Amber Castle

The Kingdom of Amber is a highly centralized state. The main seat of power is Amber Castle which is located and surrounded by Amber City.

For more mundane methods of reaching the castle and the land around the castle it, access is through Castle Town. For the more arcane travellers, all Trumps arrive in the designated area in front of the Main Gate, and no Place Trumps that can be made that bring you inside the castle (although you can come through to another Person). However, outside the castle, Trumps work just fine. On the roofs of the castle rest five powerful golden globes, made by Dworkin, that provide magical protection,a and there is speculation that these also affect Trumps.

Amber Castle

The castle itself is huge, with several ‘wards’, each separated from each other, as well as significant private lands around the Inner Palace. The castle  also has a large keep, and the oldest part of the castle – the old Castle Tower is still standing -it has a resemblance to the White Tower. The tower looks pleasant from the outside, almost romantic, but on the inside it is pretty grim with few windows. Oberon kept his quarters and offices there, with Gerard forced to follow suit. However, Bleys seems more inclined to work out of he Palace and Gerard is forced to have his office there too.

The Inner Palace is reminiscent of the Stuart style part of Hampton Court, with its immediate gardens and grounds, shoved into a supersized Windsor. All suites have running cold water, a gardrobe which has a seat for lavatory purposes, a walk in closet, a bedroom, a sitting room and an office. Unsurprisingly, the suites in the Royal Wing are rather more extensive than this. There are men’s and women’s baths in every residential wing, with  both private and public areas, and primitive showers.  There is a massive Roman style hot and cold pool system in each wing with hot tubs.

The Style of the Hallways is Early Baroque with a light golden yellow paint that complements a tasteful use of gold foil. The doorknobs are ornate and brassy.  The suites match this though they may be changed to suite personal taste after occupancy.  The drapes are hunter green as green is the theme of most of the furniture for now.

The basement has an independent storage area of foodstuffs, wine, beer, and other provisions. There is a servants work area including sewing area etc.

The North-West Wing

The newer seven story North-West Wing was built by Oberon, who found the time and money to expand the palace, despite preparing for war against Chaos and draining every penny out of the country.  Even though the palace had rooms for another 50 princes and could host 30 foreign leaders and an additional 300 guests easily, Oberon made it larger. There are dedicated stairs at the front of the wing that goes to all floors, as well as a less-travelled staircase at the end of the hall in the music room somewhere that also links the four floors.

The main purpose of the first floor (besides hosting the baths) is to support the wing. There is a guardroom on this floor and on the third floor though there is a guard station at the second floor. There are unassigned suites, a small kitchen more of a station, a large dining room with several private dining rooms. There are club rooms for games, billiards and for drinking. The men’s and women’s baths are here too. The end of the wing on this floor is the Red Lounge.

The second floor is where most of the residential suites are located, along with the Music Room.  The third floor is unoccupied though some grace and favour officials may be posted here temporarily. It also houses a quiet sitting room called the Blue Lounge, a fencing salle and a gym. When there were servants assigned to this wing, they lived on the attic floor of the Wing (4th floor).

The connection to the main palace is on the second floor and first floor though there may be secret doors on the third floor and the fourth floors.

Rest of the Palace

The palace is several palaces stuck together. The Royal Palace contains the old Keep (Bleys control totally) and the central Hub – Hampton Court (Bleys control directly) The old Keep think White Tower, the Central Hub is Hampton Court, But there are another sets of Wings that are under the Ld Chm. The NE Wing is The Catherine Palace, the NW Wing is new and smaller, the West Wing is Blenheim, the North Wing is Castle Howard, the East Wing is Greenwich/Placentia, the South Wing is Tuilliers Palace SW wing is Charlottenberg and the SW Wing is Schonburn and a 9th spoke that looks like the Hofburg.

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