Switzerland or Singapore?

special editorial in the Amber Tribune

The only reason not to dismiss as pathetic Isaac Helgram’s relentless efforts to promote his toy kingdom of Lambeth is that Prince Doctor Helgram is so frankly honest about it.

His most recent efforts involve copying the parks, concert halls, etcetera recently announced by his cousin Ian.

The over stretching Isaac doesn’t realize, or doesn’t care, that his family connections would guarantee the Shadow’s prosperity without even pretense of effort on his part. He could have left Lambeth a sleepy fishing village. But no, Isaac had to make it a peer to Cannes, Nice or Monte Carlo.

What Isaac doesn’t realize is that his tight control isn’t making Lambeth the Switzerland of Creation, some idealized haven of safety and neutrality. He’s making it the Singapore of Creation – lovely place to visit, but Unicorn help you if you chew bubble gum.


  1. Hey Isaac! Watch out! Matthew comes to visit. Look for the mountains of slurpee cups. If he doesn’t put out enough, Dad (Lucius) will have his ones with flavoured Captain Morgan.
    What’s wrong with Bubblegum! Phillip and I use a ton of it a month!
    It is great stuff! Don’t be so grouchy about it!
    Besides we like Lambeth and look forward to visiting your museum too, you know?
    Alexander, co King of Badovia and Prince to UT etc etc etc

  2. Thank you for the warning, which is unusually considerate of you, but I am used to Matthew.

    You are welcome at the museum and to participate in ongoing archaeological efforts here in Lambeth

    I understand that bubblegum is a popular recreation but it lacks nutrition or any grace.


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