The Asgardian Warband


“Sigur eða Valhöll!”

                                                                                                                                                                                               – Battlecry of the Warband – “Victory or Valhalla!”


Asgardian Military

Asgard is a land of extremes, breeding hardy, warlike folk who often learn the ways of struggle in the same days that they begin to walk.  The men and women of the Warband (as the Asgardian military is called) are arrayed in units defined by their capabilities, but the most commonly fielded forces operate as mobile combined-arms teams much like a Armored Cavalry Regiment or Marine Expeditionary Unit.

Historic Forces

  • Nótt Ulfar (Night Wolves) – Light Infantry and Scouts
  • Stríð Björn (War Bears) – Heavy Infantry
  • Fljótur Hófar (Swift Hooves) – Cavalry
  • Falla Ernir (Falling Eagles) – Archers
  • Dvergur Hendur (Dwarf Hands) – Heavy Weapons

Modern Forces

  • Langur Ná (Long Reach) – Light Infantry and Scouts
  • Járn Fætur (Iron Legs) – Mechanized Infantry
  • Veltingur þrumur (Rolling Thunder) – Armor
  • Hönd Óðins (Hand of Odin) – Artillery

 Unique Forces

  • The Einherjar
  • The Úlfhéðnar
  • The Nótt Veiðimenn


The Hús Brjóta

Building upon his establishment of the Seiðrhol, Magnus has also established a military academy dedicated to training both small and large-unit officers.  Instructors are recruited from throughout Creation, many bearing years of experience in leading troops within the other Great Powers (or with independent agents such as Benedict).

Led by the Herforingi Malaba, a Hanged half-giant, the school has multiple fortresses spread throughout the Realms, supporting the students’ abilities to study (and participate in) various struggles, providing a deeper experience base.  The primary location is in Hrafnborg.


The Áskorunin

In a ritual reminiscent of many warrior cultures, the Asgardian Warband, whether together or operating in smaller units, typically prefaces their battles with a song-like chant.  Part prayer and part challenge, this chant, the Áskorunin (“The Challenge”) is performed amidst the wails and sounds of weapons and fists being slammed into Asgardian armor – a demonstration of ferocity and focus that strikes fear into the hearts of their foes while igniting the battle lust of the Warband’s warriors.

The Áskorunin consists of “the three questions,” opportunities for the enemies to surrender or flee the battle, intermingled with a fatalistic cry to the Aesir and Vanir to witness their bravery and prepare a place in the halls of Valhalla.




For examples of other chants of this nature, both real and fantasy-based, see the following:



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