Parys Timeline Relative to Other Powers


Rest of Creation

War of Parys Succession Patternfall
Art Baker’s hundreds of years (fast time) Oberon Dies / Christophe comes to Amber Castle
Corwin missing/other Corwin kids run off Michel and Alexandre left Parys and conquer Avalon and Lorraine(from end of ACUS Scenario)
Art Baker gives up Regency/Leaves Parys Unicorn Choice Refused by Dworkin
Dara Hacks dominate Regency Council  Amber Charter discovered/without a clear heir, vote by family
Second Brandenberg/Chaos War/ Art Baker becomes main game PC
Brandenberg WWII Style Occupation
Vichy Parys/ Jasra purges anti Brandenberg Gerard – Regent of Amber
Christophe, Merlin’s full brother (a boy in ACUS scenario) chosen as Regent by Dara hacks Brandenberg/Parys Time Speeds synchronizes with Amber Chaos
Christophe comes to Parys Bleys elected King of Amber, Crowned by Dworkin
Christophe marries Brand/Jasra’s daughter Clarissa Helgram back again with her Helgram relatives in tow
Brandenberg ends occupation Bleys son Ian good friends with Art Baker
Brandenberg secret police leave later Bleys marries Elizabeth Channicut
Benedict’s son Edward (Tim H) and Lucius (Erik)and allies invade Avalon and Lorraine and drive out Alexandr and Michel
Corwin escapes Dara’s Hall of Mirrors Corwin’s doomed marriage to an elven queen. Daughter Bree resentful of Corwin’s neglect.
Corwin adopts Glen and Paolo/Paul. Corwin wars with and abducts
Matthew and Lucius/Eventual peace with M and L
Corwin kids attack Matthew’s fleet
Corwin and kids invade Lucius’ territory of UT 3X
Attempted rebellion against Christophe by Corwin daughter Riva feuds with Matthew and Lucius and is obsessed with Lucius’ son Arthur
Bree and her boyfriend/ Dave sympathetic
Bree defeated. Jorrah unleashes tonks.
Bree and paramour flee into Abyss? though
she is also presumed dead in Parys
Christophe destroys all resistance
Brand’s son Matthew key ally and keeps Antilla
Railway open to supply Christophe with arms
Corwin abdicates as part of divorce settlement
Christophe proclaimed King Death of Esmorelda FitzCorey at Random’s son’s wedding. Conspiracy Theories abound
Corwin kids split over Christophe though vast majority do not like Corwin Riva leads uprising
Riva goes missing. Unknown reasons though conspiracy theories
Corey family bulk agree to support Christophe
Today – Michel contacts Christophe at Elysee Palace