Darren Barriman

Age: 20
Height: 172 CM (5’8)
Weight: 84 KG (185 pounds)
Hair: Dark red with blond highlights
Hair Style: Curly
Eyes: Green
Body Type: Lean muscular
Birthday: Feb 25 1999 (AE)
Father: Geran
Mother: Bryndal
Marital status: Single

Prince of Brandenberg
Prince of Amber
Prince of Lichtenstein 1997 Earth
Earl Welkskam – Amber

First son and heir to Geran and Bryndal, Duke and Duchess of of Saxmundham of Amber, Darren, has lived his life in Welksham in southern Amber enjoying clean mountain air. Educated at the University of Welksham and the University of Brandenberg, Darren, until recently Darren has not traveled much beyond his home. Brought up in the faith of the Unicorn of Amber and the Folk Faith of the Mountain people living in Welksham, he looks forward to the adventure to come.

Along with Wilelm Albert and Rowan Cushing-Helgram, he has been recently invested to the Council of Princes of Liechtenstein on 1997 Earth. Taking up residence in Vaduz Castle over situated of a mountain over looking the capitol. Excited with the prospects of protecting and nurturing his new realm, things did not start as well he would have liked, when he embarrassed himself in front of his co-princes.