Loose Factions Update (Dec 2018)

Alliance Council, Members with Faction

Alliance Council Co-ordinator – Prince Andrew of the Palladian faction – Force Seven – A Grand Penguin robot army
Alliance Amber Force Co-ordinator – Maverick of House Llewella – Force Thirteen – Grand Remban Army in Exile

Earth Zone Force Co-ordinator – Ferdinand of House FitzEric Oshkosh Set – Force Nine – Weremonken
Brandenberg Colonial Co-ordinator – Emerson of House Fitzbenn – Albertine Faction – Force Eight – Blue Crystal Golems

Members at Large of the Alliance Council

Dwight Flavian – Skyrim faction – Force Three – Orcs (He is out of action but replaced by others)
Cory Corey – Corey Squared – Force Twelve – Legionnaires of Flutey
Mike Gerardson – Belize Faction – Force Eleven – Rebel Armies – Golden Circle
Theresa Chance – Albertine Faction – Force Two – Living stone people
Sepp of House Caine – Oshkosh Crowd – Force Six – Sioux
Dmitri Caineovich – The Collo Set – Force Five – Zulu
Trebonius of House Random – Loose Fish – Force Ten – Moonriders of NeoGhenesh
Duncan of House FitzHelgram – E’Mette Teacozy – Force Four – Mongols
Evan – Palladian Group – Force One – Magical/Mechanical golems

There are references to the 13 big armies around Amber but also another 13 poised at the Earth Zone and at Brandenberg Colonials…

These are separate from the mainline Corey/Randomite factions including what remains of Riva
There are a couple other factions too not listed.

Skyrim Faction

There recently was a grandson of Oberon who was Dwight Flavian who’s father was busted by Aetius. (Kirk Flavius was the son of Oberon and Dara) who ruled Shadow Rocks Skyrim and Kirkland (both being oppressed by Aetius). He is in the Hotel George V under protection of the Parys government. He may have family as allies. Skyrim is now partially occupied with one hemisphere under UT rule but the other half was not completed.

The Cory Corey faction

There was a son of Corwin who had a group of 5 but was busted by Lucius/Dave and Brit. 3 are in Lucius custody while Corey of House Corey and one unnamed son of Random fled to Parys.

The Belize Faction (Moved to Parys)

Prince Michael Mike of House Gerard
Prince Taft of House Random
Prince Tennyson of House Random
(Captured and in OWE) Vanessa Ossian Jesby
Emily Ossian Jesby

The Palladian Group

A Helgram/Hendrake group of Siblings – not political
Cousins to the Florence Helgrams
Michael (Reddish Brown), Andrew (Redhead), Sarah (Blonde), and Evan (Blond)
They have been spotted in the company of weird creatures including run ins with a robot penguin/shapechanging chicken ninja/ etc

The Albertine Faction

Accepted an offer to study peacefully and are not actively engaged.

Egwald FitzEdward – Studying in Kalyn’s university
Teaghan of House Random – Studying in Kalyn’s university
Thomson of House Random -Studying in Kalyn’s university
Thurgood of House Random – Studying in Kalyn’s university
Vincent O’Merlin- Studying in Kalyn’s university
Theresa of House Random – Not studying but in active resistance
Emerson of House Fitzbenn (Grandson of Benedict) – Not studying in active resistance.

The Oshkosh Crowd

Sepp of House Caine lately adopted Cainovich instead of Caineovich.
(w) Elsa of House Gerard
Melissa of House Julian – Arrested by Edward presumed to be in Victoria Supermax
Trajanus of House Jesby and House of Random
Whalen of House Llewella
Gracious of House Llewella
Ferdinand of Hour FitzEric

The Collo Set

Dmitri Caineovich
Timon of House Random
Tyrian of House Random
Princess Teagan of House Random
Louisa of House Julian
Roberto of House Corwin
Winchester Ericson – Defected
Samuel Ericson – Defected

Loose Fish

Trebonius of House Random – in Parys
Trevik of House Random – in Parys
Maverick of House Llewella not in Parys

The Teacozy of e’Mette

Duncan of House FitzHelgram
Benita of House FitzHendrake
Oscar of House FitzChann
Wilhamar of House Fitzsaw
Cornucopia of House FitzJez
Augustine of House FitzRex
Penelope of House FitzCel