The Parys flag from the reign of Corwin
The Parys flag under King Christophe
The Parys flag under King Christophe

Created by Corwin, son of Oberon

Ruled by King Christophe, son of Corwin and his wife, Queen Jorrah of Brandenberg and Amber.

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Elysee Palace

The prime residence and government palace of Corwin, Art Baker and Christophe. It is noted as being where the main battle occurred during a personal duel between Art Baker and his now discredited brother, Nicolas de Parys.

The palace was constructed after Corwin tired of the splendour of the Tuileries/ Louvre palace complex and moved to slightly higher ground. These complexes are still used by the Parys government but for government offices and guest palace space.  During the Seige of Parys during the Brandenberg War all major palaces were damaged and Queen Jasra of Brandenberg who headed the occupation, ordered the full restoration.

The palace of Elysee is known for a honeycomb of secret hallways mainly for servants use though legend has it that Art Baker knows of passageways that even Corwin did not know of.  This saved his life when the superior swordsman Nicolas De Parys was attempting fratricide on Art Baker who was contesting him for the Regency during the War of the Parys Succession. Art Baker also reputedly knows of hidden stashes of Corwin’s alcohol in the building.

The Elysee today has a much better reputation as the home for King Christophe, Queen Jorrah and their children.

Maison de Rothchilde

Home to Prince Aleksandr of Parys, this was his seat as a Prince of the East and Duke of Brittany in the Parys capital region. Left to the elements during the Brandenberg Occupation and the Second Regency.

Recently, it was reoccupied by Prince Aleksandr under an undisclosed arrangement with the Crown.

Hôtel de Sully

This palatial structure is a discreet mansion in the old aristocratic districts of Parys. This was King Christophe’s childhood home and belongs still to Queen Mother Dara of Sawall, Princess of Hendrake and Helgram.  The War of the Parys Succession did not involve the wealthier areas as old money did not have a champion of any of the four competing Princes in the succession war. The area was untouched during the Brandenberg Occupation and Jasra was known to frequently attend parties hosted by Dara where she met the young Christophe who later became Jasra’s son in law. Across the Street is the Ste. Dara the Holy Virgin Mother Quadity Church and Place de la Mere de Dieu. There is a museum to the Parys Royals in particular Queen Mother Dara.