Asgardian Rumors


This page lists a number of rumors that are available out in Creation regarding Asgard.  Believe them, or not, at your own risk!

Asgard in General

The Asgardian Pattern  involves being nailed to some evil tree where you are tortured for nine days as your soul is reprogrammed to become an Asgardian agent.

The Warband is encouraging anti-High Blood sentiments throughout Creation and is selling its services to support the unrest.

Magnus charges insane rates for the right to walk the Asgardian Pattern.

Walking the Asgardian Pattern involves being heavily ritualized and  severe mental and physical harm.

Asgardian women are VERY promiscuous…as long as you’re a rich boy Helgram or Channicut.  They’re all gold diggers to escape their backwater home.

There are open rewards in Asgard for the capture of a number of members of the Royal Family, including Lucius, Andres, Bleys, and the Twins.

The Warband is a secret army used to advance Parysian interests in support of Magnus’  mother and brother, Christophe.

The only kind of magic that works in Asgard is something called “runelore,” which is addictive and controlled by Magnus rationing out power from the Pattern.

Dara is really running everything there and has started up the Oberon rumors just to keep everyone in the ARC chasing their tails.  You know…just like Jasra does in Brandenberg.

Warlord Hastein bankrolls dozens of orphanages in Asgard.  He’s really a big softy!

Gerard is insanely jealous at Asgard’s naval budget.

The War

Magnus died during the war, and Jarngrimr is covering it up.

Jarngrimr is actually Oberon.  The war was Oberon coming back and tying up the loose ends (disposing of Magnus and Grimmundr) before taking over Asgard.

There was no war.  Asgard just pulled a UT stunt and closed up to get some distance from foes and to update their technology.

Asgard lost the war to Dark Oberon, and he is now using it as a jump off point for an invasion.

The Royal Family

Asgard wants to bring Oberon back by sacrificing Marcus.

Dark Oberon has been mind controlling Magnus for years!

Jarngrimr is trying to build a harem of High Blood princesses (Niamh and Myfanwy).

The Asgardians are mind controlling Myfanwy in an effort to gain influence with Benedict.

Jarngrimr a drunken fool of a frat boy who will sleep with anything that smiles at his silly winks and loves nothing more than drunken raids on poor unsuspecting settlements.

Jarngrimr is actually from the Fatherland and acts as the head of Asgard’s Secret Police for Dark Oberon.

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