Ancient Earth

Green Chakra – Ancient Earth (0,0,0)

Ancient Earth has been deemed by Dworkin to be Neutral Territory. Local time is towards the end of 1989. It is much like historical Ancient Earth with some differences, such as the Cold War ending 1984 instead of 1990/91. Before it was declared neutral, Brand and Corwin fought over this world going back to Ancient Egypt. Many Amberites and Chaosians have interests ranging from countries to residences at this location. Neutrality grudgingly accepted by Brand. Rumour of secret railway link to Antilla.

Proclamation by Dworkin Barriman

Dworkin, after the recent UN General Assembly in Ancient Earth, and the series of recent plagues has sent out a Family Wide Trump to the House of Dworkin.

“Greetings and Salutations:

Whereas, with the news that sovereign lands in Ancient Earth are susceptible to Biblical Plagues without a Lord or Cornelian Protector,

Whereas, no one Cornelian should own all Ancient Earth,

Whereas, the population of humans on Ancient Earth are being subjected to dreadful manipulation and propaganda that attempts to manipulate them to place themselves on an equal level to Amber and Chaos,

Whereas, the Patternfall Treaty reaffirms the First, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth and Thirteenth and Final Treaty of Ygg, as well as the Gato Convention and the Treaty of Mattheusways: that the House of Barriman – Dworkin is given the eternal right and prerogative to determine the determination of Ancient Earth,

Whereas, already Germany-Austria, Russia, the United Kingdom, Canada are claimed

Be it known I hath Decreed Under the Authority of the House of Barrimanways – Dworkin, the Lordship of the Mattheus Grant and numerous other ancient treaties, decrees and statutes – that I, Dworkin, will be receiving and accepting APPLICATIONS for life lease protectorships of existing countries on Ancient Earth.

Responsibilities include:

1) Establishing a permanent steady government and appointing an Ancient Earth Born leader or governor,
2) Raising the GNP annually for the next 100 years and providing a higher standard of living from the year before,
3) Establishing property rights and the rule of law,
4) Not seeking offensive war on one’s neighbour without getting direct approval from Dworkin in writing and submitting a paper justifying it beforehand,
5) Ensuring neutrality in cases of wars between Owner/Protectors outside of Ancient Earth,
6) Designating a successor in case of illness, absence, imprisonment or at worst, death,
7) Providing Dworkin, upon request, with up to one ton, of a designated natural resource or agriculture product – as long as that amount exists in that territory and is reasonably accessible
8) Designate a capital and a palace and identify 5 sacred sites for further study,

Dworkin of House Barriman of the Direct Justinian Line

Current declared stakeholders on Ancient Earth


Austria – Jericho
France – Dave
Germany 1914 boundaries – Jericho
Iceland – Artur Acker
Liechtenstein – Prince Richmond Helgram
Luxembourg – Dave
Switzerland – Josh Conrad
The United Kingdom, inc. the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man (but excluding Eire) – Ian Hawke


Russia 1914 boundaries – NPCs connected to Lucius and Geran


China (Red) – Lucius
Japan – Lucius

Africa and the Middle East

Iran – Aleksandr
Iraq – Aleksandr
Israel – Avon
Egypt – Avon
South Africa – Jowan Daveth-Helgram

North America

Canada – Matthew
The USA – Isaac

Central America

Mexico – Geran

South America

Belize – Geran
Brazil – Carolyn Daltry
Chile – Jax Leckie


Australia (including all colonies ie Papua New Guinea and Oceania) – Aleksandr
New Zealand – Aleksandr