Stillwater is a high-magic micro-continuum, which various PCs have visited in their travels. In appearance, it looks like a small town in Minnesota, by a river, although if you travel the river, you end up back where you started.

It is believed to have a unique Power, which takes concentrates what would be all the power of a full continuum, and concentrates it into this small area. There is also a prison on Stillwater, where particularly heinous High Blood criminals are put to use.

Stillwater is led by a Mayor and his council, and is protected by an Order known as the Knights of the Starry Sky.

The most important assets/products of Stillwater are the rock, Larimarite/Larimite and the Stillwater Prison.


Emperor Theodosius the Clever set up Stillwater from one of the lesser Abyss rocks, although as it was a semi-covert project, he didn’t make a big thing about the place. In any discussions, he just referred to it as a “minor rock”. What he did not revealy was that particular rock was a strategic location: a valuable crossroads and port of call within the Abyss. During his reign, it was the home of a secret docks on the river for a privateering fleet.