Succession and Orders of Chivalry

The chaos succession

The Chaos Royal Succession is set and complicated and needs Parliament to change it. House Succession for Grand Dukes and Dukes are set by the Grand Duke/Duke. Rexford was the Premier Duchy with Celestine second to it.

The Dragon Throne Succession currently is Rambault (his children are morganatic as he married the daughter of Baron Bayle, a left handed marriage) followed by Karl, son of Lucian Channicut  and Clarissa Helgram, followed by Jericho Channicut who has legitimate issue. Should the House of Jericho fail, then it goes to the sons of Dara and Gramble: Merlin (adopted), Despil and Jurt. Rumour has it that both Jericho and Dara were deeply annoyed when Geran, son of Brand Helgram, sponsored Karl’s claim.

The current Prime Minister is the Grand Duchess of Sawallways, Dara Helgram-Hendrake who was old Gramble’s widow who died a number of years ago after he made her his heir over their sons. There are rumours that though he adopted Merlin, Dara’s son by Corwin, his own sons Despil and Jurt are actually sons by Corwin.

The widow Minobee is still Grand Duchess of Hendrake and Warlord of the Hellmaids. She stays out of politics unless she has no other option. The Hendrakes are closely aligned to Helgrams, although they do not support independence.

The Royal Barrimans are still headed by Swayville, The Grand Duke of Barriman is still Swayville, although Swayvanna is heir. Her heirs are Ian (by Bleys) and his family, and Edward and his families. As well, three daughters have been born to Swayville and Florimel (Daughter of Dybelle Hendrake) half sister of Geran Dalt and Deiter, although they are not in the immediate succession due to birth order and gender.

Recent changes in Grand Dukes


Following the death of Tubble Channicut, Jericho, the third son, was made heir to House Channicut over Lucian’s son Karl. Jericho is now the new Grand Duke. Tubble spent most of his political capital ensuring financial and taxation freedom from the central government. This has prevented Swayville from raising taxes. A recent threat by Swayville to recruit Geran to his treasury and a reversal when Jericho threatened his courtiers at Chaos with demon whips for protesting tax hikes and demanding cuts, means that Swayville recently raised taxes. Channicut has been recovering frrom the destruction of half its lands by an angry Benedict, who was infuriated when Tubble did not honour his dead sons enough (Lucian and Matthias) and for remarrying (Flora before she married Swayville) and making Jericho his heir instead of Karl.


Glorianna outfoxed the Council of Aunties (Poisoners) and managed to bypass her cousin Rambault to become Grand Duchess of Jesby. The aunties carried out a proxy war of rebellion a couple of years ago but Glorianna came out on top. She the daughter of Livella Jesby and the late Osric of Amber. Jesby suffered most from Patternfall, as Benedict levelled 90%, of it because of its role in poisoning his beloved half brothers, Lucian and Matthias, 50k or so years ago. Benedict has a long memory.


Bleys became the Grand Duke of Helgram after the death of his own grandfather, as the next male heir. Clarissa registered an objection, saying that her father wanted her to succeed and she would have preferred succession to go through her and Fiona, but Swayville ignored her. More recently, given his conflicting interests as King of Amber, Bleys abdicated as Grand Duke in favour of his eldest surviving son, Ian.

Bleys was a mild supporter of Helgram independence, and officially promoted greater autonomy. The new Grand Duke’s position on the subject is unknown.


Of the major Houses of Chaos, Sawall is the one that has seen the most changes in recent years. When Grand Duke Gramble disappeared, and was presumed dead, his son Mandor took the helm of the House. After his disgrace, Dara Helgram-Hendrake, the supposed widow of Gramble, seized the Grand Duchy. However, her time in charge was brought to an abrupt end when Gramble was found alive and imprisoned, and returned to the House. At that point, King Swayville wasted little time in re-confirming Gramble as Grand Duke.

Orders of Nobility

The Orders of Precedence within the Courts of Chaos follow the British pattern (or perhaps, more accurately, Great Britain follows the Chaos Pattern). Succession is, by and large, patrilineal, although there are certain exceptions. Noble titles are ranked as follows:

His Majesty the King
Legitimate children of His Majesty are styled Prince or Princess
Legitimate grandchildren of His Majesty are styled Archduke or Archduchess (Royal Duke or Royal Duchess), and have precedence over the Grand Dukes, although the title of Archduke/duchess does not have associated lands.

Orders of nobility are as follows:

Addressed As
Eldest Son
Other Children
Archduke/duchess Your Grace Duke/Duchess Marquis/Marquise
Grand Duke/Duchess Your Grace Duke/Duchess Marquis/Marquise
Duke/Duchess Your Grace Marquis/Marquise Lord/Lady
Marquis/Marquise My Lord/My Lady Viscount Lord/Lady
Earl/Countess My Lord/My Lady Usually uses his father’s second title Lord/Lady
Viscount/Viscountess My Lord/My Lady The Honourable The Honourable
Baron/Baroness My Lord/My Lady The Honourable The Honourable
Baronet/Baronetess Sir/(My) Lady Mister Mister/Miss
Knight/Dame Sir/(My) Lady

Some Houses use variants on these specific titles, for example, the Heydrich-Channicut branch of Channicut uses Graf and Jesby uses Count, as the equivalent of Earl. However, the position in the noble hierarchy remains equivalent.

The rank of Archduke is equivalent to that of Grand Duke, but is solely used within the Royal Line. However, it rarely comes with any land, so in reality, Grand Dukes have rather more political weight.

The rank of Baronet is the lowest hereditary title, although holders are technically titled commoners. The rank of Knight is non-hereditary.

Illegitimate children who are later accepted into the House, carry a title one lower than their equivalent position, had they been legitimate.

Orders of Chivalry

There are a number of Chaos-wide Orders of Chivalry, which are in the gift of King Swayville.

In addition, the Houses also have their own Orders of Chivalry, for example the Order of the Channicut Dragon and the Order of the Helgram Lion.