Two new Deputy Prime Ministers of Chaos

King Swayville has announced Dara will share Prime Ministerial Authority with two new deputies.
These new appointments include:
Princess Gilva Hendrake, wife of Prince Edward, and
Duchess Athena Helgram, Head Mistress of the Academy of Helgramways
They will cosign with a majority for any acts where the Prime Minister can act unilaterally.
Princess Dara welcomes this with a warm smile and says she looks forward to working with Gilva and Athena.
In an unrelated announcement, Prince Dave of Sawall, Duke of Daveways has been honoured with the Grand Commander of the Order of the Dragon and also has been named to the Royal Society of Chaos. Lord Bances has also issued him with a religious knighthood, Knight of the Order of Justin the Stern.


  1. Avon starts the betting pool for which one tears out the hair of another first, when the triad of Prime Minister types get into the inevitable argument.

    Current odds favor Gilva ripping out Athena’s hair, at odds of 1:2

  2. Prime Minister Dara, Grand Duchess of Sawallways, Queen Mother of Asgard, Parys and Empress Mother of Outer World Empire says that as she is both Helgram and Hendrake by both she is one who has been able to preside over the large Prime Minister’s Office with efficiency, efficacy, effectiveness! “and an eye on the E section of the dictionary”

  3. In response to the PR release from Dara’s office, Avon increases the odds against Dara being the one to tear hair out, from 3:1 up to 5:1.

    The odds of Gilva ripping out Athena’s hair remain at 1:2

    The odds of Athena ripping out Dara’s hair drop from 10:1 down to 5:1

    Bets are not accepted on Athena ripping out Gilva’s hair, with the explanation that it’s too much of a long shot.

    In other news, there’s a new gambling concern being run out of the Greater Netherlands. If you want to bet on it, they will post the odds. It’s called Avon’s of Amsterdam.

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