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The Power of Asgard is both recently come to the stage in Creation and one of the oldest Powers known. Originally created by Oberon in his guise as the One-Eyed Odin, the Power was created as an alternative to the more staid and static Amber. Within Asgard, Oberon was able to experiment wildly and grow his practices and policies, setting the stage for his later life. Due to interferences from external forces, the lands were maimed and abandoned, fulfilling much of the fabled Ragnarok. With its Pattern broken, the inhabitants battered and flung off into isolated fortresses, and massive destruction throughout the Nine Worlds, Asgard lay forgotten by all but its King and those handful of creatures that managed to tap into the erratic broken Pattern.

Finally, the Power was rediscovered by Oberon’s son, Magnus, who took up residence and began the process of rebuilding the storied Homeland of the Gods from his youth. Years of effort eventually resulted in a massive ritual that proved able to repair the Pattern, breathing immediate life into the ruined lands and sending shockwaves through the other Powers as the poles of Creation shifted. The days of change were not done, however, and within a dozen years, the land found itself under attack by forces from within and from the Rest of Creation.

Recently freed from decades of fighting and seclusion from one such struggle, Asgard has returned as a conflicted society, with one foot firmly residing in its historic past and the other stepping out into the modern worlds of its peers. The very nature of the Nine Worlds of the core power ensures that the lands constantly struggle toward Balance, splitting power among the various reflections of the Great Rune and the peoples and creatures that abide within its reach. That said, Holy Asgard has always shone the brightest, and this has never been more true than in the modern days. Moving past the War of Reaving, Jarngrimr, the Twiceborn King who Reigns, has broadened the diplomatic ties both within and outside of the Power, building bridges of diplomacy and presenting a united face against those foes who would harm Odin’s Lands.


Asgard in the Mirror – How Asgard is seen and sees itself.

The Lay of the Land – The Nine Worlds, the Iron Ring, and Asgardian territories throughout Creation

The Society of Asgard – Societal norms and the rank structure of the lands

The Asgardian Religion – The holy powers of the Asgardian realm.

The Peoples of Asgard – The Races, Clans, and famous individuals of Asgard

The Asgardian Government – Government order, departmental breakdown, and diplomatic corps

The Asgardian Economy – Asgardian exports and imports

The Magic of Asgard – The source and types of Asgardian magics

The Asgardian Military – Military forces of the Nine Worlds and Beyond

Asgardian Arts and Learning – Summary of the schools and art centers

Rumors – “Look at all these rumors surroundin’ me every day
I just need some time, some time to get away from
From all these rumors, I can’t take it no more
My best friend said there’s one out now about me and the girl next door”

Supporting Files – Maps, spreadsheets, character sheets, etc.

Details of the experimental Asgard subgame can be found here, but these details are not linked to the Rest of Creation as yet. 

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