Age 20 (Appearance 25)
Height 178 CM (5’10)
Weight 91 KG (200 pounds)
Hair Blond with some red
Hair Style Short all over, sports a goatee
Eyes Light Blue
Body Type Muscular
Birthday November 1, 1992 (AE Equivalent)


Titles, Honours

  • Pynchan Dymas (High Llama of the Folk Faith)
  • Prince of Amber
  • Prince of Brandenburg
  • Prince of Hendrake
  • Prince of Helgram
  • Duke of Saxmundham (Amber encompassing the Earldom of Welksham and more)
  • Duke of Wessfold (Amber – in name only – no lands)
  • Duke of Arcadia (Amber – in name only – no lands)
  • Protector of the Duchy and lands of Prince Brand
  • Regent for Brand as Emperor of Mexico and Belize
  • God Protector of Reies
  • Protector for the Vanyar and Noldor Elves of Middle Earth
  • Lord of the Nordic Aztecs in Brandenburg
  • Grand Channcellor and Patron of the Royal Geran Order of Brandenburg
  • Knight Commander of the Order of the Kolvir
  • Commander of the Order of the Jewel of Judgment
  • Grand Commander of the Order of the Unicorn
  • Commander of the Order of the Unicorn
  • Knight Commander of the Order of the Dragon

 Titles and Honours (Abdicated)

  •   Crown Prince of Brandenburg (in favour of his brother Dalt)
  •   Earl of Welksham (To is son Darren)
  •   Count of Myr Elrose (To his son Darren)
  •   Lord High Treasurer and Budget Officer of Amber
  •   Admiral of the Golden Fleet


  •   Apartment at Amber Castle (made into an office) (closed up)
  •   Welksham Castle (Primary residence)
  •   Manor house in Amber City (sold)
  •   Beach house of Partridge Beach, Amber (sold)
  •   Apartments in Brandenburg Palace
  •   Castle in Western Switzerland on Matthew’s Earth – Ski Resort
  •   Fallen Leaves in Lothlórien
  •   Tower of Myr Elrose
  •   Huor Sáralondë in Middle Earth


Personal History

The Scullery

Born in parts unknown and brought to Amber Castle in his swaddling blanket hours after he was born. Cared for by Emily Tatingsham, an elderly pastry cook, the boy was raised in the kitchen. He grew up scrubbing pots and floors in the kitchen but at the same time was educated by Emily in the ways of the court as seen by a servant. Such insights would prove important to Geran as he aged.

Rumoured to be a bastard Geran was constantly bullied by the noble children of the castle.  A target for many pranks, on one occasion he was found in Oberon’s office trying to retrieve something one of the noble children had said they has left there. It was one of the occasions the king boxed Geran’s ears. At the age of eight Prince Brand, who Geran did not know was his father, came to back court. Shortly thereafter, he took Geran as one of his squires. The young boy then learned the way of the warrior by scrubbing armour and boots. Prince Brand took interest in the boy and taught him how to use weapons but more importantly the arcane arts of magic. Prince Brand did not protect the boy from the continued bullying. He was overheard telling Geran that it would make him strong one day.

In those early years Geran lived better than most orphans. He had a warm bed straw mattress to sleep on beside the kitchen fire, ate well from the leftovers from the nobles and learned what an honest day’s work was. One of his fondest memories of the time was that of the rat that lived under one of the kitchen fire places. He would lie at night and watch the rat as it found its way in and out of many compartments in the kitchen. It was then that the boy learned of the secret passages within the castle. The wanderings of a rat led Geran to discover a library where he found it filled with old books. Able to read at the most rudimentary level, Emily was none the wiser when he began to ask her what an increasing amount of words meant.

Birth Right

Fiona points an accusing finger at Brand and then it went slowly down to the young page holding his shield. Loudly sucking in air in the rudest possible way, Fiona made a face.

“Oh, what have we here…more spreading of your corrupt seed…Brand? Your flop has your eyes.” Brand eyes involuntarily went to the boy.

“Who is this child, Lord Brand?” the king demanded. Straightening up, Brand said to the king, “He is my son, Geran Ambrois.”

“Bastard,” Fiona chuckled.

“Come here boy,” the king said in soft tones. He ignored the woman. Geran stood still.

“Do as you are told, Geran,” Brand instructed.

The boy looked up, then stepped forward. Holding the heavy shield in both hands Geran stopped a few feet from the king. He said nothing. Reaching down, Oberon took the boys chin firmly in his hand. Moving the boy’s head from side to side the king said,“My…my…Fiona you are right. I do see Brand in him.

“Evil spawn.” Fiona snarled. Brand glared at Fiona.

Ignoring Fiona, the king asks, “How old are you boy?”

Geran hesitates. “Nine, great lord.”

“No, he is more than that, Fiona. He will live across from Martin and will be known has His Royal Highness. He is a Prince of Amber and will be treated as such,” the king said as he released the boy’s chin. Oberon turned away.

His word was final.

Geran is fond of a cat given to him by his father shortly after he was recognized at a prince. Awyr, the orange tabby, has been everywhere with him. With the birth of Darren, the cat has latched on to his son. Affections have altered but the cat still spends its evenings leaving copious amounts of fur on Geran’s robes. The fickle lives of cats.

Joys of Position

With the game afoot, Geran’s keen eye fell upon a pair of uplifted and ample, snowy breasts. An eyebrow went up, the young prince looked the lovely young damsel up and down. He smiled to himself.

Slowly and with great purpose he worked his way across the floor. He spies locks of sandy blond hair rolled down the shoulders of pleasingly comely lass of – perhaps fifteen. Her demeanor was proper but perhaps a bit shy. Geran had not seen her at court before and recognized her need to become acquainted with him.

His passage across the floor took him close to a bootlicker who worshiped the pot Fiona pissed into. Geran ignored the steely looks and sharp comments. He has far nicer, shapelier and younger things on his mind. Beside Fiona and her lackeys were best served cold dishes on a cold day with their feet frozen into a deep, icy river just before the thaw. Geran had no love for them other than a wicked thought of knives protruding from the correct private parts.

Kenneth rolled his eyes. “I do not know how you do it.”

“We must do what we must. There are so many flowers to be…smelled,” Geran softly replies. He looked around with a mischievous glint in his eye. A title had privileges and at the age of fifteen he indulged them…often.

“Like the Lady Candice.”

“Oh, she does like to be smelled and some. She was a challenge but then once watered her blossom opened like a rose in the early morning. Then there is the Lady Alison. Fun, but a bit unprepared. Baroness Elizabeth proved to be a bit of a surprise.”

“She must be all of thirty.”

“Yes, a tad older but very vigorous. She knows much of the joys of position.”

“Do you ever get enough?”

“As I said, there are so many flowers out there.” Geran scanned the room. A rare blossom strolled by. He nodded with a playful wink.

“And a few stems.” Kenneth mused.

“And you have never?”Geran mused.

Kenneth exaggerated the words. “I never said that, my friend. I just want to be discrete.”

“You call yourself discrete. What of the Lady De’Lace?”

“Speedy, active and fun. Later that afternoon I had her daughter on the same hay stack.” Geran beamed.

“No!” Kenneth’s chin dropped.

“And a maid that evening in…yes…the third floor sitting room.”

“Geran,” Kenneth was shaking his head.

“Will you ever settle for just one?” Looking around the room Geran smiled. “Not just yet, but one day, who knows? Perhaps I may want to settle down and have a family.”

“And three mistresses and a master or two.” Kenneth mused. The two young roguish men laugh, then stepped out into the herd. In time the love of two women would tame him but for now…boys will be boys.

Life as a Royal Prince

At the age of nine, Prince Brand returned to Amber Castle to report on the movements of enemy agents within the kingdom. During this meeting, Geran encountered Princess Fiona who had a certain hatred for Prince Brand. Princess Fiona took one look at the boy and proclaimed for all to hear that Prince Brand had a motherless bastard.

King Oberon took note, studied the boy and proclaimed him a prince of the blood and of Amber. Propelled form scullery to prince, Geran was given apartments across from Prince Martin and servants. At this point in his life Geran was able to and was required to study. Building on what he already knew, Geran surpassed other children of his age in reading, writing and math. He had also proved to be an adept young mage and was moved ahead of others. Weapons and physical training also became part of his daily routine as Prince Brand pushed his eldest son to excel. Physical combat would prove not to be his greatest skill but then Brand did not want Geran to develop in that direction. That was for his other son Prince Marcus. Prince Brand wanted Geran to be a mage.

Propelled into the day to day activities of the courts and away from that of the servants, Geran heard rumour his father was tolerated by some, despised by others and favoured by even less. In time Geran learned of the incident in what was called the Pattern and how it was broken. His father had been branded a traitor and he with him. Geran learned that the sin of the father transferred to his off spring.

Geran can commonly be found in his office at the Treasury in the morning most weekdays. Otherwise he is at his primary residence of Welksham Castle. Visitors ro Welksham should not be surprised to find Geran out in the fields with his shirt off building stone walls or digging a ditch. He works with the people of Welksham to improve the barony for the benefit of all. His brother Marcus berates Geran for getting his fingers dirty. The two grew up under different circumstance. One was a prince from birth and lived the pampered, lazy life. The other worked when he was a child scrubbing pots, floors and dishes. Some think he a bit of a country bumpkin and simple. No, he likes a simple life and hates life at Amber Castle.

As Lord Treasurer of Amber, Geran has embarked in comprehensive national audits of all government departments and those who contract services with the government. Many departments were holding onto outrageously high surpluses which, Geran returned to the treasury. Geran is considering requiring all government departments to return to the crown any unspent funds at the end of each fiscal year. He was commented in saying, “Use it or lose it.”

Another unpopular requirement will be that all government departments will be audited yearly. His efforts did not result and many new friends but resulted in a large surplus. Funds from this surplus were allocated improvement around Amber. Good fiscal management has produced a sustainable surplus for the crown of Amber. Realigning of departmental budgets has allowed the treasury to substanually lower taxes to the crown while increasing budgets.

With responsibility came commitment. Geran made the largest commitment of his life when he married his long time love and sometime enemy, Princess Bryndal. His marriage and his family has caused Geran to rethink many things in his life. it is a battle that many do not see or even understand. He has reputation within Amber that regardless of action some will never forget and never forgive. That is acceptable. He cannot change the opinions of others.

Interacting with the indigenous mountain peoples has fostered much thought and soul searching. Over the past few months Geran as adopted the words that best depict their way of life: Respect for Self. Respect for others. Responsibility for all your actions. Silence is sometimes the best option. Living by these words is difficult considering some of the individuals he has to work with.

Stabbed and blooded with a butter knife, Geran was amused by the fact the short perpetrator showed the bloody instrument off. Today, he smirks even more. The blood is gone, removed by arcane means and wiped clean.


By royal proclamation the day of the winter solstice has been proclaimed a national holiday to celebrate the marriage of Princess Bryndal, daughter of Princess Fiona to Prince Geran, son of Brand and Dybelle. Princess Bryndal, the woman Geran had fallen in love with in his younger years was now his partner in life and family. Geran is content, though life has its complications.

The fact he has a number of children from other women bothered Bryndal. However, his lovely bride had come to love Geran’s children as if they were her own. Alexander is an exception. Their relationship can be strained at times.

Geran permits his wife many indulgences and actively supports her in her pursuits. It is one of the secrets of a happy relationship. Discord is to be expected and there has been some. Bryndal, while introverted on the outside, can have a heart of steel. She is a passionate woman. This trait was one of the enticing charms that drew Geran to Bryndal in the first place.

Their life together is happy. They enjoy the weekly date night, an excuse to get away from the kids for an evening. They are both passionate about the arts and frequent the opera, symphony, galleries and plays. Bryndal and Geran are patrons of several arts groups.

Marriage Gossip

“Geran wouldn’t let himself get shot gunned into a wedding,” someone replies.

“Geran was. Fiona shot gunned it.” Matthew corrects. “To her daughter, though.”

“They seem happy enough. Although he doesn’t seem to know the old toast…to wives and mistresses…let’s hope they never meet.”

“Actually Geran has a mistress, formalized concubine, she’s of that mountain people sect in Welksham. Oberon was told his family dynasty would fall if they were expelled by the King of Amber. He protected them and guaranteed their religion, protecting them from Rilga during the height of her hysteria.”

“Bryndal tolerates her. Fiona says Amber men wander unless they become like Benedict. So she thinks it is practical to accept their wayward ways.  She even set up Brand with several mistresses also because she disapproved of Jasra when she first met Brand.”

Abdication of Rights

Geran has abdicated all rights and privileges of all royal title or honour in favour of his son Darren. The title of Crown Prince of Brandenburg has fallen to his brother Dalt and his line.


Prince Jonathan, in Port Royal today issued a short statement on the death of Prince Geran.

“We regret with shock and horror the sudden and brutal death of Prince Geran of Amber, Brandenberg and Houses Helgram and Hendrake. We have asked Prince Edward to conduct a full inquiry and determine the cause of the murder then bring the culprit(s) to justice.

We share the sorrow of their father King Brand of Brandenberg, brother to King Bleys, his mother in law and Aunt Princess Fiona of Helgramways and Amber, Geran’s wife Bryndal and Geran’s many children.

Geran served the Kingdom of Amber by restoring the old centre of Welksham devastated by Prince Eric and Caine during the Usurpation and later by neglect by King Oberon. Geran served Amber by being the Treasurer and being responsible for the productivity, probity and fiscal soundness of the Royal Treasury.

Prince Geran has had a private funeral open only to his wife and children. Cremated in the fashion of the people of the mountains, the ashes were spread over an undisclosed location.

Of his father, Darren, the Earl of Welksham  was quoted as saying, “He would want it this way. It is a fitting end to a life cut short. He will come again, in his own time. In his next life, I hope he will recognize a child of the one now past. I will miss him.”
The Kingdom of Amber, the Grand Duchy of Helgramways and the Empire of the Golden Circle will hold 3 days of mourning for Prince Geran. Please join with us in sharing our sorrow with the Amber Royal Family.

Phoenix Rising

Pain. I fell the blade. Blood spills over the desk. I am dead. I float. I see the room. I see the river of red running to the floor. I see the servant who finds me. I see my wife fall to her knees in despair. It is all surreal. I am drifting being pulled. I believe a new life will come. I wait for the moment of choice but I never go to that place. I am denied the blessings of heaven, in whatever form it may come to me.

Something pulls me. I feel it within my ethereal existence. I have no idea how long this lasts. Time means nothing. I feel it. It is part of me but separate at the same moment. Part of me pulsates. If I had a physical body I would recognize the pelvis region. Growing stronger, redness surrounds me. I sense a strange feeling of being a home but it not quite home. Someone has invaded it. It is mine but I have no control. The redness demands my help. It has become a prisoner to darkness.

Something grasps me. It is physical. I pulls and twists me away from the redness and its gentle warm. Magic abounds. Ritual and power dance about a non-existent form. I sense something solid. A ghostly presence finds something hard. I am being forces into it. It feels family but again it is not. I sense fingers, toes and other parts of a very real body.

Eyes flicker open. They are my eyes but how. I felt the knife and saw the cascades of blood. Someone stares at me but I am not fully away. The body is alien even though I sense familiarity. The cells are correct but they are sterile. I draw a weak, painful breath. I am alive but something terrible is wrong.

Time passes. I am aware of it now. It flows all about me in the coming and going of the son. The body does not feel right. My soul fights with it. Cells swell around the soul trying to merge the two. On two levels there is agony.

I see my wife. She smiles and smothers the body with love and kisses. She speaks to someone, her voice filled with concern. I know little of this. I have no strength.

The cycles of night pass in longevity. I can walk, though the soul is not fully happy. I need canes. I can walk but a few steps. I see my father who is relieved and concerned. He would understand. He went through so much after his fall into the Abyss.

My triplets arrive. Joy and happiness follow. They swear revenge upon the man how did this. I know him but the name does not quite come. I have been to the realm he has stolen from me. He holds it in an iron grip but the redness does not belong to him. The two struggle.

My wife allows me to go afar under heavy guard. The familiar shape of hellmaidens surround me. I have things that must be done. King Bleys must know. I wait for him in his apartments. No one knows I have arrived. As I child I played in the many secret passages. Many forget this.

The king is pleased to see me but there is caution on my part. He wants me well. He wants me to return to work.

I announce my presence to others. A brother, a friend and a stranger travel afar in search of something. What we find melds the warring parts of myself into one. The Fount of Souls heals all removing all karma and discontentment.





















































Geran has a large family consisting of several children not all born from the same mother. His wife, Princess Bryndal. daughter of Fiona, lives with him in Welksham Castle along with the rest of his family.

Geran`s mistress. Dsara, resides in near the city of Myr Elrose. The two ladies in Geran`s life understand their situations. Princess Bryndal is wife and duchess, mother of an earl. Dsara is concubine. The two ladies have met on several occasions and their relationship is tense. Dsara understands her place and does cause trouble but has the right to visit her son. Due to past adventures and the discovery of other children, Geran is aware there may be more children to be discovered.

The illegitimate children he has found thus far have all been recognized by Geran giving them all the right and privileges as members of the royal family of Brandenberg and Amber. His newly found children are given the option to live with their father in Welksham or continue their present lives. He, however, provides them with a means to contact their father while providing financially for them.


A matter oF lives once Lived









Fate has it we all have lives once lived that manipulate the present. Some of the lives include:


Gateaux – Third son of Dworkin

Oberon JR (Obie) – son of Bleys

Dalai Lama – Ancient Earth

Xiuhtecuhtli – Aztec Fire God – Ancient Earth

Constantius – Last King of the Abyss Kingdom – Pre-Empire

Talkus – Valar of Middle Earth and the Undying Lands

Aten – Egyptian monotheist god – Ancient Earth

A Matter of Religion

Unicorn2The Unicorn

Raised to be faithful to the Church of the Unicorn, Geran regularly attends mass. He finds time to read and meditate on Holy Scripture every day before he retires for the night. Before the arrival of the Princes to Amber, it was rumoured Geran was leaning toward a religious life and considered entering the seminary. In the name of the Unicorn, Geran commissioned the construction of of a grand cathedral in Welksham to celebrate the faith successfully lobbied for the creation of a Bishop of Welksham with the Pralate of the Holy Church of the Unicorn. Such is his faith in the Unicorn and his reverence for Holy Scripture. Belief in the Unicorn sustains Geran but he is known to be sympathetic to other religious faiths. He has been quoted as saying, “All religions are based on truth and in Amber all truth comes from the Unicorn. Some just have not found the full truth and need to be cultivated with kindness and not the blunt edge of scripture.“

Geran has decided to take a soft approach and regular meets with the head of the Folk practitioners and the Deacon (now Bishop) of Welksham to ensure smooth relations between the two religious groups. Geran faithfully attends the Church of the Unicorn with his family.


tree of life3Folk Faith

In the mountains over looking Welkhsam lives a people who can draw their linage back to the days before Dworkin made the pattern of Amber. There religion is particular to the region and is known by Dworkin and Oberon. 600 years ago there was an attempt to convert the mountain folk to the Church of the Unicorn. It failed with great loss of life forcing the Folk deeper into the mountains.

The basis of the Folk Faith is a deep reverence for nature, peace of the heart and soul through mediation. It is a selfless religion where the monks own no property or processions of any kind save holy artifacts and the simplest needs in life. Even then these articles belong all and not the self. They must beg for the food they eat and may only accept things that are freely given to them. Most monks perform menial task in exchange for the food and goods they receive. Hours are spent in prayer and chanting. There is temple lies in the slopes above Welksham village. There is no altar in the temple but rather it is centered around and ancient tree. Geran had since been pronounced as the reincarnation of a long dead holy man of the mountain people.  He has taken holy orders as the Pynchan Dymas (High Llama) of he Folk Faith. Geran has embraced the faith and has been ordained as a monk.

THE TEARSThe heavens are touched by the ever flowing clouds blessing the tall mountain peaks with its life. High chill winds bring the life of the gods to the ground in the form of white snow. The heat of the everlasting sun heats the snow bringing the grace of god to the lands far below. The essence of the water brings forth all life into its enlightened state.

THE BLESSINGThere is both kindness and wrathfulness. Moods swing and the results are the Blessing of the Tears. It is the catalyst of the essence of all creation and the Cycle of Enlightenment.

THE FRUIT OF THE LANDThe Blessing enables the land to flourish. High mountain forests and rolling plans bring great harmony with the rivers, lakes and oceans. Ethereal mists coat the lands making it one with god. The heavens touch all as the Tears fall to the ground blessing the living. The land is prosperous and lush. All forms of animal, plant, fish, bird, reptile and amphibian live in harmony maintaining the Cycle of Life.

THE CYCLE OF LIFELife runs in a cycle of birth, the joys of existence and the transmutation of death. One life leads into the next. All life if renewed in time. The souls of those who live, in all its forms, may wait and contemplate its next incarnation before being reborn. It is however, in the corporeal form when true learning occurs. All living things feel the aura of all living things. Some life willingly sacrifices itself for the benefit of other life. One that is low in one life may be reborn upon high and those who live upon high may be born low. The station from life to life is not permanent. Such is the cycle.

All living things follow The Cycle of Life providing the nourishment of the Cycle of Enlightenment. Living things high and low comprehend the cycle and know what it means. Each incarnation renews the cycle bringing greater enlightenment. Life is simple and the land, water and air provide the sustenance for all life. All lives endeavor to  find enlightenment.

THE CYCLE OF ENLIGHTENMENT All life and the souls waiting the next incarnation, learn together. Their learning of all becomes truth. Enlightenment reveals itself in form of emotion and thought. The Blessing are but part of the path. From each comes the journey of learning bringing all life together. Weather, quiet and hard, the shaking of the world, the fires burning the forests is a reflection of the path to enlightenment from which life learns and grows.

Peace, harmony and happiness, is a blessing desired above all else, thought strife, loathing and murder may touch the essence of all. Death to substance the Cycle of Life is no sin. Death for the sack of want, desire and loathing is the greatest sin. A blessed life means the next life will be one of light and new learning. A sinful life brings a rebirth of darkness where the pains of the victim are set upon the sinner until understanding is achieved. Through blessings and sins, all life learns and the cycle moves on.

THE WELL OF SOULSThe Light of the Truth dwells within the essence of all living things. Each act, being it of light or darkness, adds to the well both filling it and taking away. The well is never half empty or half full.

THE TWELVE REFLECTIONSKyo Yuhi rises up from the forests of Ishigara with grandeur and presence. Snowcapped and shrouded by clouds the great mountain marks the exact center of the realm of Shambhala. From its slopes spreads the island upon which creation sits. The melting Tears cascade down rock and through trees and finally spilling into the endless sea. It’s the nourishment to sustain a balanced echo system. Tall green trees dance in a soft wind. The waters, lands or air team with life, large and small. The air is temperate around the equator and cold on the top and bottom. In such the ecosystem aids the Cycle of Enlightenment.

At the southern base of the great mountains sits the Shjaelin plateau. Here the turbulent waters spilling from the heights come to settle into the placid Lake Airalaas. Three long bridges cross over the lake where the shimmering tree of Llewaaran grows. Growing on the highest island peak, the tree is surrounded by the falls of Shjakadai. Across the kilometers of open water the untamed nature at the essence of Shambhala folded up like the inside of chrome ball reflecting back upon itself.

The spreading arms of the tree curl up into the chrome and reflected back onto itself. Within the limbs of the great tree, balls of incandescent light. Twelve colours play and frolic with one another. Each colour is one of the twelve reflections of inner nature:

  1. Reflection for the right view
    • Right view is the beginning and the end of the path, it simply means to see and to understand things as they really are.
  2. Reflection for the right intention
    • While right view refers to the cognitive aspect of wisdom, right intention refers to the volitional aspect.
  3. Reflection for right speech
    • Right speech is the first principle of ethical conduct.
  4. Reflection for right action
    • The second ethical principle, right action, involves the body as natural means of expression, as it refers to deeds that involve bodily actions.
  5. Reflection for right livelihood
    • Right livelihood means that one should earn one’s living in a righteous way and that wealth should be gained legally and peacefully.
  6. Reflection for right effort
    • Without effort, which is in itself an act of will, nothing can be achieved, whereas misguided effort distracts the mind from its task, and confusion will be the consequence.
  7. Reflection for right mindfulness
    • Right mindfulness is the controlled and perfected faculty of cognition. It is the mental ability to see things as they are, with clear consciousness.
  8. Reflection for right concentration
    • Refers to the development of a mental force that occurs in natural consciousness, although at a relatively low level of intensity, namely concentration.
  9. Reflection for life
    • To abstain from harming sentient beings, especially to abstain from taking life and doing harm intentionally or delinquently.
  10. Reflection for the body
    • To abstain from bodily misconduct such as gluttony, over indulgence and laziness.
  11. Reflection of the spirit
    • To abstain from misconduct of the soul.
  12. Reflection of the ego
    • To maintain calm abiding, control of emotion and peace of heart and mind.

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