Full Name: Niamh Aiofe Daimhin O’Finn

Father: Finndo

Mother: Jasra

Siblings: Kelly of Dealunde is the only full blooded sibling to date; most of the rest are half siblings via Jasra. All known siblings via Finndo have deceased.

Physical Characteristics

Age: Like so many Cornelians that have existed for a vague amount of time, Niamh is cagey about her actual physical age; but she appears to be somewhere in her twenties.

Height: 5’10”

Weight: In human form, it’s usually around 130 lbs.

Hair: White blonde, pale blonde

Eyes: Usually pale grey, but they shift from a bright silver shade down to a thunderous stormy grey depending on her mood.

Body type: Slender and willowy, she verges on thin; but has proven remarkably resilient in extreme circumstances.

The White Doe

Niamh has appeared many times and in different places as a white deer, sometimes presaging the advent of a Sidhe Host procession. Certainly she seems to either be responsible for or tie into several legends about white harts. Rumours have also abounded that she might also be the Lady of the Lake. Whatever the truth behind those, she has demonstrated fey ties, bonds to older, more primordial powers than elves.