Private realm owned by Dave Sawall. In the area of Sawallways.

Includes some former parts of Mandorways and Sawallways controlled by Dave and granted by King Swayville. Dara is still Grand Duchess of Sawall, Dave is now Duke of Davidways. Jurt, Despil, Gregor, and xxx have control of some parts of Sawallways as their own. The north part of the former Sawallways was annexed by Channicut, and the southern part was taken over by Dave and added to Davidways.

Some have been invited to the old manor house of Mandor’s that Dave has taken over and made the ‘seat’ of the Duchy.

South Facade
South Facade
Manor Hall
Manor Hall

<The Old Manor house, at skychange. The majority of the house is set into a hill, and this is the low side, where the stairs tops is the main level of the manor.

The Main Grand Hall. This was plastered and painted over with dark granites, dark reds, and almost black greens and almost black slate blues, with smoky quartz chandelier pieces. It wsa particularly bleak during blacksky. The dark granite floor was lifted, the entire hall stripped and cleaned, and the chandeliers recrystaled with 32% lead crystal.  The windows to the right are looking into guest suites on the top floor. This grand hall is a ways back from the entry side shown, with a large gallery, set of salons and a reception rotunda before arriving at the hall. To the right other state rooms and salons open up, for affairs of state and general business. The hall is twice this length, the diamond tiling pattern in the foreground is the middle of the hall, this hall is symmetrically mirrored.

South Lawn
South Lawn

The view off the upper stairs of the south façade, facing south. The guest house is where Dave lived while the manor house was repaired and remodeled (and all the ‘surprises’ the previous tenant left behind were found and disabled).

The pool house facilities are attached to the guest house. Corwin was given the guest house to use while and when he visits. Glen would often use them as well, when he was allowed to visit. One bedroom still contains Glen’s stuff, for the day he can once more visit.

Not visible is the Tree of Life given to Dave by Magnus, it was planted in this courtyard to have a place of honor. It is said to be growing quickly and will eventually block some of this view. Which seems perfectly fine to Dave. There will still be plenty of empty lawn, it is said.

Griffin Family
Griffin Family

The lawn has seen griffins, Dave keeps a flock of trained battle griffins.  The picture shows a ‘family’ of griffins, from hatchling to mature adult. They do continue to grow their entire life, though quite slowly once they reach mature age. Dave acquired 11 of them in the days before his appearance at the Star Chamber and his House Arrest, it is one of the few things he hid deep and kept when he divested himself of everything and turned the trusts over to his family.

Several Family have gotten to ride them, and they were brought into battle once.

It is unknown how large his flock is, but he did put forty into battle. He has a naming convention and apparently he is into his tenth round of hatchings. Whether that is just that year’s hatch or if it’s a true generation, that much is not sure. Dave rides a fairly old and mature female named Belle.

He does not seem to be wanting to loan them out, either.

This is Chaos, there are plenty of strange and wild and rapidly changing areas along the edges, and a few pockets in the middle of things. The sky changes color as is the norm in Chaos.

At present, there is a strange arrangement. Edward and Ian were in on the showing of the fake Mandorallen, that wished to be able to transport things across Davidsways. Ian confirmed the real Mandorallen is securely locked up. Dave allowed the access, and it turns that this is an agent of Dark Oberon, who seriously warned the operative not to haul one contraband or illegal item across that territory, including materials to wage war. So for the moment the food, medical supplies, and wool, linen, wood, and related, are moving quietly through tightly controlled corridors through the territory. This could change, rapidly, and things are in place to contain it if needed. Ian is continuing to help Dave monitor this whole situation.

No demon whips are allowed in the Duchy, though there may be a few at the Manor. Demons have some basic rights as does any other citizen that resides within Davidways and has pledged their oath to Swayville.

Religion has some controls, no Quaddity, Bear Worship, or any faith or cult revering any family member other than Maud/the Unicorn. Rilgaism is allowed under these precipts. Dave converted to Dragon Church, quietly, as that is the predominant faith of Chaos and the one King Swayville supports. Pursuit of faith is fairly quiet and nondescript, the majority of the population is Dragon Church.

Corwin is allowed to visit Davidways any time he chooses and permanent quarters are set aside for him at the Manor. Glen was allowed in the past, at present he is banned only because Dave considers him a security risk, as Dave is at war with Mandor and does not like some of those that Glen associates with. If either situation changes, Dave has said that Glen would once more be welcome.


Hobart Manorhouse
Hobart Manorhouse

Hobart is the former capitol of the largest province of Davidways, and is where Mandor’s old Manor home is located. Dave made it his capitol, but did not rename it. It is rumored it was named after one of Mandor’s pet vipers.

Still. It is a moderate sized medieval city with paved streets, stone buildings and tiled roofs. It has been modernized some with running water, flush plumbing, and organized trash collection.

Some of the older sections are being redone, widening streets and rezoning and relocating people, expanding the city walls, and organizing fire brigades and strengthening some of the powers of the city militia.

Everyone looks human, as demons in Davidways must use humanoform unless they are in the militia and entering into battle. In that case a shifted form is allowed. Some whole units are made up entirely of demon forces.

There are various inns, pubs, and restaurants in Hobart, for being where it is it is rather cosmopolitan, in a medieval way. There is an entertainment district where most of the theaters and other related venues are located, adjacent to the main market area. Off of that is the food and lodging sector. A few old neighborhoods were leveled and people relocated, to give the city a more logical and navigatable layout.

In A Park in Hobart
In A Park in Hobart
Hobart Clock Tower
Hobart Clock Tower

There is a grand clock tower in the marketplace plaza, and a grand fountain as well, that also provides drinking water from the aqueduct system.

The tower stands at one end of the market plaza, and twice a day, at noon and five pm, some figures animate and it puts on a show of chiming the hours. (starts about ten minutes before the hour, and at the hour, rings out the time). It runs in fair weather only, otherwise the keepers of the tower do put out some flags to indicate, not this time.

A few parks and other public places have been created or improved, for the people to enjoy. Hours for the parks are usually dawn to dusk, if there is a special event, park curfew may go longer than that.

Trade and commerce is at present mostly internal. A few imports and exports are traded, and things pass through Hobart going in or out.


A few have shown at Dave’s doorstep and been taken in.

Armand-Jean du Pleisses de Richeliu

Armand-Jean du Pleisse Richelieu
Armand-Jean du Pleisse Richelieu

Dave’s half brother through their father Corwin. Armand-Jean showed up at Dave’s doorstep in shadow one day with his baggage train and retinue. He had had to flee, and Christophe and Parys turned him away. Dave took him in and gave him and his staff refuge. Then brought him to Davidways to assist Dave. Armand Jean is Marquess of Hobartford, outside the capital settlement of Hobart in Davidways; and is Dave’s Governor General and second-in-command.

A Waterwheel in Hobartsford
A Waterwheel in Hobartford Village upstream of Hobartford

Hobartford is on a small stream that cuts through a valley and controls flow of wood downstream (sawmills at Hobartford Village provide income to the marquesship). The Marquess has the Baron Hobartford and the Baronet of Hobartford Village sworn under him.

There is a manor/fortress overlooking the stream and village that is the primary residence, and a nice detached townhome in Hobart for when he must be at court or the office dealing with things.

At investiture, Dave gave Armand-Jean a sword, a shield, and a signet ring, then touched him with his own sword and put the coronet on Armand-Jean’s head. There is a barony up the stream that also sends down apples and grain, and is between there and the woods that sends the trees. The baron has since sworn to Armand-Jean. Once invested, Dave administered the oath of fealty to Swayville as well, as Dave serves Swayville.

Lord Rein, Viscount of Wexfall, Davidways, Chaos

Lord Rein, Viscount of Wexfall
Lord Rein, Viscount of Wexfall

Lord Rein spent much time as a loyal retainer of Corwin of Parys and Amber, and was recently discharged from Corwin’s service. (rumor it was because Rein was critical of Corwin’s last three marriages)

He showed at Dave’s doorstep and offered his services. Dave accepted the offer,  and has created him as Viscount of  Wexfall, a small holding not far from Hobart. He has a small manor and farmland not far out of town. He was also given a small detached townhouse in Hobart for the times he must be at court or on official business. Rein was given a sword by Dave, then touched with his own sword and given a signet and Dave put the coronet on his head. He also administered the oath of fealty to Swayville as well, as Dave serves Swayville.

He is attached to the military and defense of the lands.

The title and rank matches the one Rein held with Corwin before his discharge.

It is not known what faith either one follows and it was not mentioned. It has been noted that Dave has converted to the Church of the Dragon, but has not required anyone else to convert. If you work for Dave you must swear fealty to King Swayville, however.

Vincent Deville FitzHelgram-Spencer, Baron Ravelsburg

Baron Vincent
Baron Vincent

A distant relation to a minor Helgram line, that married out. He is Exchequer for the Estate.

He was hiding in some caves in South Sawallways when the annexation took place and was brought in for questioning. Under magic his loyalties were probed, and found to be sound. He had been in the North and fled when the Channicut Annexation happened, escaping with his life and a bare few things in his carpetbag.

He is now Baron Ravelsburg, and has a small townhouse in Hobart. Vincent is most grateful for the turn of his fortunes.

Dave gave him a dagger, and a quill set as his investiture tokens, along with a signet, and put the coronet on Vincent’s head, himself. He then administered the oath of fealty to Swayville.

Vincent looks younger than belies his years. The picture is as he was brought to Dave, for his final interview. His barony mines for hard coal, a surface mine. It is exported as it is a fine forge coal.