The Amber Guilds

The Guilds (also known as the Livery Companies) are a combination of governing bodies for their particular trade, general trade associations, and also administer training for the members of their Guild. As such, they play a significant part in the life of the City, both in a business sense, and by providing charitable-giving and networking opportunities. Each Guild has the right to send one representative to the Court of Common Council.

A prospective member of a trade or craft must spend at least seven years learning the basics as an Apprentice under an accredited Master or Mistress. Thereafter, they become Journeymen/Journeywomen (not that they travel that much any more!), honing their skills further, but still under supervision. The decision as to when the student is ready to be elevated to become a full member of the Guild is almost always at the discretion of the supervising Master or Mistress. At that point, the former student becomes a Master in their own right.

Very occasionally, if personal difficulties get in the way, a student may feel that they’re being held back unfairly by their Master or Mistress. If this happens, an appeal procedure does exist. This varies by guild, but usually involves the student being interviewed and tested by a panel of three other Masters, who can judge the skill of the student.

At present, there are 61 Accredited Guilds in Amber City.

Food and drink producers and sellers

Guild of Butchers, Game Sellers and Poulters
Guild of Bakers
Guild of Fishmongers
Guild of Greengrocers (Fruit and vegetables)
Guild of Grocers and Mercers (General and specialist merchants)
Guild of Winemakers, Brewers and Distillers (producers of alcoholic beverages)

Fabrics and clothing

Guild of Weavers and Woolmen (cloth weavers – farm to loom)
Guild of Clothworkers and Dyers (take the woven cloth and prepare it for the tailors)
Guild of Tailors (manufacture and sale of garments)

Guild of Broderers (embroiderers)
Guild of Drapers and Haberdashers (manufacture and sale of other items of cloth or sewing notions)
Guild of Hatmakers and Glovers
Guild of Furriers

Other Consumer – manufacture, sales and services

Guild of Barbers (both hair cutting and barber surgeons with some basic medical skills, mainly at a first-aid level)
Guild of Cooks and Restaurant owners
Guild of Furniture Makers
Guild of Jewellers and Clockmakers
Guild of Leatherworkers, Beltmakers and Cordwainers (shoes)
Guild of Tavernkeepers
Guild of Upholders (upholsterers)
Guild of Wines, Spirits and Beer merchants

Building and construction

Guild of Carpenters and Joiners
Guild of Glaziers
Guild of Masons (stonemasons)
Guild of Painters and Plaisterers
Guild of Paviors (road and highway pavers and builders)
Guild of Plumbers
Guild of Tylers and Bricklayers


Guild of Basketmakers
Guild of Chandlers and Lightsmiths (makers of wax and tallow candles, plus chandeliers, sconces, etc)
Guild of Coopers (barrel and cask makers)
Guild of Cutlers (knife and other utensil makers)
Guild of Glassmakers and Painters of Glass
Guild of Ironmongers and Ferrous Smelters and Metalworkers
Guild of Non-Ferrous Smelters and Metalworkers
Guild of Tanners (Prepare furs and skins).
Guild of Turners (lathe operators)
Guild of Ship Chandlers (maritime supplies)
Guild of Shipwrights (shipbuilders and maritime professionals)

Smithing and weapon-smithing

Guild of Blacksmiths
Guild of Bowyers and Fletchers (long-bow and arrow makers)
Guild of Swordsmiths


Guild of Coachmakers and Wheelwrights
Guild of Farriers (horseshoe makers and horse veterinarians)
Guild of Loriners (harness, fittings and tracing for coaches and carts)
Guild of Saddlers (tack and harness for horses


Guild of Architects and Surveyors
Guild of Accountants
Guild of Actuaries
Guild of Bankers and Financiers
Guild of Commodity Traders
Guild of Educators (teachers and college professors)
Guild of Engineers
Guild of Musicians
Guild of Physicians and Apothecaries
Guild of Scriveners (court scribes and notaries public)
Guild of Stationers and Newspaper Makers (journalists and publishers)

Cargo, Transport and other Outdoor

Guild of Dockworkers, Stevedores and Carters
Guild of Farmers and Horse Breeders
Guild of Gardeners
Guild of Hackney Carriage Drivers (licensed taxicab drivers)