Amber Continent: The North Coast

Amber’s North Coast is generally considered to start with the rich vineyards surrounding Baylesport in the south.  The region then arcs north, surrounding the Royal Reserve National Park, and following the coastline north to the edge of civilization.  The fiefdoms south of the Royal Reserve are generally large and rich; those to the north are smaller, squeezed between the mountains and the sea.

Politically, the region backed Prince Eric in the recent civil wars.  It was devastated by King Bleys’ partisans, and drifted into Prince Caine’s camp in the conclusion of the Amber-Chaos war.  The lords of the North Coast are fundamentally conservative – though not nearly as reactionary as the eastern lords – proud souls, who view the cosmopolitan residents of Amber City with a mixture of suspicion and disdain.

In the last year, the North Coast has been the beneficiary of Prince Rambault’s patronage.  He has centered his household in the northern barony of Weleand, married into the influential Baylesport family, and sunk considerable time and treasure into a number of charitable ventures.

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