NodNod is the home of Jericho and Michael. It is closer to Amber then other powers. Nod is the main planet of the shadow as it contains an unknown number of other planets.


The economy is the result free market with minimal government planning. The only planning is to make sure the people have protection against needless risk. Nod is the center inter-shadow trade and has close ties with several other shadows of other princes of Amber.


Education is highly emphasized and free until university which is inexpensive and highly prized. Every city has several universities and colleges with very easy admissions requirements. Magical Universities are the only exception with magical ability required to attend.


The history of Nod as it relates to outside is not known until Flora arrived with what became the leaders of many nations and began the great project. From that time Nod grew and became strong and united under Emperor Jericho.


Service in one of the 6 military services or intelligence services is a high honor and greatly sot after. Service is voluntary, with every able body person over 16 registering in the selective service incase of national emergency, Most people join a militia and are only activated for natural disasters. Only the most elite of the militia enter the other services or enter from an academy.


Jericho and Michael established an empire that in the past and current times is based in Stormguard. The empire is built over the kingdoms which retain most of the governmental powers. The empire maintains foreign relations, military, and keeps the peace between the kingdoms.  Each kingdom has a representative on the high consul that maintains the empire. With the kingdoms having elected representatives to help run the kingdoms. Many political parties are in the kingdoms.


Technology level is close to 1940s of Ancient Earth with some interesting additions of floating ships and cities. The empire is providing the infrastructure necessary to enjoy the advantages of the technology we are using.

Major Cities:


The city is the capital of the Empire of Nod. With the Senate building the center of the power surrounded on 3 sides by the bureaucracy, a streamlined bureaucracy. The city was the capital of the human kingdom before its fall a thousand years ago. After the fall of the human kingdom it became the trade hub and became the ancient banking capital. This leads into the city expanding into the financial center of the Empire, after the creation of the empire. The city is located on a hill at the mouth of the strategically important Storm River, which connects most of the northern continent with its watershed, and has a deep, excellent, and large natural harbor. The city is the center of stage plays, third most important motion picture industry location. The largest, oldest, and most prestigious university is located in the center of the city near the City of Stormguard.

City of Stormguard

The City of Stormguard was created to go around a treaty that was forced on the old royal family of the old human kingdom limiting the military they could control. It has remained separate and is the location of the royal castle, citadel, and armory. It also holds the royal treasury and the royal bank. The city is surrounded by a very strong wall that has been never breached.

New Drakesberg

New Drakesberg is the youngest city in Nod. It is also the third largest in Nod. The city is only 30 years old and located on 2 peninsulas pointing towards each other. Slightly behind a between the city is the island fortress of Drakesberg, one of the strongest fortresses in all of Nod. The city also contains, on an island close to the northern part of the city, a 300 foot statue of Jericho’s birth mother Queen Flora. The city can attribute its rapid growth to the resettlement of people after the Orc and Civil Wars, the booming trade with greater shadow (the city is the first city seen when entering the shadow), being the only city where gambling is legal, and the movie industry settling down there. The surrounding countryside can look like anywhere in Nod and has a very pleasant climate year round.  Along with all of that the city has excellent higher education faculties, many excellent port faculties and 5 military bases.


Archangel was rebuilt from the destroyed Magical school of Angel. The size was substantially increased and defenses were improved. Like its predecessor, it floats a 1,000 to 2,000 feet above the ground and contains the leading Magic school and University. The city also has several magic manufacturing districts and a large magical population.

Notes on Nod from the Tiereth Envoy’s Guide

Nod is the home of Prince Jericho.  Read more on Prince Jericho in his entry of the Guide, but here’s the important bit: Jericho is the earliest and closest of our lord’s allies. ALWAYS remember that  If you behave badly in his home, it will embarrass our lord, and he will be disappointed in you.  The rest of us will be only be pissed off, but that’s nothing compared to our lord’s disappointment.  So behave. We have been invited to Nod and granted diplomatic status there.  Since it’s where Michael and Jericho hang, it’s probably a good place to party.  We recommend that you go there for that reason alone.  Also, going there after getting the invitation is polite, and politeness to those that are important to our lord earns you favor in his eyes.

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