Opera Winnifred

The Opera Show is a celebrity gossip show broadcast cross-Shadow. Opera interviews anyone and everyone who will stand still long enough, from Family members (if they don’t try to kill her first), to personalities, to activists from a variety of NGOs, to loud-mouthed divas (of both sexes). Opera is also often found at Family galas and events, where she sometimes does arrival or exit interviews.

Known to be in Lambeth in King Isaac’s collection of female staff and other. Was part of the group marriage Isaac held in Lambeth, a few years before his recent Dragon Church sanctioned union to Minerva Helgram.

Not to be confused with another shadow,  Opera Wonnifrey, who is now Princess Opera FitzMunson-Helgram, married to Prince Lenny FitzMunson-Helgram, Ambassador from Amber to Parys, daughter in law to Prince Patrick. Opera Winnifred is kept far away from this shadow who managed to scoop her with the interview of Prince Fabian, Grand Duke of the Unicorn Islands.


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