Matthew, Sovereign Prince of Garnath, High King of Antilla

General Profile

The French Wizard asks why that obnoxious drunken American boy is with your party as Jericho and drunk Matthew share a bottle of Champagne.

Matthew, Sorcerer, Prince, King, Statesman, Scholar, Polymath, Ceremonial Ritualist, Field Marshall, Preppy Frat Boy

Tone answered  “He is our leader, today.”

The French Wizard swears, “Merde”

Tone gently reinforces the message “He led a successful mission.”

Library (2)
Matthew studying in one of the many library chambers in Antilla Palace


Your can take Matthew away from Earth but, you really can not take the Earth out of Matthew.

He is known to be studying a wide liberal arts and sciences and magics program under the direct supervision of Dworkin. Having one of the oldest known wizards as a teacher brings many benefits however aside of the Socratic teaching pedagogy that Dworkin practices, there is endless reading and bushels of essays churned out to meet Dworkin’s high and eccentric academic needs.


Father: King Brand of Brandenberg
Mother: Princess Elizabeth Channicut , now Queen Consort of Amber
Brother(s): Geran, Dalt, Deiter, Marcus, Lucius, Thrawn…
Sister(s): Jorrah

Grand Parents – Oberon (deceased), Clarissa Helgram, Tubble Channicut, Cymnea

Significant Uncles/Aunts – Double Uncle Benedict, Bleys of Amber, Jericho Channicut, Fiona of Amber and Xanadu, Corwin, Random, Julian, Gerard, Delwin and Sand, Deirdre, Llewella

Known children (birth order): David, Solomon (both living in Antilla); and the Tigers (by Daphne, full sister of Olympae) – Jacob, Fraser, Ronald and William.

Matthew is considered to be educated incorrectly by Suhuy who is the younger brother and foil to Dworkin in most academic and magical matters. Swayville considers Matthew a fool and Dworkin a bigger fool. Swayville just as he calls Lucius, Lucian after the poisoned son of Cymnea and Tubble refers to Matthew as Matthias but publicly complains about him all the time. Swayville grouses so much that he has banned shorts in Court and forbidden the sight of a slurpee in His presence.

Matthew’s relationship with his father is not talked about much though Matthew seems in no hurry to see Brand return, ending stepmother Jasra’s Regency. Since Brand’s return, he and Lucius are tied for being Brand’s least favourite sons. Conspiracy theorists say that in other unconfirmed confintuum, there has been open war between other “Brands” and Matthew/Lucius.

Luke on the moon (2)
A contemplative Matthew at the First Temple of Apollo on the Lunar Surface at Earthrise

Physical Characteristics

Age: 18 (Appearance)
Height: 6′ 0- 6’1″
Weight: Average
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Striking Blue (sometimes called Blue within Blue)
Body Type: Swimmer’s Build
Dress:  Most commonly found in a red or blue polo shirt/t-shirt and khaki or dark blue cargo shorts

Matthew’s age has been a subject of some speculation as Matthew claims he counts his age by Ancient Earth years making him 22 going on 23. However many say he has now become centuries old due to his antics in different faster time shadows.

Known Capabilities

Matthew Car2 (2)
Matthew and his vintage 1964 1/2 Mustang Convertible

Matthew is a Sorcerer-General. He is also Dworkin’s Apprentice.

He has experience successfully leading armies in combat situations against Caine’s holdings and against the Jesby Aunts.

He uses a non-traditional but very adaptable socerery. No one has seen him racking and hanging spells.

He is a well trained ritual practitioner though not the best. He also is valuable in many rituals as a subject. Benedict is known to work out arrangements where Matthew assists him with approval from Dworkin and Tubble.  Matthew is not as adept  at rituals as the Archritualist Ian.

Matthew has been known to conduct rituals with Lucius and Geran though conspiracy theorists claim there are rituals in Antilla Palace with the hot tubs filled with expensive ancient and powerful red and white wines.

Mathrew2 (2)
Matthew in Garnath Castle

Titles and Honours

His Serene Majesty – Sovereign Prince of Garnath

Royal and Imperial Highness and Majesty High King of Antilla (E1)

Emperor of the Antillan Railway Empire

Prince of Amber

Prince of Brandenberg

Prince of House Channicut

Prince of House Helgram

Residences And Shadows

The Observatory
Matthias Obervatory Library
Part of the Massive Secret Library at Matthew’s Observatory

“..It leads to a powerful fortress with a mountain inside it. You can see the fortress has eleven walls in a circle around it. There is a high lake on the mountain inside the fortress… There is nothing below the lip of the fortress but a small landing area, just big enough for a baggage train. There are metal golems on the guard here and on the gate which is a hundred feet high.  It is made of a weird stone. high on the battlement there is a rather silly looking tiger flag flying.  The palace on the mountain is far up… you can see massive telescopes.”

Reportedly the Observatory is a depository of a copy of every library Matthew has as well as every book, Matthew has ever acquired in his adventures. Reportedly Matthew’s Great Uncle Matthias Channicut had it built but willed it to Dworkin. Dworkin gave it to Matthew after his first Doctor of Philosophy in Archmagery.

Garnath Castle
Garnath Castle North Side
Mighty Garnath Castle before the Jesby Offensive in the Black Road War

One of the most fiercely guarded positions in several Amber Civil Wars and a major offensive by the House of Jesby in the Black Road War, Garnath is a strategic position in Amber. The independence of Garnath as a Sovereign Principality was upheld by Oberon and Dworkin who allowed it to go to Prince Matthew. The massive fortification took several years to rebuild, even with magic and secret arcane rituals. Garnath Castle and the independent land around it may be small but rumours are that this superfortress has over 33 sub-basements and contains more square feet that every building in Amber City. Then again people do exaggerate…


Antilla Palace

Details can be found on the E1 page.

Temple of Apollo – on every Earth Luna

Companies Owned By

Antilla Railway Company


Some have claimed Matthew’s cargo pockets are bags of holding. He is known to have a revolver tucked in one pocket. Sometimes when ‘shopping’ – seeking treasurer or lost loot, he can be seen with a sword on his outfit.

Apparently he and Lucius each have a specialized ‘desert’ uniform where they use for different expeditions and actions. This includes cargo pockets of holding and different abilities woven into the fabric of these outfits.


Mathrew4 (2)
Sometimes Matthew gets to be involved in other people’s rituals like those set up by Benedict

Caine – Matthew has considered Caine a foe for both ideological reasons, Matthew’s dislike of pirates and Brand being Matthew’s father. Matthew surprisingly built a coalition in 2012 (Antilla time – 2 years ahead of real time) and managed to repeatedly drive Caine out of the Modern Zone of Shadow. Fortunately with Caine’s recent death by suicide and later final destruction at the Battle of Troutdale by Ian, Edward and Lucius, only Caine’s children remain to be a nuisance.

Jesbys – Miscellaneous Jesby Regency Council Members had holdings in the Earth Zone. They were also driven out by Matthew’s pro Channicut Coalition by 2013 Antilla Time.

Corwin – Matthew was intimidated by Corwin after Corwin captured Lucius. Corwin believes that Matthew along with his brother is key to a superweapon that Corwin could defeat Benedict. Matthew retreated his fleet and stayed fortified in safer areas while Corwin was free. With Corwin out of commission in treatment in Parys, the current threat is reduced to some of his more fanatical children. There was a more recent attack by Riva, Guy, Jacques and Pierre de Corey on the Blue Fleet with some damage. Corwin made peace with Amber, Chaos, even Emperor Lucius however he still remains at war with Matthew. The de  Corey family defeated the Blue Fleet earlier in a sneak raid after many attacks won by Matthew in his own right.

Others – Matthew is considered a power source in some rituals. He does not talk about it much to too many folks.

Lately Mandor has considered Matthew and Lucius both enemies and targets.


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