King Bleys and Queen Elizabeth

His Most Royal and Imperial Majesty, King Bleys

BleysHis Royal and Imperial Majesty, the Most High Born and Noble, by the Grace of the Creator,

King of Amber, Lord of Amber Castle, Port Royal and Kolvir Mountain

King of Avernus

Nearly Sovereign Grand Duke of Helgramways

Head of the House of Oberon-Barrimans

Head of House Helgram

Grand Master of All Helgrams Orders and Societies

Grand Master of the Order of the Unicorn and all other Orders

Lord of Ygg

Overlord of Remba, King of Tir-na Nog’th

Emperor of the Golden Circle and Overlord of Open Shadow

In documents signed before his death, Oberon had decreed that both Dworkin and the Unicorn should be in agreement as to his successor, should that day come. And moreover, should they fail to agree, then the choice of the new Ruler of Amber should fall to an election of the Princes. At the end of the Patternfall war, the Unicorn chose Prince Random – a somewhat unexpected choice. However, Dworkin refused to ratify her choice, and therefore the Gérard Regency continued until such time as a vote of the Family could be organised. Bleys became King of Amber on an exceedingly close decision of his Peers, and their Children and was Crowned the following August.

Queen Elizabeth

ElizabethAt a recent event in Parys, Bleys proposed to Duchess Elizabeth Channicut, daughter of Princess Cymnea of Thelbane. The happy couple didn’t give a great number of details about how they had met, and what had brought them together. However, it is rumoured that this is a marriage of love, rather than one of State.

Their marriage was concluded and solemnised in a recent ceremony in Port Royal, and he has made her his Queen.


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