Avon of House Sawall

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Avon is one of the many children of Mandor Sawall, albeit one of the less interesting ones. He wasn’t involved in any of Mandor’s large-scale schemes and seems to have had fairly minimal contact with his father over the years, generally spending his time out in some of his shadow holdings. There’s several rumors about what he has and hasn’t done, one of the more entertaining being that David Bowie in at least one Shadow Earth is really a shadow of Avon. The long and the short of it, is that not a whole lot of Avon’s history is public knowledge.

He’s been seen in public much more of late, subsequent to his father’s death, which seems to have brought him out of “hiding” of a sort. He’s taken up the mantle of leadership in Greater Netherlands, and has quickly moved to make that a major trade power in the area, notable for both its easy reach to a wide group of markets, and its discretion and respect for privacy for both buyers and sellers of esoterica. Antwerp in particular, is known for its gem cutters, both for purely aesthetics and for more functional work.

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