The Chakra Worlds (including Antilla)

Your Most Almighty Imperial and Royal Majesty, it is my pleasure to submit this report for your most excellent review. I believe it sums up the known information regarding these worlds within the area known as the Ygg Shadow Region, in the middle of known Shadow.

Prince Mandor Sawall, Prime Minister (at the time)



The Earth Zone or Chakra belt is a set of equally spaced Rocks of Creation that run along a line in the centre of the giant orb of creation that goes from east to west. Were it to be described in three dimensional solid Algebra – with X length, Y width and Z depth – the Earth Zone would run  perpendicular to the locations of Amber at one end of the North Pole and Chaos at the opposite end of the South Pole along the Z axis.

Ancient Earth, home of much Cornelian activity, is positioned at 0,0,0 of these co-ordinates. This is off from the Ygg location which is on the same plane. Suhuy and Dworkin place a great deal of emphasis on this.

The Chakra belt runs along a X axis line that runs from Brandenberg as the “East Equatorial Pole” and Parys as the “West Equatorial Pole”. (Length is along the Brandenberg Parys axis)

Is the Chakra system of legend, restricted to 7 or 8 or more? That is a debate among Chakra practitioners – however I will use 8 for the purposes of this discussion.

For mapping purposes, the numbers 0,1,2 represent equidistant numbers of shadows between the two points. They are reflected in approximately 360 shadows in between each point.

These worlds may contain broken patterns of usual strength and reflections of other powers as well as failed patterns/powers or even artificial warped ‘powers’. Note that these are NOT Great Powers.

The Chakra Earth Worlds are:

Infrared Chakra – Trebonius (0,-4,0)

Trebonius is not technically one of the Chakra Shadows. However, it is in a straight line with them, which makes it another point of interest.

Ygg is two above this line. It seems that Chaos lost two shadow “plates” as Ygg is (0,0,2) or two points towards Chaos. Accessible railway link to Antilla with small Antillan Station present. Small international garrison from Amber and Chaos.

Red Chakra – Reies (0, -3, 0)

Reiss is the Chakra World of Brand and Dybelle Hendrake’s son Geran’s, although it has been destroyed and reformed after different amalgamations and high end ritual experiments. This proves that Chakra worlds are not only Rocks of Creation but immutable and capable of reforming themselves. It is currently occupied by forces hostile to Geran and others. There is no direct link between these and other groups, although Unlife and Lynx renegades have not been ruled out. Territory recognized by Brand. No railway link to Antilla.

Orange Chakra – Germania (0,-2, 0)

Germania is the territory of Geran’s full brother Dieter. It hosts an Embassy from Rupert Delatz of Sanguine and the Reich (disputed continnum). Germania was home to Dieter, Wolf and Dalt. Germania conquered it’s neighbour Baravia some time ago (1, -2, 0). Territory recognized by Brand. Accessible railway link to Antilla.

Yellow Chakra – Belize or 1975 Earth (0, -1, 0)

Originally discovered by Matthew, Rambault and Tone. It seems that Tone, son of Florimel (Queen of Chaos, sister to Geran and Dieter) ended up as the protector. After Tone’s disappearance, Patrick, son of Bleys and Jasra, assumed control of the world and established ownership. Surprisingly, this too was recognized by Brand. Accessible railway link to Antilla.

Hollow Earth

At this point in time, there is an interloper parked on the Chakra Line between Belize and Ancient Earth. It was created by Corwin, with the (possibly unbeknownst) help of Glen, by undertaking rituals using Karl Channicut. Investigations are ongoing as to what its purpose is.

Green Chakra – Ancient Earth (0,0,0)

Ancient Earth was deemed by Dworkin to be Neutral Territory. Local time is towards the end of 1986. It is much like historical Ancient Earth with some differences, such as the Cold War ending 1984 instead of 1990/91. Before it was declared neutral, Brand and Corwin fought over this world going back to Ancient Egypt. Many Amberites and Chaosians have interests ranging from countries to residences at this location. Neutrality grudgingly accepted by Brand. Rumour of secret railway link to Antilla.

Blue Chakra – Antilla (or E1) (0,1,0)

First and main experimental Earth given to Matthew for his studies as a student of Lord Dworkin (along with Earths 2-8, which run the along vertical axis above and below E1). E1 comprises 26 countries dominated or ruled by Matthew. Nearby is the Shadow of Antilla Railway Station (1,1,0), separated by a multi-Shadow “waterway”, which is capital and terminus of the Antilla Empire. Grudgingly recognised by Brand after pressure from Dworkin.

Indigo Chakra – Ultima Terra (0,2,0)

Formerly the Free Republic, this is now ruled by Lucius who, with aid from Isaac, Geran, Matthew, Thrawn and Jericho/Michael, became Emperor of UT and conquered shadow between here and his territory of Roma. This is the most invaded region of the Earth Zone with numerous attacks by Corwin and his sons. Centre of Iron Apple Empire, with a Logrus connection allegedly made  by Roland of Aurellis. Incredibly tight security, with reports that implants magically link visitors and residents. Grudgingly approved by Brand after pressure from Swayville. Accessible railway link to Antilla.

Violet or Purple Chakra – New Vegas (0,3,0)

New Vegas is a hypermodern megacity ruled by Jericho, son of Tubble Channicut and Florimel (again) – it is the pleasure centre and financial magnet of Nod, to which is connected by Airship routes. Like Garnath, Parys, and Antilla, Nod is favoured for international banking. Accessible railway link to Antilla. Approved by Brand.

Octarine/Ultraviolet Chakra – Britannicus (0,4,0)

Not much is known about this shadowy world other than the name. It is tightly closed and reportedly operated by Brand’s great-grandson Artur, grandson of Dieter. No railway link but approved by Brand.