Diplomatic Files are the property of the Begman Foreign Ministry, and are intended to familiarize Ministry staff with key personages they may meet in the course of their duties.  Release of these files may compromise sensitive sources and methods.  Ministry personnel are to consider these files state secrets and guard them accordingly.


Glorianna Jesby


Daughter of Livella Jesby, Countess of House Jesby.  Father unknown.

 Physical Description

Hair: Straight, black worn to mid-back Eyes: Bright blue Height: 5’6″ Weight: Unknown, estimated in the range of 130 lbs Build:  Slender and athletic, with a dancer’s build. Other information of note: Has the extremely pale family skin and fine features.  Favors the colors violet and cream.


We assume that all members of the Royal Houses of Chaos have a common suite of abilities that includes speed, strength, and endurance that is superior to that of non-family members, and that these are comparable to those exhibited by members of the Royal Family of Amber.  The long lifespans enjoyed enjoyed by the family mean that a given member of the royal family may be far older than they appear, and have skills that have been honed for decades or centuries. Lady Glorianna is almost certainly no exception.  Based on her upbringing in Chaos and our observation of other Chaos nobles in battle, we assess with a high degree of confidence that she has shapeshifting ability.  Magical skills are also common among the Chaos invaders, so she may have some means of arcane power.

On a more mundane level, Lady Glorianna is the senior overt Jesby presence in this part of creation.  She may be presumed to have control or knowledge of Jesby intelligence-gathering and efforts in this part of creation.  Furthermore, her selection as ambassador and chief of mission indicates that the family regards her as particularly capable.

(Station chief’s comment: There’s something going on that I can’t place my finger on.  On the one hand, we’ve compromised some of her people.  She can’t be that good if we’ve got a foot in the door this fast.  On the other hand, we’re not getting anything useful.  This one makes me nervous.)

 Titles and Positions

-Ambassador to Amber from the Grand Duchy of Jesby

 Presumed Goals and Activities

To the best of our knowledge, Lady Glorianna has deliberately downplayed her role in Amber to the point of shirking her duties as Ambassador.  Nearly all Embassy functions as well as the day-to-day running of the embassy are handled by a string of deputies.  As Lady Glorianna is rarely seen in Amber, we can only conclude that her main effort lies else where.  We assess that it is unlikely (and growing less liekly) that she will be a player in Amber politics or any more than a passing concern to our diplomatic staff.  Diplomatic officers needing to deal with Jesby are best advised to reference our files on the various Jesby deputy Ambassadors.



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