Haitian Creole immigrants settle in “Jorrahville”

The death of a thousand cuts is one many never notice until it’s too late. They first arrived in small dribs and drabs many centuries ago, such insignificant quantities as to be unnoticed. Perhaps they were always there, buried within the minority suburbs that the Arabs occupied or further away. However the Haitian Creole originally came to found their diasporic community in Parys, they have deep roots. Known for their fine cuisine and pigeon-French this minority has largely kept to itself and cultivated the traditions of their homeland.

Now one of the places these people chose to dwell in peace and harmony has come into full bloom just on the outskirts of the Parys frontier. Jorrahville is a classic shanty town built largely of plywood, corrugated metal, sheets of plastic, and cardboard boxes. While the settlement may boast of its large and dense population it unfortunately lacks proper sanitation, water supply, electricity, fire department, medical facilities and telephone services.

The people of Jorrahville are not without wits however, for their womenfolk have cultivated deep social ties to the right departments in the Parys government that could help alleviate the harsher aspects of their lives. They are experts at knowing who to speak with who has sympathy for their plight and where to be in Parys to collect public or private assistance. Thus when the dribs and drabs of their people continued to pour into Parys they were able to continue their subsistence lifestyle without disturbing the peace or annoying the majority of civil society. Jorrahville is even on the newer maps of Parys, having been recognized as a center for the arts and culture.

Now however it would seem that Jorrahville is literally bursting at the seams. Larger numbers of Haitian Creole continue to concentrate in the settlement causing it to expand wider and wider. Their men have proven bold and brave to panhandle in public where they may realize the greatest gains while singing their cultural songs and working those hand-made musical instruments to entertain the crowds. Enterprising cooks now offer the tourists of Parys an opportunity to have Bush Meat on a stick; some would call it Mystery Meat.

The self-proclaimed Mayor of Jorrahville, Sugar Daddy, keeps the peace and ensures that their community is protected.

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