Chaos Rules Football

CRF is one of the favoured sports in the Courts.

The basics are simple: you try to score goals, and the side with the most goals wins. The ball is roughly the shape and size of a rugby ball. However, being Chaos Rules, that’s where simple stops.

The pitch is three dimensional, 100 yards long by 50 yards wide by 50 yards high, with the dimensions marked off with warding, and there are three goals at each end: one at ground level, one 20 yards up and one at 40 yards up. Scoring is 1pt for the lower goal, 2pt for the middle goal and 3pt for the upper goal. The warding also prevents outside magical influences affecting the game.

There are four Officials for a Chaos Rules Football game: the Referee, the two Endsmen (one at each end, watching the goals), and the Pitchkeeper. It is the Pitchkeeper who maintains the integrity of the court warding and the positions of the goals, and is also responsible for recording the action in case of instant replay. There is no need for Linesmen, as alarms in the wards will automatically trigger if either the ball, or one of the players, crosses the court boundaries. The information is instantly relayed to the Officials, who will stop the game and take the appropriate action.

It is played by teams of seven, all of whom will probably be either mages or shape shifters – and in the case of the two goalkeepers, preferably both. The object of the game is to score as many goals as possible, by getting the ball over the goal lines, either by kicking, throwing or some other method, up to and including picking it up and flying with it, propelling it with magic, or summoning a filmy and running with it. The two keepers work together to try to protect their goals, while the other five players are all eligible to score.

The ball must remain in motion, except during Official stoppages. Holding onto it for more than five seconds counts as a foul, and the ball is given to the other team. Physical tackling is allowed, but not with the intention to hurt, and if blood is drawn, that counts as a serious penalty. Demon forms cannot be assumed at any time, although shape shifting into other forms is perfectly legitimate. Illusion magic can only be used within the centre of the pitch – not within the goal area – and teleporting the ball is not allowed.

CRF is played at a variety of levels. With touch versions at schools, to more full-contact games in colleges and at a House level. The he biggest money to be made in the top level Thelbane Chaos Football League (TCFL), and the top-level TCFL players are major celebrities around the Courts. The Major House Teams are the:

Swayville Dragons
Channicut Dubloons
Helgram Flames
Hendrake Drakes
Jesby Serpents
Sawall Lions

House Channicut has the exclusive rights to TCFL  merchandising.


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