Amber Castle Interior

A large group of lounges have been redone in the castle. There is, most likely, a lounge for the mood in are in at any given time. Starting with the Northwest wing, which seems to be a favorite destination of many of the prince and princesses, it will remain in its classic style of comfortable stuffed leather chairs and couches arranged to make conversation flow in comfort.

The next lounge will be set in the classic Nod style called dieselpunk with comfortable chairs, Art Deco wall decorations, and soft swing music playing in the background. The lounge has models that zeppelin and airplanes showing that, while similar, the difference between dieselpunk technology and steampunk technology is appreciable. You will feel like you are in Nod. In addition, rumor has it that the lounge has working radio that beams in Nod radio commonly heard in Strumgard, capitol of Nod.

Continuing on is the Steampunk lounge, one wall have a beautiful, ornate, dynamic wallhanging with gears, cogs, wheels and pulleys that runs on steam. Comfortable chairs and soft music playing in the background. It also has airship and flying craft models crafted to show the aesthetics of the genre.

Barbarian style is next with appropriate seating, a fire pit, and everything else comfortable barbarism taste has. Appropriate music is in the background.

Atomic punk lounge feels like you are in a classic Raygun Gothic B movie.

Classic Rock n Roll lounge is like being in Happy Days, with the music of course.

80s Theme lounge has neon color and pastel furniture, outstanding music, and colorful wallhanging round the lounge out.

The Jazz lounge is a classic lounge with only the best jazz in the background.

Crystal lounge is filled with crystal and sun catchers to brighten anyones days.

On a rotating schedule other lounges will reflect the styles of the Golden Circle shadows. Each Golden Circle shadow will be highlighted in a lounge.

As a bonus, the kitchen closest to the lounge will be able to prepare food that goes with the lounge. This includes the Golden Circle shadow lounges. Normal food will still be available and food can be brought in other kitchens to have the food that you want in the lounge you are in.

Cigars will also be available on demand.

New meeting rooms!

Several more meeting rooms have been decorated to increase diversity in the castle.

The Amber room has beautiful amber on the walls and ceiling, with many amber decorations in the room.

The Jade room looks like one piece of jade covers everything. In addition different shades of jade decorations highlight the beauty of the room.

Turquoise room is beautiful.

The Agate room is one of Jericho’s favorite.

A couple of the large rooms have been turned into a tropical jungle so on those cold days in Amber go visit a jungle without leaving the castle.

Also on a rotating schedule many of the Golden Circle shadows will be highlighted with the different foods from the Golden Circle. The kitchens will be preparing food from our allies in the Golden Circle along with the usual food.