His exalted, most stunningly beautiful and royally grand highness Fabian Arien Tuan Xavier Demarcus Barriman

“A picture is worth a thousand words. Patting the ass, pleases a thousand lords.”


Age 31,269 (Appearance 21)
Height 172 CM (5’8”)
Weight 81.6 KG (180 pounds)
Hair Brownish red
Hair Style Long, curly on top, short sides
Eyes Light Blue
Body Type Lean muscular


Titles and Honours

Prince of Amber Marquis of Tryan de Calais
Prince of Pamesus Earl of Orthias Majorus
Prince of Gurga Earl of Asulsa
Grand Master Del Ranca Earl of Liberace
Grand Duke of the Unicorn Islands Earl of Cuma du Elian
Grand Duke of Talus Minos Earl of Hier
Duke of Vanon Earl of Par
Duke of Burlenia Earl of Kibbons
Duke of Selmount Earl of Salsa Rock
Duke of Kiddersley Earl of Ruilth
Duke of Bes Ty Hugan Earl of Kenth
Duke of Las Alin Earl of Einese
Marquis of Indus Plus 246 other titles and honours


  • Apartment Amber Castle
  • Ashby-on-Northfleet, Unicorn Islands
  • Taint Manor Amber City
  • San Tytan Palace, Pamesus
  • Gurga Palace. Gurga
  • Casa Del Ranca
  • Juniper Palace, Talus Minos
  • Casa del Heir, Vanon
  • Soham Castle, Burlenia



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