The Asgardian Military

The Asgardian Military

“Sigur eða Valhöll!”

                                                                                                                                                                                               – Battlecry of the Warband – “Victory or Valhalla!”


The Asgardian military serves a number of purposes, but more importantly, it operates within three distinct theaters – defense, offense, and a combination of the two.

The Warband

The Warband is the most commonly known aspect of the Asgardian military.  It is a mercenary force, recruited from throughout Creation, operating wherever its clients send it.  The Warband has two rules which are negotiated into each contract, unchangeable.  These are:

  • Asgardians do not fight Asgardians.
  • Betrayal (including client actions that send Warband forces purposefully into danger without agreement) breaches all contracts.


The Warband is structured into nine self-governed Bands, each commanded by its Warlord.  Each band operates as a self-contained combined arms force that satisfies a common warfare condition.

Notable Forces

  • Assault – Heavy weapon platforms and services used for aggressive, shorter-term operations
    • Band of the Auroch – Commanded by Warlord Eric af Blodugum Oxi
    • Band of the Bear – Commanded by Warlord Ivar Sem Beinlaus
    • Band of the Dragon – Commanded by Warlord Ragnar
  • Extended Operations – Hybrid platforms and services used for long-term deployments
    • Band of the Boar – Commanded by Warlord Raudur Erik
    • Band of the Horse – Commanded by Warlord Rollo
    • Band of the Stag – Commanded by Warlord Bjorn Ironside
  • High Mobility and Maneuver – Light weapon systems used to support rapid deployment operations
    • Band of the Eagle – Commanded by Warlord Cnut
    • Band of the Raven – Commanded by Warlord Hastein
    • Band of the Wolf – Commanded by Warlord Gunnar Hamundarson
  • Special Operations
    • The Nótt Veiðimenn – Rapid deployment special combat forces commanded by Jarngrimr
    • The Ridden – Berzerkr, Úlfhéðnar, and Svinfylking forces
    • The þrumufleyg – Golem weapon platforms

The Áskorunin

In a ritual reminiscent of many warrior cultures, the Asgardian Warband, whether together or operating in smaller units, typically prefaces their battles with a song-like chant.  Part prayer and part challenge, this chant, the Áskorunin (“The Challenge”) is performed amidst the wails and sounds of weapons and fists being slammed into Asgardian armor – a demonstration of ferocity and focus that strikes fear into the hearts of their foes while igniting the battle lust of the Warband’s warriors.

The Áskorunin consists of “the three questions,” opportunities for the enemies to surrender or flee the battle, intermingled with a fatalistic cry to the gods and ancestors to witness their bravery and prepare a place in the halls of Valhalla.


The Heimavörður

The Warband fights for the highest bidder, rarely setting foot upon Asgardian soil. The Heimavörður operates within the Nine Realms, acting as the Power’s internal security force.


Similar to the Warband, the Heimavörður operates in three divisions, similarly self-reliant and governing under appointed Stjórnandi, selected from the most capable graduates of the Hús Brjóta.

Notable Forces

All Heimavörður wings operate in a structure and operational model similar to the Extended Operations Bands.

  • Rauður Væng – Commanded by Stjórnandi Opar
  • Svartur Væng – Commanded by Stjórnandi Briski
  • Hvítur Væng – Commanded by Stjórnandi Delan

The Lokaósk

The Warband and Heimavörður fight. The Lokaósk defend.


The Lokaósk operate as a single force, commanded by the Sacrifice, Paot Björnberg.

Notable Forces

There is only one Lokaósk division.  It is the heaviest force in the Asgardian Military, utilizing the most advanced weapon systems constructed of and armored by Asgardian Iron.

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