Treaty of Helgramways

 Concordant and Treaty regarding Diplomatic Protocol and the standardization of Royal Styles.

Embassies in each other’s countries are to in respect to the same protocols as existed classically with the Treaty of Westphalia. Ambassadors are to be recognized as Excellencies. The Grand Duchies of Jesby, Channicut, Helgram, Hendrake and Sawall have unique rights and while being sworn fealty to the High King of Chaos, are considered semi-independent and may hold independent foreign relations excepting declaring war on Chaos.

High Kings of Chaos, Amber, Parys, Brandenberg are to be titled Most High Royal Majesty in full though this may be shortened for convenience. Their secondary title of Emperor of the Black Zone, Golden Circle, Parys Circle, Brandenberg Circle are according titled Most Gracious Imperial Majesty.

Princes, including Courtesy Titles of Archduke/’royal’ Duke of these four kingdoms are to be entitled Most Royal and Imperial Highness

Kings of Secondary Power States such as Remba are to accorded the title Most Gracious Majesty

Sovereign and semi-sovereign Princes and Grand Dukes of territory in a Power Territory are Most Serene Highness

Recognized Kings of Golden Circle/ Black Zone etc are to be entitled as Majesty

Kings of territories in Shadow with Royal High Blood are to be entitled Royal Majesty

Non Royal High Blood Shadow realms depending upon importance may be addressed as Majesty, Highness, depending upon the diplomatic office of each of the Four Kingdoms

Any nobility of a territory owned by a High Royal may be addressed accordingly to this table:

Non-royal/non sovererign Prince/Grand Duke – Your Grace
Duke, Duc, Herzog – Your Grace

Marquess, Marquis, Margrave – Lord ___, Marquess of ____
Count, Earl, Graf – Ditto
Viscount, Viscomte, Thane, Landgraf – ditto
Baron, Freiritter – ditto

Baronet/Baronettes – Sir-hereditary

Knights of different orders – Sir -non hereditary

Lords of Manors. Squires etc – by their designated titles
Children of Marquesses and Dukes – Lord
Children  of Titled Earls to Barons – The Honourable
Republican Heads of State – Your Excellency
Prime Ministers – Your Excellency, Right Honourable
Ministers – HonourableGovernors and non-regents of countries – The Right Honourable
Governors of Provinces – Honourable
Prime Ministers and Ministers of Provinces – Honourable
Mayors of full cities in Powers – Lord Mayor
Mayors of cities in Golden Circle and Royal Shadows – Your Worship

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