clarissa reconcile. Brand born.
  • Dara born
 50K Years ago
  • Stillwater in decline as the place to put wayward highbloods
  • Tartarus and Juvenile Hall Opened – Mandor and Fiona joint Governors as Amber/Chaos co-operation near Ygg
  • Most of House Rexford wiped out by Jesby poison
  • Death of Swayville’s eldest son by Aaron son of Oberon and heir to Rexford
  • Jurt born and sent to Juvenile Hall
  • Major Shadow Storm Created (which is now menacing Aurelius on the another side of Bluewater Abyss)
  • House of Iblis – threat to Chaos and Amber
  • Lady Atlacoya appointed Senior Representative to Court of Amber but not allowed by Queen Clarissa
42K Years Ago 
  • Affair with frenetic Rilga – has Kovliri, Mixed Chaos and other Bloodlines0
  • Rilga becomes religious heretic and has visions
  • Oberon divorces Clarissa and marries Rilga
  • Helgrams upset and protest to Swayville
  • Swayville and Bances ban divorce and marriage
41K-40K Years Ago
  • Second Amber-Chaos War
  • Massive damage in Shadow and many Rocks Devastated
  • Corwin given Avalon which he runs out pro Chaos people
  • Armistice after Royal Amber Navy Sunk but phyrric victory for Chaos.
  • Chaos Parliament for the war effort gives huge decentralization to Grand Dukes Dukes, Margraves and Counts/Earls only
  • Chaos succession mess starts and is ongoing
  • Last Chaos Parliament summoned
40K-35K Years Ago
  • Rilga bans Church of Amber and makes Reformed Church of the Unicorn State Church
  • Burning time; Helgrams killed
  • Lady Atlacoya and Abyss Rogue Queens aid Oberon at a price
  • Aetius Murdered on orders of Lady Atlacoya; Soul ripped in two. Whole Family made to watch
  • Fabian and Blaze flee Amber
  • Second Amber Chaos War breaks out again for the duration of Rilga’s marriage
  • Caine Born
  • Julian Born
  • Gerard Born
  • Rilga retires to Monastery; Oberon bans Lady Atlacoya from Court
  • Oberon divorces Rilga
  • Peace terms gives Golden Circle Gateways –  Xanadu to Fiona; Bein Deim Phu to Brand; Avernus to Bleys
  • Oberon agrees to follow Swayville Law (aka Justin-Constantius House Law) but Amber sovereignty recognized by Swayville including Oberon’s marriages
  • Church of Amber Restored; Theobald back again
  • Rilga Church tolerated but mostly in Eastern Amber/Arden
  • Darlene is Oberon’s main girlfriend but not official Mistress

Dating TBC: Oberon marries Dybele Hendrake. Flora born.

20K Years ago
  • Gaius son of Bleys born
  • Oberon marries Paulette
  • Moonriders of Ghenesh return and are crushed again
  • Random and Merille born
  • Amber and Chaos Reconcile; Swayville’s first visit to Amber since Clarissa’s marriage
  • Celebration with all living wives of Oberon; Karl turns into a polar bear and Myfanwy lures him off with the cake
  • Gwen Born
12K Years Ago
  • Paulette dead – possibly suicide – Oberon devastated. Dworkin assumes de factor Regency
  • Oberon in major depression – Cannot marry Darlene.
  • Swayville gives Oberon secret place to see Darlene
10 K Years Ago
  • Oberon back again
  • Gwen, Karl, Thrawn and others sent to studies with missing memories in 1997 Earth – SLOWWWWWWW track timeline.
  • Gwen refused to marry Mandor
  • Myfanwy back in Abyss as Regent for her mother
  • Oberon continuing massive secret research projects on a far greater extent
Recent history
  • Oberon disappearance/ Helgram Coup/Eric takeover – pre NPIA – 1970s Ancient Earth Time / Amber Second Civil War/ Execution of Gaius/ Murder of Innocents)
  • Corwin Saga – 1975-1980 Patternfall 1980 – THIRD AMBER/CHAOS CREATION WIDE WAR – BlackRoad War/PatternFall War// Creation of Brandenberg and Parys and Asgard
  • Beginning of SOLSTICE 1980 (ancient Earth Time) (Also Middle Earth Period)
  • Oberon died c.11 years ago (Real/Ancient Earth and Amber time)
  • Bleys is made King

For want of converting Amber time to Ancient Earth (i.e. real) time, the years of Bleys’ reign (YLKB) are as follows:

1 = 15 April 2012- 14 April 2013
2 = April 2013-14
3 = April 2014-15
4 = April 2015-16
5 = April 2016-17
6 = April 2017-18
7 = April 2018-19
8 = April 2019-20
9 = April 2020-21

Queens of Amber

Cymnea – 100K ago to 75K ago roughly (75K UNICORN IN WINTER)
Clarissa 75K – 45K ago (50K AGO – GUARDIANS/ SUICIDE SQUAD) Church Back
Church Back

Assorted other wives and dominant mistresses
Dybele 30K-25K
Paulette 20K-15K ago (LAMMAS PERIOD)
(No more wives just mistresses or secret short marriages)

Current times on various Earths

Ancient Earth – 1991
1997 Earth – 2003
Hollow Earth – contemporary
Antilla – contemporary