David (Adams) Sawall

Prince of Amber , Prince of Sawall, Duke of Davidways

(Prince of Parys was rescinded along with other titles by his brother Christophe)


About the time Dave arrived


What he looks like these days…
ModernDave2BlueTudorRoseBlue five petal Tudor Rose… Personal Device. Usually on a cream background and displayed as a pennant on ships, emblazoned on carriages, and otherwise used as identification instead of a heraldic device. This flag flies over his residence when Dave is in residence. None of his family uses this device. A coat of arms has not been filed for Dave, he may eventually use a modified Sawall coat of arms.

Since arriving at Amber some time ago, drug there by Marcus, who considered him to be a ‘drunken loutish college student’ David ‘Dave’ Hughes Adams has gained a few inches in height and more than a few pounds of weight. Having walked the pattern may have saved him from greying hair already…

He now stands probably 6’3″ in barefeet and about 240#, having a very dark hair color, not quite the blue black, and ‘dark’ eyes, are they brown or a very dark green? Most of the time they look just plain dark, but not that BLACK that some dark brown eyes may be. He is usually cleanshaven and his hair is longer, he wears about six inches of ponytail tied at the back of his neck. It may be because he is at war often now and may be helm padding. It seems he does something physical as he shows muscling appropriate for say, regular weapons practice.

At one time the wardrobe was a large collection of teeshirts, raggy shorts, and now it seems to be a mix of medieval garb and serviceable other garb as needed. This seems to have changed as of late, he wears a mandarin collared silk tunic and trousers in black with some black embroidery. The other style has been older cassock style tunic, also with black embroidery on black. Otherwise, colors preferred are black or dark colors, a variety of colors and period styles as of late. He is not so much a fashion plate as a creature of comfort, purpose, and garbs appropriately for the situation usually. Footcovering is either high top tenny runners, hiking boots, or a form of riding boot that goes to the knee area. Shorts are rarely seen anymore unless it’s hot, he still has an affinity for sweatpants and sweatshirts when he is dressed ‘house casual’.

Sword II
Sword II

Non-modern weaponry that has been seen lately is a sword. Greyswandir was shattered and Dave and Christophe hunted for the pieces. Christophe had a smaller sword made of his roughly half, and Dave had some ‘star metal’ that he found added and a new blade made of old and new metal. One of the prouder moments for Dave had to be when Dave and Corwin faced off against a common enemy and the two fought side by side, Corwin with a new Greyswandir, and Dave with his remade piece of the old sword. If it is enchanted nobody knows. Dave has also not mentioned a name for the blade though it probably has one. The tip is somewhat heavy but it makes for extra cutting power for hitting something. Those that seen him wield it, he has practiced and learned how to handle it well.

The Parys Patternblade Gladius
The Parys Patternblade Gladius

Dave recently came into a very rare and fancy sword, a gladius that is a Parys Patternblade.

He has set the Greyswandir remake aside and now carries this blade. He has pulled it a few times and has shown himself to be quite proficient with it. The blade is about two feet long.

If it is named it is not known, he hasn’t referred to one, though it probably has a name. It does not seem to be engraved with one.

Other abilities the sword may have are not known at this time. It does seem to be very sharp and capable of handing out a great deal of damage.

He wears it at his left hip when he has it on.

Dave has sworn to ram it through Mandor’s liver. Then cut Mandor’s head off with it, and bowl the head down the aisle of the Thelbane Cathedral.

Dave’s armoring has been pretty hit and miss, when in full black leathers there may be some additional ‘help’ hidden in there. Especially since there is usually a silk shirt as the bottom layer… Most of the time he has been seen in a military uniform lately, with assistance most likely, or in black silks with a mandarin flair. He has donned part plate/chain when deep in the field especially with the Warband.

If anything does him in, it will be his mindset. He still isn’t thinking like a prince, but a businessman and modern era fellow. This has led to some of his most epic blunders and missteps, being an anachronism. Although he has been at war a lot, fighting his Uncle Mandor’s forces, and is turning into a rather competent war maker. He also seems to make heavy use of the Warband and pays them well. His army has grown as well, and estimates to the exact size are unknown. He keeps ancient to futuristic troops, weapons, and armor.

{First portrait provided by a secret admirer at Amber Castle. Hence the lack of proper wardrobe!}

Fender, natch
Fender, natch

Time has passed. He looks Karm with the black hair, green eyes, and jaw line of his father, Corwin. He has taken his mother’s name, Sawall. He also seems to have gotten over his issues with magic and has used it offensively and defensively, as well as for amusement and entertainment in public. He also seems to have learned to ruffle minds for information….

During his house arrest period it also seems Dave has acquired a taste in music, and can play 12 string and electric guitar. He has jammed with Kalyn several times, and sort of crashed Isaac’ and Minerva’s wedding with a rock band, in black biker leather, to play for the happy couple. They seemed to have magical supported equipment and could play quite a variety. Dave has apparently played a few more places and concerts since then, but with an acoustic guitar and not an amp with a full rock band. Though he might in the future. At present he is limiting it to an occasional acoustical twelve string, custom, not a six string.

Dave moved to Chaos after his Star Chamber house arrest ended, and swore to Swayville. He took over some of Sawallways (not Grand Sawallways) and was granted Davidways, which he has merged into one holding. Recently he went to the field and secured the former Lower Sawallways (with the help of the Warband of Magnus, plus Griselda’s Warband), and is working on consolidating what isn’t held by Jurt, Despil, Joseph, Gregor, Dara, or the annexation (which is controlled now by Grand Duke Jericho Channicut).

MandorThe war with Mandor himself is over. Dave and Edward Albert took Mandor down in combat. The body was utterly destroyed as well as the soul dealt with, and Mandor’s signets were delivered to Swayville’s feet by Dave.

Dave is still at war with Mandor, anywhere and anytime. There are some ends to clean up and the events are not over yet. He took the Warband and his forces to Karlsfurt to make sure Mandor’s forces didn’t leave, alive or dead. He was on his own side, and waited until Mandor’s troops tried to leave, leaving the others on the field alone. The famous act of defiance, was the firing a pop bottle rocket over the line at Mandor’s forces during the big holding session–so long that some wondered if they were going to fight at all or if Dave was on Mandor’s side. Mandor denied it shortly afterwards, citing the pop bottle rocket as evidence (thumbing a nose) that Dave had no intention of assisting him (Mandor). Dave took over three million soldiers of Mandor’s off the field still breathing. Where they are right now, nobody really knows.

He has ships in the sea battle near Texorami as well… working with Geran’s Brandenburg fleet and others that came to join the battle.

Mandor is Dave’s biological full uncle. Dave has made it known what he feels about his uncle. And likewise. There is no lost love there. Some of the tit and tat exchanges are getting fairly brutal. Mandor accuses Dave of being a toady to various other political factions and Dave accuses Mandor of being delusional at best and barking stark raving bonkers at worst. Recent exchanges, Dave has made it clear he will accept nothing less than Mandor’s death and head on a pike. Others are also after Mandor and his holdings and he is feeling the strain. He lost some children in the last round, Dave was not part of that one, but he moved in to hammer some more.

Marlena Sawall (Corey)
Marlena Sawall (Corey)

Mandor’s full sister Marlena was married to Corwin for a short while and out of that union Dave was produced. The two separated not long after the birth and Marlena hid her son from her brother and the rest of her family. Corwin had moved on to other things and let Marlena hide the boy, agreeing that hiding him from Mandor was probably best (in hindsight). By that time Corwin was tiring of Parys else he might have kept custody of the boy.

In that style, since Corwin and Marlena divorced, Marlena took her family name back and Dave can rightfully claim the name because of that. Since Adams was a name he was given when he was put into hiding, Dave did take back the name he could claim. He left his wife and children to choose as they wished. Some still use Adams, some have taken their own instead. It makes tracing Dave’s family tree that much more difficult…

Marlena has managed to drop out of sight, nobody has heard from or of  her in some time. Corwin has not had any contact with her since shortly after their divorce and her taking Dave and hiding him somewhere. The picture is the last one known of  her, about a week after the divorce became final and possibly the day she hid the boy in shadow. It was also the last  time she was seen in either Amber or Parys, this was in Amber City. A few things were sent for,  and all trace of her disappears after that. The only known trump of her, Corwin had.

Manor Hall
Manor Hall

Glimpse into the Manor Hall in Davidways. This is one of Mandor’s old palaces in what would be the former central area of the old Principality of Sawallways. This hall had been painted over in dark and dreary dark greens, browns and a sort of bloody reddish ochre with gold trim. Dave had it cleaned to the original marble, had the carved work replaced and the cut smoky quartz crystal in the chandeliers replaced  with 32% lead crystal. The wood parquet came up to show the lovely mosaic floor that is quite ancient and said to be removed from an ancient Abyssal temple as spoils of war. To the right the upper windows are to some guest suites.

South Facade
South Façade

South Façade of the Manor hall, some family have seen this as it was the exodus onto the lawn where other things went on.

Again, this is the old Mandor Palace in what was central Sawallways, and is now in Davidways. Dave took control of this and uses it as his residence when he’s there.

Sky is about to transition color, as happens in Chaos in general.

The hall pictured above is not attached to this area directly.

There is a set of  enterances for the lower level on either side of the stair turns. The manor is in a sloping area and the main enterance is the ground level of the high side to the north.

South Lawn
South Lawn

View across the south lawn and a guest house for some guests that might not want to bunk in the manor house. Dave lived in it while some remodel and restoration was done (read, find all the traps and other nasty stuff left behind by the last tenant) so he could move in. Center you can see an umbrella and the pool house just behind it, some of it attaches to the guest house.

There is a large swath of open grass and some formal gardens before this cluster at the end of the grassy area. The Tree of Life is behind the person that collected this image. That was a gift from Magnus and put in a place of honor near the Manor.

Davidways enjoys a rather moderate climate bordering on tropical, depending on where you are at. It can still have a sudden storm or patch of bad weather, this being Chaos after all. The Ways magicks are still quite sound, so the lands are fairly stable.

New Staff

In Davidways, there are some new faces. Some old and some truly new….

Armand-Jean du Pleisse Richelieu
Armand-Jean du Pleisse Richelieu

Armand-Jean du Pleisses de Richelieu, Marquess of Hobartford, Davidways, Chaos

A part brother through their father Corwin that showed up at Dave’s doorstep with retinue and baggage train when Christophe refused him. Dave took him in, settled him, and has moved him to Davidways in the capital of Hobart. He has invested Armand-Jean as Marquess of Hobartford, and installed him as Dave’s Governor General and second in command. Hobartford is on a small stream that cuts through a valley and controls flow of wood downstream (sawmills at Hobartford Village provide income). There is a manor/fortress overlooking the stream and village that is the primary residence, and a nice detached townhome in Hobart for when he must be at court or the office dealing with things. At investiture, Dave gave Armand-Jean a sword,  a shield, and a signet ring, then touched him with his own sword and put the coronet on Armand-Jean’s head. There is a barony up the stream that also sends down apples and grain, and is between there and the woods that sends the trees. The baron has since sworn to Armand-Jean. Once invested,  Dave administered the oath of fealty to Swayville as well, as Dave serves Swayville.

Lord Rein, Viscount of Wexfall
Lord Rein, Viscount of Wexfall

Lord Rein, Viscount of Wexfall, Davidways, Chaos

Lord Rein spent much time as a loyal retainer of Corwin of Parys and Amber, and was recently discharged from Corwin’s service. (rumor it was because Rein was critical of Corwin’s last three marriages) He showed at Dave’s doorstep and offered his services. Dave accepted the offer,  and has created him as Viscount of  Wexfall, a small holding not far from Hobart. He has a small manor and farmland not far out of town. He was also given a small detached townhouse in Hobart for the times he must be at court or on official business. Rein was given a sword by Dave, then touched with his own sword and given a signet and Dave put the coronet on his head. He also administered the oath of fealty to Swayville as well, as Dave serves Swayville.

He is attached to the military and defense of the lands.

The title and rank matches the one Rein held with Corwin before his discharge.

It is not known what faith either one follows and it was not mentioned. It has been noted that Dave has converted to the Church of the Dragon, but has not required anyone else to convert.



[below is old information and still needs updating-it is left for historical reference at the moment]

Arms, Colors, and Styles

As of late, the device being used by this Prince of Amber is a dark blue five petaled tudor rose (looks woodcut printed) on a cream background. This is used on his carriage, ‘in residence’ banner and ‘pennant’ that flies on his yacht, and if he is aboard one of the ships of his private fleet.

No formal coat of arms has been emblazoned and submitted as of yet to the College of Heralds. *(update, Dave also uses the Sawall crest and coat of arms now, he wears a Sawall crest ring. His personal symbol is still the blue five petal tudor rose)

It is said that Dave has a few coats of arms he has the right to use, but so far has not taken up any of them or struck out and created his own or modified one of the others to suit.

In wardrobe, Dave prefers black, dark blue, sometimes a dark green or dark brown maroon, of natural dyes, not the modern anilines. Those colors are only seen in some of his outlandish ‘modern wear’ from where he originally came from.

In carriages, black or whatever decorative scheme they came to him in, two former Imperial Amber carriages he acquired were restored to their full glory except the removal of Unicorn Rampart or other similar heraldic markings.

In buildings, the colors they came in, generally, other than being restored. Where he has choice the decorative style is approximately 1550 England, with the darker colors, full raised panel walls, carved work, & carved beamed & paneled ceilings.


A look in Dave’s quarters (kept for any of his family that needs to stay at the Castle, he has not been in them since his house arrest and move to Chaos)

The sideboard, without beer cask

Quarters at Amber Castle (‘The Apartments’)

For those that have entered there, the heavy dark carved raised panelled door is centered on the main room from the hallway. Upon entering there is a fireplace to the left, framed in wood in the old style, also very dark in color.  Straight across are two very ornately carved heavy wooden doors, the left a bedroom showing a few light greens to dark greens to maroons, the right the lavatory done in white tiles with big claw tub. The floor in the main room has been done in parquet hardwood with a nice design done in several woods; and has a couple of carpets over them in dark plush coloring. To the very close right is a small rolltop desk, closed.

Farther away on the right is a distinctive sideboard with a triangular front and on the near top corner sits a 5 gallon wooden cask of beer, on floor below a small metal dish to catch any drips from the spigot. In the sideboard is kept various dishes, glasses, a few other odds, and vodka, whiskey, and several bottles of wine, all wine is now label ‘New Villa Winery’ which is a pretty good brand.

Vintages range from about 5-6 years ago, a few bottles in the 30’s, a bottle of over 100 year old, and a few buttery dark ports of 15 years or so. Lately a few bottles of good dark rum have been stocked as well, and wiped down well so their age is not guessable. Other things stashed may be a canvas bag of salted in shell peanuts, walnuts and a nutcracker, apples, the occasional orange or banana, chocolate bars, or a tin with a few cups of good dark roast ground coffee beans. Even rarer are fig newtons or a few ceramic stoppered bottles of homemade hard rootbeer.

Between the sideboard and door is a trestle table which has fold up top parts to make it a round top, and it will seat four on chairs. It and the sideboard usually hold lanterns. To the left and near the fireplace is a large overstuffed leather couch in butter soft leather, two similar chairs, and an ottoman. To the left near the door is a small washstand. The walls are in raised panelling and the ceiling carved panels and beaming. Other than the leather covered items, the rest are similar to 1550 English style.

If the doors to the bedroom and bathroom are open, the shutters to the windows are open, and the drapes tied back on the great four poster bed, it can be quite light in the main room despite all the dark wood. The quarters are kept neatly, if the fireplace is not going the smell of the beeswax mix used on the wood to polish it hangs in the air gently.


Watercolor of north side

Townhouse in Amber City (‘The Townhouse’)

This resembles a full victorian three story with basement and attic brownstone, (these were 110-130′ long front to back, had side bay windows where dining rooms were, sometimes two sets of side bays, and front bay windows as well and often porches on the front and back also. And usually two or three fireplaces plus the kitchen wood stove. (if you have seen Moonstruck, that was the house that the family lived in, or the movie ‘Life with Father’ (about Clarence Day’s family in the 1880’s))

The house sits on a cobbled, stone curbed, and stone flat flagstoned sidewalked street in mid Amber City; it is the center of three houses sharing the same stone and wrought iron fencing. The one to the right is servant quarters, the one to the left is guard quarters. None of the houses are identical, varying a bit in details, colors, and porch finish. Each house has about 1/2 acre enclosed with it.

(the art is not to scale, the artist was trying to convey the ‘style’ of the place rather than a real true representation of it. It also will throw off anyone trying to reconnoiter for skulldruggery, spying, and an article in the Palace Peeper yellowsheet ragmag ‘penny page’…and it definitely isn’t pinkish color, more of a warm brick orange toned brown from the stone it is built with. Hence “Brownstone”.)

The whole street has seen very recent repaving and repair, cobble, gutter, curb, and sidewalk. Around these three houses are a few decorative plantings, carefully selected and cared for so as to prevent easy hiding; out back of the servant quarters is a very intensive garden. (we would recognize raised beds, square foot gardening, etc).

There is a small stable behind the guard quarters, a few riding horses are kept on the grounds for short amounts of time.

Offices of the Harbormaster, Amber City Harbor *(at times he used to sleep there)

Upper floor, second plus, of a building very close to water edge. External stairs to a sort of reception area manned by one very large and muscular man, who is the personal secretary to the Harbormaster.  One enters on the near water side, the narrow side of the building faces the water; and takes the left into the long room. At the door is a well worn rug, on that sits two hard chairs and one upolstered one, before a wide desk, with a comfortable padded chair behind it. Right is a very large window, with an excellent view of the whole docks and harbor. Often there is a small spyglass on tripod that is put on top of the desk to enable a better view. Behind on that long wall is a large mosaic of plans, meticulously drawn and color coded, showing the present harbor and the improvements being made, and coded to different scheduled projects.  The far short wall is a lot of paperwork, layers of it, attached, of important things related to the construction and keeping track of port functioning.   The wall one enters the door through, has a large painted representation of the harbor and existing dockages, buoys, etc; and some glued up felt bits over this and that to keep up with changes.  Most of the room other than that desk, is filled with a huge map table that is spread with maps and other plans. It is chaotic but orderly at same time.

New Villa Winery and Manor  (‘The Estate’)

 Main villa

This was purchased during the recent clearing out. It is a working winery, and has some excellent vintages. Dave has started releasing some of the 3-5 year old stock and supplying Amber Castle with the same.

Baroness Vinta Bayle has been extremely jealous, as her family wished to acquire this winery.

Stock released so far:

A medium Cabernet of 3-5 years vintage, just coming into it’s own, and a good drinking wine. There is a number of bottles of this at the castle.

A light rose’ of 5 years vintage, a sweet and fruity wine. There are a few bottles of this at the castle.

A heavy white, almost a blush, of 3 years vintage. It will be a good one within the next year for fish and similar, with a buttery finish. There are a few bottles of this at the castle.

A few bottles of a nice stout port, deep and smoky, buttery, and ranging 10-15 years old. This Dave stocks in his sideboard.


 The restored main manor house
Back of the manor house

Barony of Beckhamton  (‘The Barony’)

Out there, thataway. It was in need of some jobs, and is perfect for growing cider apples, hops, and malt barley. In the short off season improvements on the roads, grounds, buildings, and equipment at the Manor and immediate estate are undertaken to keep people employed… as well as the general public works.

A brewery was built and jobs created. It is said the brewmaster is a relocated person, most of the workers are local to the Barony. They are starting to export beer of seasonal types, and a small amount of hard cider. There is also a lot of truck farming, and most of the food eaten in the barony is produced locally.

The Great Amber Defense Road was built through, resembling a better Roman road, with a few way stations that can also be fortified (troops and that added) at very short notice. It connects to the neighboring Baronies’ through roads. Furthermore barge and small boat traffic docks were built to allow goods and people to go in and out of the Barony. It is one of the Baronies that allow tourist boats from the Blue Star Lines to dock for side excursions.


Sending off some of the batch

The Brewery at Beckhamton

Provides a good moderate english beer, not overly bitter, and meant to be drunk a bit warmer. It is released under Beckk’s Beer; and is available for most of the year. Some is exported to Amber City and may be found at the Castle and in some pubs, including the Winsome Wench, near the docks.

Provides a bit darker german beer, again not overly bitter, and drunk chilled. It is released under Beckk’s Polar Beer; and is available for most of the year. Some is exported to Amber City and may be found at the castle and at the Winsome Wench.

Provides several seasonal beers and ales, both ‘warm’ and ‘cold’ brewed (different processes, and different yeasts); not unlike a certain Earth mega-micro brewery. Most of those sell out quickly. Some may be available at times at a few pubs and taverns in Amber City, including the Winsome Wench, and at Amber Castle. Prince Dave may have some stocked at his Castle quarters.

At the tourist docks and tourist quarter of Beckhamton, most of the brewery offerings are available at a couple of eateries and for sale/export.

The Brewery also does release a seasonal press of hard cider late in the winter. This has been fermented and bottled. It is exported all over and also can be found in season in Amber City and in Prince Dave’s sideboard. This is released as Beckk’s Hard Cider.

Right at the holidays there is a small run of New Villa Wine mixed with hard cider, steeped with herbs, and meant to be warmed and drunk as a mulled wine/cider drink. It is very popular for gift giving. It is released as Beckk’s Best Mulled Mix.

The Viscounty of Beauport

Just settled upon Prince Dave, he needs to visit it soon. Other than it’s near Baylesport and on the ocean/sea/shore/beach….


The Barony and other titles were given to Dave’s second son, Bertrand (Bert) and wife (the half demoness) Beverly, who at present have produced two children, George and Mary. Dave lived at the townhouse in Amber City, which is his wife Michelle’s now.

Dave has moved to Sawallways in Chaos (and also has Davidways which were moved to join his section of Sawallways (a grant by King Swayville).


Titles, Duties, and Offices

Prince of Amber -As the son of Corwin

Prince of Parys -As the son of Corwin  (Rescinded along with a few other honors and titles related to Parys)

Viscount Beauport -after his marriage to Princess Michelle (given to Michelle)

Baron Beckhamton (given to Bertrand)

Duke of Cabriana (managed by Bertrand)

Harbormaster of Amber City Harbor -As per appointment by the Regent Prince Gerard. The harbor was reorganized and is being rebuilt to be more efficient. This has also extended to the wharf and dock area, four blocks inland to everything waterside of the Unicorn Way road. (Since retired and given to Prince Wolfe)

Minister of Mines, Forests, and Natural Resources -This excludes nobles private lands and their baronies. It is strongly encouraged the private holdings to contact the offices for assistance with master planning and resources available to better manage such resources. (Arden Forest is managed by Prince Julian and Dave pretty much leaves him be) (retired)

Lord Sawall – *Dybelle called Dave this once and claims his father Prince Corwin was married to his mother, Lady Mandela Sawall, and that his grandfather is Duke Gramble Sawall.   May have other titles in Chaos but has not pursued such at present.

Keeper of Garnath Meadows, aka Ravencrest Falls and Zephyrs Glen. A recent land grant of Garnath turf. Being upgraded, improved, and secured.

Steward of the Protectorate -The entire Duchy of Arlington and many other holdings of Prince Corwin in the south Amber region. Secured with his own troops and naval vessels, until such time as Prince Corwin returns. (Bertrand took over the stewardship)

Has given oath to both Prince Regent Gerard and to the late King Oberon himself. Currently sworn to King Swayville of Chaos and serving Swayville.

Formerly: Lord of Arden Woods (keeper of the woods and head of the Rangers and Hellhounds)– This has been returned to Prince Julian as per Gerard’s redo of the cabinet, including turning over the hellhound whistles.

The Protectorate

Inside the Corey Palace at the Arlington Capitol
Outside view of the Corey Palace

Prince Dave has made a strong showing in the South Amber area, sending his own troops and ships to secure and gather in his father, Prince Corwin’s, Fiefdoms, titles, holdings, in the far regions. He has taken the title of Steward of the Protectorate [Corey Estate], and has sworn to keep the lands secure and loyal to the Crown of Amber, until such time as his father Prince Corwin returns.

(list of the estates to come, needs work yet as can be seen below)

Duchy of Arlington. Has some similarities to the state of Virginia in the USA of Earth. Lots of standing hardwood forest; some mining and mineral wealth, a good mix of agriculture (including some excellent tobaccos), and waterway abundance (fish, shellfish, crustaceans) as well as sea fishing. A leading cash crop is tobacco, which mostly leaves in dried leaf form, still needing to be made into finished consumer goods. That is rumored to be changing, thus giving more jobs to the locals. The leaf and the shellfish and crustaceans are major exports followed by a small amount of hardwood; to both Amber and the nearby Golden Circle.

[20 viscounties, 50 baronies, and 200 other manoral tenants… the summing of the Duchy of Arlington] All of the holdings have had to reswear loyalty to their Duke in Absentia AND to the Crown of Amber as well.

[2 margravates, 5 viscounties, 2 counties, 12 baronies, and 79 other manors scattered across the south Amber area, also attached to Corwin’s holdings of estates, fifes, and noble grantings.]

[200 other manoral tenants]

Dave has been heard to mention ‘I would much rather administer the lands of Amber for the Crown, than a far flung place far from the one true kingdom.’

After securing all holdings, Prince Dave has begun to bring in the personnel necessary for the Mother of All Audits.

The Royally Mandated Household

It is said Prince Dave originally declined his equerry presented to him by His Majesty, the Regent; and survived to regret it.

Despite protests that he already has staff…. here is the list as given and the various people assigned and hired.



Equerry Chief Accountant Crown appointed Equerry Private Secretary


Title Dave’s staff Comments Notes Crown Staff Comments Notes
Equerry   Alisan Maravic   Naval (Commodore/Commander(Amber))   Both Private Fleet & Army   Henry Fenster   Commander   At Harbormaster offices
Principal Secretary Hamilton Berman Butler Trained Admin for all holdings Harold Winston Unk At Harbormaster offices
Household management   James Hargreaves   Butler   @ The Apartments   Andrea Sellars   Butler   @ The Townhouse
Seneschals Oliver Wingate Butler & Secretary trained @ The Barony (Beckhamton) Kevin Reeves Butler trained @ The Estate
Butler   *   *   *   Buckminster Donovan   Butler trained At Harbormaster offices
Cook/Chef Saffron Ismelder Head Chef @ The Apartments Anthony Harliss Chef 2nd/Night shift
Sou Chef   Prentice Jemnal   Assistant to Head Chef   @ The Apartments   *   *   *
Head Chef Lamont Parker Has staff of five @ The Townhouse * * *
Sou Chef   Devin Fisher   Assistant to Lamont   @ The Townhouse   *   * *
Head Chef Lloyd Lasher Has staff of eight @ The Barony * * *
Sou Chef   Will Corlsburg   Assistant to Lloyd   @ The Barony   *   *   *
Head Chef Nathanial Black Has staff of fifteen @ The Estate * * *
Sou Chef   Hammond Rutger   Assistant to Nate   @ The Estate   *   *   *
Pastry Chef Reese Severeal Pastries and Desserts @ The Estate * * *
Maid   Louisa Ploughman   Castle Staff   @ The Apartments   Pansy Cobbler   Castle Staff @ The Apartments
Servant Sanford Coleman Castle Staff @ The Apartments Zachary Zachary Castle Staff @ The Apartments
Servant   Brian Fillmore   Castle Staff   @ The Apartments   *   * *
Accountant Thurston Anderson Head beancounter @ The Estate Upton Bowman Head pencilpusher @ Harbor Office
Assistant   Mary Pendergast   Second   @ The Estate   George Fenton   Second @ Harbor Office
Second Assistant Darryl Yellowfield Third @ The Estate Quincy Forbes Third @ Harbor Office
Third Assistant   *   *   *   Percy Ross   Fourth, gofer @ Harbor Office
Treasurer Sinclair Jakeson Has assistants @ The Estate Daniel Danderhill Has an assistant @ Harbor office
[Each Prince is given ten horses from the Royal Mews for their use. They may keep up to ten at the palace at no cost.]

Dave was keeping six there of his own, he moves them out and will accept as long as six are trained for harness, and four for riding. And the harness ones match in color and size.

[Each Prince will be given their own frigate for personal use. In times of war, it may be needed for combat. Princes are welcome to serve with their ship in times of war.]

Dave has his own navy, he will go to visit the one turned over to him, send it to drydock to be put into top shape, give them one of his pennants (in residence) and release it for the Crown to use for day to day use. In case of war, it may continue to fight with the Amber Navy or do maneuvers with his fleet.

[Other personal household offices may include but no means exhaustive]

Title Name Comments Notes
Bailif Merton Uutgard Taxman @ Beckhamton
Bailif   Fannie Smythe   Taxwoman   @ Beauport
Private Secretary Bryce Vanderheusen Dave’s true assistant @ Anywhere Dave is
Deputy Private Secretary   Percy Walford   Asst to Bryce   @ The Estate usually
Deputy Private Secretary Marcus Yancy Asst to Bryce @ The Barony usually
Asst Deputy Private Secretary   Bruce Whittaker   Asst to other three secretaries   @ Varies
Harbor Office Secretary Adam Boxtender Guards door to Dave’s office @ Harbor Master’s office
Private Driver   Ignatius Quimby   Coach or carriage   @ The Estate usually
1st Groomsman Frederick Lantham Cares for horses and equipment @ The Barony usually
Assistant Groomsman   Selina Compton   Asst to Fred   @ The Barony usually
Stablehand Darien Warwick Twin @ The Barony usually
Stablehand   Robert Warwick   Twin   @ The Barony usually

Private Fleet

A few of the fleet

Not long ago, Prince Dave disappeared for some few days,and returned with a real floating navy. All top ships of the line, 46 fine vessels, and 115 corvette and smaller support ships, gunboats, and 45 barges/supply vessels. They sailed in in peace, and were brought in to provide shipping convoy protection between Amber Harbor and members of the Golden Circle. Private dockage and facilities have been set up for this fleet, who all bear ‘Port Amber’ as their port of call, and fly a small green and white Unicorn Rampart pennant below the pennant of the blue tudor rose.

It is wondered by only the most dense as to why the Lord Admiral hasn’t commandeered this fine resource… or that he didn’t acquire it during his tenure as Prince Regent… other than there is no state of war… it seems that the fine Ladies of the Admiral’s household favor the young Prince. As long as that lasts so should the merchant convoy fleet. Even though Prince Dave has knelt and given his oath to the King as well, that can only go so far also.

Furthermore, the convoys are arranged by like speed, so that ships capable of doing fifteen knots are not held back because one can only do five. Ships of merchant do ply the waters on their own, but many choose to take advantage of the additional protection provided. If anything this has bolstered favorable relations with the Golden Circle to Amber itself, at least with the merchant class.

One more comment, as tight as Prince Geran holds the pursestrings, it may be that the Lord Admiral can’t afford to pay the related costs of such an expansion IF he were to annex this fine fleet.


Affairs de le Coeur…

Not known for too much loud partying anymore and the maids are all safe…as are the serving lads. Prince Dave has been heard to state that ‘I am not above marrying for duty, if it must be so’ but. It seems his time is taken by an orbit about the lovely HRH, the Princess Michelle.

Prince Marcus has had no public opinion on this matter…

Well, it’s official… The Regent Prince Gerard announced it at Court while the Begman delegation was there to pay respects. *Gerard* owes Michelle the lovely romantic dinner Dave had planned to do the ‘pop the question’. What’s done is done. Do it at Court and it’s carved in stone. Gerard may be taking up drinking heavily yet.

It’s also said Dave has already put his foot in his mouth up to the knee and switched feet a few times already, it’s a miracle he is still breathing. Rumor has it that Princess Rose has added to the dangly bits in jars on the mantle collection and This Shall Cease. Time will tell, however. More rumors that recently Prince Dave has been sitting at the table to many lectures by Dame Margot as of late, but he may be beyond redemption. If Dame Margot begins to drink the cooking sherry, then all hope is lost.

At least Dave’s mostly housebroke and doesn’t whine a lot. Gerard may be contemplating if he ever has another daughter to meet suitors at the door with a rolled up newspaper AND work on oiling his crossbow at the table.

There are a few brothers ahead of Princess Michelle, so no shortage of heirs, but it is more than rumored that Gerard has said he expects grandchildren…

What her brothers think of the addition to the family, has not been mentioned yet. Not even Prince Matthew has commented yet.

IS the Princess expecting? That rumor refuses to die, after all, Gerard announced it rather suddenly and DURING court. Whatever the reason for the hurry, it will show up soon IF that is the reason. Princess Baby Bump watch and vigil has begun.

The word ‘elope’ is not in the dictionary on this one, it is said there is a staff of fourteen just to work on the wedding PLANS. Oy. Vey. At least there will be many jobs available, for several months. Good fine gold, just win a contract for service providing for this wedding.

On the other hand, Prince Dave will slay arachnids (even if they are big enough to put a saddle on) and more, for Princess Michelle. If her father ever wonders, he should not worry.

She Who Must Be Obeyed

HRH Princess Rose in 21st Century Garb

It is not worth thinking of thinking about that phrase, if you know what is good for you, as there are magics that abound that could find it out very quickly….but this is the one and only of the former Regent, HRH Prince Gerard.

What he can’t do by intimidation takes her but a few penstrokes.

Or just the right look.

Lady Rose is the daughter of a butcher that was engentled… and the mother of HRH The Princess Michelle.

Gerard was blocked from marrying Rose by his father, King Oberon. It was expected that as soon as the ailing King draws his last breath, the two would be at the altar. Their offspring have Royal Recognition though. When however, took a very very long time, but in the end the King’s lack of health finally set Gerard free…

And it is official. Lady Rose is now Her Highness Princess Rose, consort of the former Prince Regent and present Lord Admiral.

It is well known that Gerard does a good version of Yes Dear.

What she is capable of nobody knows, and nobody probably wants to ever find out.

Dave has treated her with the respect due her being the Consort of Prince Gerard, and the mother of his Fiancee. That may become strained or more, time will tell on this (and should be worth a closer watching–there are a few bookies in Amber City willing to take bets) Definitely more to come on this front. (and then some now that she is HRH!!!!!)

HRH Princess Rose has apparently sent Prince Dave just one missive (and yelled at her lady in waiting because the poor woman couldn’t find the portable writing desk fast enough, and at the serving woman who couldn’t leave with it fast enough to deliver it). So Far.

It seems though that it was a doozy even though it was just seven words… Dave has been seen to be a changed man ever since.

In the meantime HRH Princess Rose had been very occupied with a Royal Wedding to plan… and social Imperial Royal and Courtly occasion. Being an Affair of State, the budget bounds are the treasury. (unsure if Prince Geran is aware of that yet)  With several months of frenzied planning, it was not the wedding (fiasco) of the century. Stay tuned. Or be afraid, very very, afraid.

 Lovely pink-red

Everything but the tiara the woman is wearing

Then, there are the wedding gifts… after the long awaited ceremony.It does seem that not many marked the occasion of the Regent wedding his consort, however.

There was a ceremony held (not unlike the Charles-Camellia nuptuals in real life) as a low key and private event.

Not to be glossed over, Her Royal Highness was indeed gifted, by her future Son-in-Law. Since the late King Oberon bought up all her favorite gems and jewelry in the nearby realms so she could not be gifted, Prince Dave did import a few for her delight.

She tends to like pink it seems so a mixture of pinkish and reddish mounted jewelry to mark the occasion. A full parure and tiara worthy of a crown in itself, as shown (tiara to left, rest of jewelry to the right) Mostly rubies, pink sapphires, and fancy diamonds….

It is is said Her Royal Highness is having a whole wardrobe done around her new acquisitions to best show them off.

Further rumor is that Prince Dave has asked her wardrobers to produce another set of outfits in a particular shade, for the MOB garb she will be needing. Other than a few snits about he will NOT tell or show her exactly why, it is expected that he will once more gift her with something appropriate to wear at the State Wedding of her daughter.

In the meantime with the mind changing going on, the count is dress #37 and this one might get finished before the next mind change. Might. Just might. It is also rumored that Prince Dave is taking each castoff into shadow fast-time and having it finished JUST IN CASE. Her Royal Highness is going to need a wing added to the castle for her wardrobe…

Meantime that will be the only thing Prince Dave MIGHT get his way with over the (debacle… ahem…)wedding.

Gerard is not out of sorts over this gift to his bride, as Prince Dave also gave him six more ships of the line, to add to the Fleet. It is also rumored that a bottle or two of good rum also helped sort any bent feelings out between the two. For the moment at least.

With the recent announcement of the nuptials of Prince Rambault and Baroness Vinta Bayle, perhaps HRH Princess Rose’s time and attention will be split. Any largess HRH Princess Rose’s way, has yet to be seen, though.

Princess Michelle (She Who Will Be Obeyed)

Colored drawing of Princess Michelle (Right)
A pencil drawing of Princess Michelle (Left)

Her Royal Highness, the Princess Michelle; daughter of the former Regent of Amber, HRH Prince Gerard and HRH Princess Rose; sister of HRH Prince Walter, HRH Prince Rambault, and HRH Prince Matthew

Princess of Amber

Viscountess Emerdale after her marriage.

Prince David of Amber and Parys; of Sawall and Karm; has announced that he will share titles as well after the wedding.

Princess of Parys (not sure on status)

Dowager Viscountess Beauport

Dowager Baroness Beckhamton

Lady of Sawall

She is seen out and about on occasion now, and if it’s anything formal, Prince Dave is there to escort her. The bathing suit sighting at the castle hottub, was something else, genuine cutting edge style there, an early 1920’s bathing suit complete with enough frills and ruffles to sink the good ship Lollipop.

Princess Michelle seems very much to want to please her mother, hence the extensive and elaborate wedding plans, once she weds, all bets are off on how close the two will stay. Betting pool is rumored, get in on it now….

The Princess Michelle is active in all sorts of rescue and charity work… Prince Dave had better be of the same bent or it may get tired fast. The animal shelter, the soup kitchen, save the whales, and many many more.

RAHS (Royal Amber Humane Society), The Hoof and Horn Soup Kitchen (Church of the Holy Unicorn), and several others. She has not been able to frequent and spend time at the numerous charities as she would like to, with all the things that Her Royal Highness Princess Rose has for her daughter to do, attend, and participate in.

Princess Michelle is glad for Princess Jorrah’s efforts in orphan care and education, the two may be working together more in the future. Time will tell. After all they are about to become sisters-in-law through Prince Dave and Prince Christophe.

As for Princess Hazel, apparently HRH Princess Rose took care of that ‘non-issue’ for the nonce. Said Princess had decided to stake claim on Princess Michelle’s fiance. Time will tell on this front as well. It seems the Princess Michelle has the nice side of her father and not the overwhelming drive of her mother. But again, that is to be seen after she is wed.

Family, to date:

Wife, Princess Michelle

Malcolm (Adams) Forseti, Asgard

Jason Adams (Minor Jesby trollop, location unknown)

Rupert Adams (unknown, seen once at Port Royal)

Constance Adams, who knows, ordained to the Rilgaite faith

Bertrand (Bert) Adams, Beckhamton

Beverly (half demon)

George Adams

Mary Adams

Beatrice Adams

Allison Adams


Notes on Prince Dave from the Tiereth ‘Envoy’s Guide’

It’s worth following this one around just to see what matter of disaster he’s going to engineer next.

But follow from a safe distance.  Say, a couple shadows back.  When Prince Dave screws up, he screws up BIG.

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