Loren von Palatine

Loren Von Palantine
Loren Von Palantine

Twin brother of Soren/Sorren Von Palantine. Son of Lucius and Dara. Fraternal twin, ten minutes younger.

[See disclaimer below]

He is from a parallel universe and is in Ultima Terra somewhere. Whether or not he is seen in the Solstice/Equinox spheres is still to be known. Soren knows he exists.



Blond hair

Blue-in-blue eyes

Attended the Borstal for eight years and did graduate.

(It is said he thinks the Twins, drool. He did have the Twins as instructors in the Borstal and it may have taken Dean intervention over some of the grades as they did clash. Still he survived those two at the Borstal and got his education. Loren did actually get pretty good grades all over.)

Loren's Chiron car, body style
Loren’s Chiron car, body style

The Chiron, does 285 and 0-60 in about 2.3 seconds. Half a dozen were made.

A gold plated Veryon, cousin car to the Chiron
A gold plated Veryon, cousin car to the Chiron

The one on the right is a cousin car, slightly older model, the Veryon. It does only about 260.

Loren’s car is gold plated like the one on the right. With golden cream leather interior.

It has a plate that says MEMEMEME on it.

He knows what leave is about and unlike Soren, lives a bit more forward and a lot harder. He does obey his father though, and can snap into proper military posture and procedures if needed. He recently did some work for his father and this is where he and Soren met for the first time.

Loren's Rolex
Loren’s Rolex

Loren’s other item of note. His rolex which seems to have some magical properties as well.

*****[Note: this page is for informational and background reference for the NPC Soren Von Palantine. He is not a cannon PC or NPC and graces this page only to provide some background and rounding out for Soren Von Palantine. He is not in regular play in Solstice, Equinox, or any other related spaces at this time]***** (end of disclaimer)