Gregor Gets Gold out of Jericho!

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Gregor Gets Gold out of Jericho!

King Gregor of the Octopolis captured some New Vegas tourists and called them spies and threatened to burn them at the stake.
King Jericho, through the offices of Princess Myfanwy of Amber and her husband, King Grim of Asgard.
Secret negotiations took place in Karmways, The Five Seasons Hotel in Antilla Station and the old grist mill in Garnath Duchy.

Apparently Myfanwy had to also sing to Gregor the entire repertoire of Celine Dion including the Titanic theme song 19 times.

Jericho paid a ransom of 40,000 pounds of mithril and gave up 3 arkenstones and a 20 foot portrait of Valentinian The Conqueror to get the hostages releases. The hostages came back but no one can confirm nor deny that they had their teeth.

King Gregor, Duke of Karm, is notorious to taking out both high and low born’s teeth as a hobby dentist without benefit of painkillers and with benefit of a pliers. He removed the teeth of several high bloods years ago as part of the Soren Incident.

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