Avalon and Lorraine – canon vs non-canon information


Avalon – Shadow where Corwin once ruled. It was later destroyed in some way, but a Shadow (Avalon II) of it came to be ruled by Benedict. It is not known how or how the original of this powerful Shadow was obliterated. However a new one formed on its own, which Benedict later occupied, even leaving “Et Arcadia in Ego” to be there.

Lorraine – Shadow of Avalon where Corwin met Ganelon and got the jeweler’s rouge for his second attempt to gain Amber’s throne. Contained the fairy ring where the Black Road manifested itself.

The Sorcerer Corwin/Archangel Corwin/Sir Corey of Cabra/Cordell Fennevall

Quadity scriptures refer to Avalon, Lorraine, Alsace, Epliland, Emain Ablach as the five Lost Kingdoms of Corwin’s first attempt to build Parys.

UTHER – a king in the Shadow Lorraine. Dead by the time of the invasion by Aleksandr and Michel
LANCELOT DU LAC – also known as Lance, a knight in Lorraine. Sword of the Lake? Who did he serve and who was he?
LORRAINE – A woman in Shadow Lorraine. A camp follower. Or was she. Killed by Melkin and avenged by Corwin. Buried in Lorraine or in that shadow configuration. Who was she?
GOATMAN – True name unknown. Chaos commander in Lorraine. G. was killed by Prince Corwin inside the Circle of Lorraine. Was a promoted up Jesby General who did not have High Blood. Unthinkable by most Houses, but Jesby’s promoted their demons more than most.
GANELON – General of Corwin in the time he was the King of Avalon. G. was charged with treachery and exiled to Lorraine. Oberon has used G.’s form and all his actions are for the benefit of Oberon. Could be a German tourist when working with Corwin to get the Royal Amber Regiment which “Ganelon” trained.
STRYGALLDWIR – Demon in service of the Jesby commander in Lorraine. S. was killed by Prince Corwin. Was a Colonel in charge of young Prince Rambault’s unit – coincidentally. Trained Rambault. May have had hidden orders.
ROLOVIANS – Prince of Chaos, Duke of Jesby – Original Commander of the Grand Army of the South (aka West) aka Black Road Army – Killed by Marcus at the Battle of the Bridge
TMER – Prince of Chaos, son of Prince Rolovians of house of Jesby – grandfather to Rambault – SubCommander later Commander of the Black Road Army (and its many names)
MELKIN – Officer that robs Lorraine the camp follower and Corwin kills. No information who he was affiliated with. Did he work for Oberon? Did he work for Jesby or another Chaos House? Did he work for Benedict or Eric of Amber?
“A YOUNG DESERTER” – captured by “Ganelon” and was hanging upside down for information in a ritual – later told Corwin of Benedict’s presence in Lorraine. Ganelon released him with a kick. Later found out to be Wendel Helgram who was not a member of anyone’s army. Ganelon tied the golden-haired youth by one ankle to a tree branch, this mimics the Tarot card.

Julian, Gérard, and Brand made secret visits to Benedict in Avalon which Dara found out about during the years before, during and immediately after the Amber Civil War.

The wheel that Corwin dreams about is inspired by the Tarot card – Wheel of Fortune

The poem about Avalon that Corwin quotes to Ganelon alludes to both Psalm 137 (“By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept when we remembered Zion”) as well as to a classic nursery rhyme (“How many miles to Babylon? Threescore miles and ten”).

Benedict and Avalon II.

Avalon is also known as the Isle of Apples, as well as the Arthurean Isle of the Blessed

Benedict was holding Avalon and protecting it based out of a small villa. Who were the two men who died that Ganelon found the graves of. Did Ganelon do it? Why did Benedict become so enraged over it – to be in a frothing rage to kill Corwin? It was not Lucius and Matthew as both were alive at this time. What was Benny doing in the other four Kingdoms including Lorraine? Later he was incorporating Lorraine into Avalon before his forces were ousted by Michel and Aleksandr.

Circle of Lorraine – Undisclosed location in shadow adjacent to Lorraine. Seems to be where the Black Road was but also a powerful citadel.
Missing by the time of the invasion by Aleksandr and Michel.

Golden Apples of the Region

Digging in vineyards, iron mines and other locations by Phillip and Alexander has been rumoured in Lorraine.

Why was Corwin ruling Avalon like a parallel Amber? Why was Oberon as Ganelon camped out there?