Jotunheim, the Land of Giants


Jotunheim is located to the north-east of Midgard. To the North live the frost giants, to the East lies the Iron

Forest, Jarnvior, where giant wolves, winter wolves (see the Yggdrasill Core Rulebook, page 183) and their mother Arnvidia live. Arnvidia (the ‘giant-witch’) is one of the names of Angrboda (the one who brings grief), mother of Fenris, Hel and Jörmungand.

The storm giant caves can be found in the north-east mountains. These mountains form a chain, the peaks of which are forever covered in snow. There, pine trees are as tall as sequoias (150 to 240 feet). The flora is mostly composed of primordial forests. Days and nights end abruptly, with barely any dawn or twilight. Frequent and violent storms as well as rainfalls often catch travelers by surprise. It is best to find shelter as fast as possible. Large cities such as Utgard stand on top of Jotunheim’s snowy mountains. Rumor has it that many beings from the Nine Worlds meet there (alfar, gods, dvergar, jotnar, and so forth) to feast, brawl and do business. No human being has ever witnessed this.


Jotnar and Hrimthursar


Various Jarls and Chieftains


None of note


Jotunheim is not as cold as Niflheim, but the conditions are harsh nevertheless, especially during thunder and snow storms. If characters are unprepared and fail to seek shelter (especially in northern and eastern Jotunheim) they may not survive.

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