Church of the Quaddity, Parys

The Church of the Quaddity, Parys (Power) … has a presence in Reims.

Amongst those known in Reims are in the city of Reims, and one in the Capital City (Paris) are: the Notre Dame du St. Apostle Glen, the Cathedral du Reims du Holy Virgin Mother Dara, and in Paris, the Notre Dame du Most Holy Infante Christophe.

The Notre Dame du St. Apostle Glen has been where the kings of Reims have been crowned since antiquity and this is where the Son of the Most Holy God Creator Corwin, David, did ascend the throne of Reims being anointed and crowned in the ancient style including the Iron Crown of Lombardy, the Joyeuse Sword and other relics.

During the Coronation the Archbishop in the vows said the Monarch promises to protect The Church, David amended it to promising the Church will endure.

Some fat was trimmed; overly great estates and excessive wealth were trimmed and given to help the poor. Things given directly from Parys were left be.

The Churches of the Quaddity are still open for business, though tithes are being stopped at the frontier border. The funds may remain within Reims for the good of those there. During the recent Synod in Parys, priests of the Quaddity were freely allowed to travel there and back to attend.

It is even said that Dave counseled his brother Aleksandr to stay his hand towards the Quaddity faith within the borders of Verdun and allow them to remain. That it would be beneficial to do so…