Donald and Mickey Helgram

Mickey and Donald are a year apart in age. Their family is a cadet branch of Helgram far from the succession though they were not very rich, their family was huge with many older brothers. Their families encouraged them to go to IHBA after they both flunked out of the Helgram Academy for laziness, sleeping in, drinking and partying. They were in Taygete’s Squad there, and spent eight years with her.

After they graduated, they went to work for Wendell in the Golden Circle Wars and served a while as civilian liaisons with Prince Will in the field though they were at the local HQs.

They were fairly fun loving boys but were lazy. Very lazy. They earned lots of demerits. They also were very loyal to their squad and protected ‘their girl’ Taygete like knights in chivalry. They were not fighters but got into fights to protect her and her honour. They have done a few Part Time Missions for Lucius as Alumnus but Soren refuses the pick them for missions.

They have non-IHBA friends including James (Jack) and Charles (Chip) Helgram-Hendrake-Brandenberg who they never pressured to go to the IHBA. They also are on good relations with the IHBA-hating Quarto Group even though Augie was a runaway from the Academy. Jack and Chip swore they would never go to IHBA.