Devastation in ‘Other Side’ of Parys

Reports coming in to foreign journalists based in the Parys capital suggest that while Parys and its Silver Circle Empire has been relatively unscathed, there have been multiple catastrophes that had occurred in the ‘other side of Parys’.

The so-called Other Side of Parys was speculated about by Parys theologians and academics for years however the Parys government did not find them that geographically close nor that economically valuable to develop relations with.  “That is wonderful news for the Royal Government and the Parys Economy,” said Deputy Finance Minister Astard des les Cochons. “I am delighted to say this mishap will not do much damage to Parys proper, its vital communications and transportation lines.”

Asked about reports of whole worlds being cast into the Abyss, “Well,” the bureaucrat gives a Gallic shrug, “We do not know everything. If it is there it will be  mourned for them not having the chance to be art of our empire. If they were not, they meant nothing anyways.”

He also mocked the conspiracy theories and social activists, “Of course there rumours of looters being punished or mountain pirates attacking mail trains. We do not know a complete picture at this time and for me to speculate is irresponsible.”

“There are rumours of lost colonies belonging to alleged reincarnations of Lucius or were pledged to allegiance to Lucius,” the minister said carefully, “It would be so incredibly rude, uncouth, and low class to even think of recruiting, subverting or building colonies on the other side of Parys. Such a move had it been done, may have provided offence to our own Beloved Majeste, though of course, such a terrible thing is not proven to have happened as that terrible disaster was so complete.”

Pressed for additional information, the minister did share the following,” Territories such as St. Sigo, St. Saturnius, St. Wivina, St. Nicasius, St. Benildus, and St. Prosper which are not part of Parys, did suffer a catastrophic event though quite possibly natural and non anthropomorphic.” he explained, “Unfortunately these settlements who had been established by rogue heretics who worship the Holy Apostle Glen’s red jackets over the Sacred Quadity. I am not a theologian but this seems rather odd.”

“These regions plus a border area called the Vexin, which was considered uninhabited wilderness, are no longer connected to any lands affiliated with Parys or the Parys pattern. In one terrible night, these lands and their benighted heretical subjects found themselves hurled into the black oceans of the Abyss, never to be seen again from the shores of Parys.” the minister acknowledged adding, “Our thoughts and prayers follow these innocent fools and their that of their families.”

“On the other hand, Parys remains, Parys and will be open for business.” he brightens up, ignoring some gunfire, “We are going to always be open to business and will continue to show unconditional love, loyalty and support to our most gracious merciful Majeste.”

“Vive Chistophe de Parys, Vive notre ROI! Christophe les plus Quaditian Roi!”

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  1. “Stupidity to the highest degree from someone who does not give a rats ass about the people having made the murders of Earth’s World War Two look like a walk in the park.” Aaron comments to the press in Antiilla. “This is what I think of the stooge on the Parys throne.”

    Middle finger up and the raspberry sound echoes threw the establishment.

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