Thelbane-Amber Court Circular

In a pair of announcements timed within a few minutes of each other, the transfer of the Grand Duchy of Helgram was confirmed by King Bleys and King Swayville.

In Court in Amber, King Bleys formally released his eldest son, Ian, from all oaths and obligations to the Crown of Amber. Ian will retain the honorary title of Duke of Upper Essex, as well as all honours and orders earned while in the service of Amber and King Bleys. He remains a welcome guest at the Court of Amber.

The Barony of Chippenham and all other personal holdings belonging to Ian in Amber now formally pass to his eldest son, Wolf, with the exception of the title of Duke of Amber City and its associated lands, which will pass to Prince Artur, once he is confirmed as Lord Mayor of Amber (as previously announced by the Crown).

Prince Ian was also honoured as a Knight Commander of the Order of King Oberon (equivalent of the Royal Victorian Order).

Prince Wolf was named as a Commander the Order of King Oberon.

A short while later, during the day’s business at the Court of the Dragon Throne, Ian son of Bleys, swore the appropriate oaths of allegiance as a senior member of the Court of King Swayville, and was formally confirmed as Grand Duke of House Helgram. As the same time, the King reconfirmed his title as Archduke of Chaos.

It was also recorded in the annals of the Almanaci di Swayville that Jowan Daveth-Helgram is hereby appointed Ian’s legitimate heir within the House, and he was also present to reconfirm his allegiance to King and House.

Princess Swayvanna was in attendance to watch the formalities.

Prince Ian was also named as a Knight Commander of the Order of Justin the Stern while Jowan was honoured with a Commander of the Order of Justin the Stern


In separate business, Prince Armand of Amber, Thelbane and Brandenburg resigned from his position as Lord Chamberlain of Chaos and Constable of Thelbane Tower, citing potential conflicts of influence with his expanded responsibilities in Amber. King Swayville thanked him for his service, and reiterated that he is welcome to visit Thelbane at any time. No replacement has been announced as yet, although it has been suggested that Andrew, a younger son of Bleys of Amber, may be appointed to the position.

Prince Armand and Artur were each honoured with the Order of Commander in the Order of the Unicorn.