Oberonic Council of Nine

Oberonic Council of the Nine still a mystery

Deep on 1997 Earth, from the Ivy League universities, nine young men were handpicked by King Oberon to form a hidden, ultra-elite secret society that did not know it was such a body until years after the King of Amber’s death.

In 1997 Earth, in the City of Loki, New York City, can be found a former Oberon-owned facility that was the first home of the Council of the Nine. Officially the Institute for Alternative Studies, it was occupied by officials of the shadowy order until they vacated the premises for parts unknown, although insiders say that it is still located on 1997 Earth. The hall is kept in mothballs and a special trust fund pays its taxes from Boston. Rumour is that the officials left when Loki worship swept the island of Manhattan.

The membership is hyper-secretive, although it is believed that Prince Colton, Prince Ted and Prince Kolven are three of the Nine members. Said an occult group expert who asked to remain anonymous, “It is a who’s who and who’s related to whom. They are not far from the ruling circles of power and their bloodlines give them a lot of power.” The source added that it could authenticate no deaths of any High Blood, demon or human by the actions of the order. “Not even an animal though they probably could eat a herd of cattle.”

“The organization is completely self serving and when Oberon died, it rarely convened. Ted and Kolven veered off to do their own thing but have come back into the fold. I think part of the problem is that the other seven were connected to established powers and leaned on Ted and Kolven to end their childish infatuation with Dark Oberon becoming king,” the expert continued, “The order neither petnapped anyone nor did anything against local laws.” He did admit that Oberon pampered them, “They did work indirectly for King Oberon of Amber and supplied power for the Asgard Project and numerous other projects.”

The organization is known to practice the Charter House Rule and has made commitments to protect the others lives at all cost. There are some rivalries and disagreements within the organization, leading to the public exposure of the ‘friendly’ capture of Colton by Ted and Kolven for unknown reasons.

How much is the Order worth?  “We know that over 900 million bucks flowed out of New York after the Loki great conversion poured through the City.” said an unnamed broker who was adoring his recent Loki Horns helmet in his Wall Street Office. “Those boys are pretty eccentric I heard,”