Wealth and Capital Centres of Creation


The ancient Chaos capital and the Old Abyss Empire Viceregal centre is always a destination market for super prime seeking titled old money, elite clubs and high standards and taste. The vast private Ways is linked to Thelbane Townhouses, Great Mansions and other urban centres. Proximity to Justin Square and its high end department stores and elite boutiques are always an attraction. The Channicut House district and its large closed parks is always an address that has rivaled Thelbane Tower and the Palace itself as a location to find a fine house. Cornelius Square has access to the nearby financial district. Rumours have it that half the houses off Cornelius Square are not occupied more than four weeks in a year. Princess Fiona is known to have a home there, which she visits a couple times a year. While Thelbane does not have as lenient a tax system as Antilla, or the glamour of Parys, it is a high-desirabily address.

Amber City

While its Second Civil War and Black Road Invasion left the realm depopulated, King Oberon, Regent Gerard and now King Bleys are slowly rebuilding the legendary greatness of Amber. Tight banking laws and tax collection established by the severe Prince Geran and maintained by Prince Rambault, the incumbent treasurer, have pushed much money to southern Garnath City. However Amber’s great wealth and centre of the money generating Golden Circle continue to make Amber City return to its days of glory. The Lord Mayors, first Prince Ian and now his son, Prince Artur, have a no nonsense attitude: hooliganism is not allowed and this security has been highly infuential in Amber City’s rising attraction for the rich and famous. An Amber townhouse has a high desirability and the investment Prince Geran has made in the rebuilding of the city, through the Amber Foundation, has made a huge difference. The highly desirable Hightown with its proximity to the Palace area, including the Oberon Market, is the first choice but the many terraced townhouses and mansions with views of Kolvir Bay and the four rivers outlet are always an attractive draw.

Parys City

A city of lights, class, attractive beauty, museums, palaces and vast grandeur. While much of the centre was destroyed in a recent civil war, the reconstruction would make Baron Haussman blanche. The vast reconstruction of the historical buildings along with removal of any unattractive buildings is making Parys a huge banking, tourism, refuge for Creation. The Parys banks maintain security, secrecy and a high degree of discretion without the rogue banking label associated with the Antillan/Garnath banks. Parys is the destination of every deposed dictator and accused CEO. It is also a place for deserters from the IHBA, and the weary and frightened who want a safe place and new home. As centre of the Silver Circle, its vast economic power is parallel to other major centres, but Parys has a unique charm with its rebuilt Eifel Tower, original palaces and great buildings. There are massive, proud embassies in the best Embassy Row in Creation. Corwin’s charm still permeates the city he founded.


A city state like Liechtenstein or Andorra with a massive reconstructed Oberon Class fortress. Grand Duke Tmer Jesby lost the Black Road War due to his obsession with taking and levelling the ancient fortress built by Dworkin and Oberon. Garnath is the Grand Cayman Islands of Amber and the Golden Circle. It has strong banking headquarters and is the tax avoidance centre of the entire Amber half of Creation. There are Hanover-UK like ties to the Antillan Railway Empire and the banking is interchangable. There is a residency requirement to get the best tax advantages, although the Garnath City climate is much like northern Tuscany, so it is not a bad place to maintain a home for four years.

Antilla Station

The wild and crazy economic supercentre of the Railway Empire has been upgrading its centre area in a Baron Haussman style renovation, to make it not just a railway hub but also a destination in itself. Long a refuge for citizens of repressive totalitarian state to hide their wealth from state theft, it is the most open society of many kingdoms, although the parochial adjacent Antillan Railway Empire walled off the city to keep them out. The combination of the luxury of Monaco, the economic generation power that New York was, and the strictness of an authoritarian capitalist society like Singapore, make Antilla City . It is a city of luxury condominiums, expensive flats and and iceberg townhouses with dozens of floors built underground. Land is the greatest commodity and reclamation from the sea is a controlled but lucrative business. Interestingly Earth One (Antilla Earth), a closed but visible realm, moves away from Antilla Station every time more land is reclaimed from the sea. Massive skyscrapers, and hugeapartments become mini arcologies in order to house the huge and growing millions that live in this city state. The Jorrah Mile, with its vast boutiques, bars and tourist areas on both sides, attract millions of tourists. Tight security abounds, with police patrols every three minutes ensuring safety and security.

New Vegas

The city that never sleeps has regulated brothels, massive casinos with glitter, lights and sounds, and buffets for everyone from the super rich to ordinary tourists. The rich and famous all have palaces in this planet sized city with links to other shadows like Thelbane’s Ways. Mega Mansions are popular and compete with the great houses in other cities. A New Vegas Palace is always an ostentatious status symbol. With the massive theme parks of DragonWorld ™ and BearWorld ™, New Vegas is also a tourist mecca. It has beenconsidered a military target, and recently blocked an invasion by a coalition army of Black Dwarves, and Mesopotamian, Aztec, Baba Yaga Abyss forces. There is a Zeppelin port with an exotic terminal of the Antilla Railway, as well as a vast super cargo port. There is a desirability for the city that has the highest car prices and is the gem of the House of Channicut.