John, Crown Prince of Amber

Younger Twin Son of Bleys and Swayvanna

(Son of Bleys and Swayvanna)

John is Ian’s younger near-identical twin, although neither of them were aware of the other’s existence until comparatively recently. He was brought up by his father in the Realm of Avernus, and had a somewhat sheltered upbringing. Most of his time is spent in Amber, where until recently, he worked as Bleys’ principal private secretary.

As per the recently announced Act of Succession, he has succeeded to the title of Crown Prince and Heir Apparent to King Bleys of Amber with the split between Amber and House Helgram, and John’s line is now the Primary Line of succession to the Amber Throne. In the event that the line of Prince John becomes extinct, the succession to the Line of the late Gaius, son of Bleys; followed by the Line of Prince Ian, excluding any member of his House should they hold the title of Grand Duke of Helgramways.

John’s duties in Amber mean he is the largest employers of Helgrams outside of Helgramways. as he tries to find jobs and purpose for the flood of young House members to Amber.

John was married once, but his wife was murdered by Eric and his minions, and his only known child is Wendell of Wendellways.

John has been known to act as disciplinarian of casual interpretations of House Law (“House Guidelines”) in loco regent. He has become disliked by some, possibly his half-brother Patrick.

John also serves as Chief Administrator/Governor of the Winter Capital of Port Royal which unlike Amber City, does not have a Charter.

He is also entitled to the Chaos rank of Archduke, given that he is the grandson of King Swayville.

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