Trebonius (0,-4, 0)

The Trebonius System is a newcomer in among the know shadows.  Is lies beyond Reiss along the Chakra System around where the next world would be found if it were extended.  Gwen of Amber’s claim on the region has been acknowledged by many of the major courts; including Amber, Brandenburg and Chaos.


Off road access to the Trebonius System is difficult at best.  Thus far Trump is the only major Power that works and it only seems to function on, and in orbit around, Earth’s Moon Luna.  A number of shadow paths do exist providing access, however.

Deep Space

Those willing to brave the hazards and hostiles beyond the edges of the Solar System find shadow paths in abundance.  The Trebonius tourism department strongly recommends against this route as your safety can not be guaranteed.

Luna Hyperspace Port

This shadow path transits from hyperspace to a well defended area of space in orbit above Luna.  Ships capable of hyperspace travel are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the toll free hyperspace port.  Flight control will admit all travelers so long as ship weapons and combat shields are powered down for the duration of the stay.  Reasonable rates are provided to visitors in need of docking.  Port docking is free for cargo vessels of sufficient scale.

Sea of Tranquility

Ocean going vessels will find a number of shadow paths on Luna’s Sea of Tranquility.  This is likely the least regulated means of travel into the Trebonius System, although weapons and shields utilizing energy technology and beyond are monitored from orbit and expected to remain powered down.  The major ports are designed to accommodate a variety of ship technologies, keeping the age of sail separated from more advanced ships.

Antillan Rail Link

A future hub for the ARC is built in outside the capital of Luna, Gyokai.  Numerous ground based shadow paths converge upon this area including non-ARC rail transit, superhighways and low speed designated roads.

Intrasystem Travel

The Trebonius System relies heavily upon advanced technology to move around and between the planets.  Point to point travel is readily available to individuals while large scale transit relies upon ships.

Individuals will find teleportation the most convenient means of travel.  Each citizen is provided with a small number of transports per year for free.  Those squeamish about the underlying technology can access subspace portals, although that technology is relatively expensive.  Visitors and citizens looking to go beyond their annual teleports will find travel rates relatively inexpensive, particularly during times of low demand.

There is no government sponsored cargo system.  The megacorporations have private fleets to meet their needs.  However, a number of companies compete to fill the private delivery market.

Black Market

While the corporations and the military keep crime quite low, the occasional act of space piracy does occur.  There seems to be some romantic draw to the profession despite the extremely short lifespan of most pirates.  Those shipping particularly valuable cargo are advised to work through the megacorporations, which have a 100% success rate at defending their cargos.

Due to the potential threats to the space lanes, weapons and shields are permitted beyond the orbital regions of the planets.

*Trade to closed areas, which includes most areas beyond the Lunar Trade Zone, encounters extreme tariffs if not outright exclusion to those not authorized to trade.  As a result there is a reasonable market for smugglers that the Council keeps as small as it is able.


Trebonius has open diplomatic relations with most of the major states throughout shadow, most of which are at least cautiously friendly.  Trebonius’s primary agenda in inter-shadow relations is that of open trade and non-aggression.  At least that is what Trebonius diplomats will try to convince you of.


Other than the Tular from deep space and visitors, the population of the Trebonius System is entirely human.  As a result, alien outsiders are looked upon with suspicion but not with any established prejudice.  Citizenship, however, is only available to humans in each of the planets and megacorporations.  Aliens are technically allowed to join the military, but suspicion in those ranks is even greater than the general population due to Tular inspired xenophobia.


The technology of Trebonius is rapidly advancing towards that of the Star Trek universe.  However, visitors will be disappointed to find that technology beyond that of Star Wars loses functionality when crossing the borders into and out of the Trebonius System.  It seems that Trebonius’s physics behaves slightly differently than the more common advanced shows.


The three megacorporations dominate the economics of Trebonius and institute controlled economies on a day to day level due to their near monopolies.  However, the economy is technically a free market.  On Luna in particular outside merchants will find opportunities for trade with both the big three as well as medium sized merchants looking for less monolithic trade partners.


The population of Trebonius is extremely stratified between the ultra-rich and the working class.  However, technological advances have made it possible to provide a social safety net to ensure that even the poorest worker has access to all they need.  In addition, advanced universal health care ensures that all are able to work that wish it.  So long as people are willing to tow the company lines, nobody ever lacks in their basic needs.

It can be argued, however, that towing the company line means selling one’s soul in exchange for being a corporate drone.  Those who accept corporate welfare or enter military service surrender their planetary citizenship in exchange for their new affiliation.  While the planets are fairly democratic, the corporations and military are not.

There is also a growing number of Lunar residents that fall outside the normal citizenship boundaries of planet/corporation/military.  They are technically unrepresented at the moment and the very beginnings of a Luna citizenship movement has begun.

Powers & Magic

The Trebonius system is virtually void of the mystic.  Trump seems to work in the Lunar area and that is it.  None of the Great Powers, Sorcery or Ritual Magic function.

The Council of Seven

The system-wide governing body of the Trebonius System is the Council of Seven.  It is comprised of a single representative from each of the major populated planets (Earth, Mars and Venus), one each from the megacorporations (the Trebonius Foundation, the Nexus Conglomerate and the Halicon Corporation) and one representative from the Trebonius military.

*The Trebonius Foundation’s CEO and council representative is Gwen of Amber.


The Trebonius System is comprised of the standard Solar System.  Keen shadow aware visitors will note that as one leaves the Lunar Region towards the planets a shadow border is crossed.  It is particularly obvious to Trump users as that Power shuts down at that border.

There are at least five shadows within the Trebonius System:  Luna, Earth, Mars, Venus and Jupiter.  It is likely there are more, but travel beyond those areas is difficult at best.  The feel of the planets suggests they originate from universes of their own and may still be connected.


Captial:  Gyokai

The moon of Earth is extremely terraformed, although many complain that the air is somewhat thin.  Luna serves as the trade hub for the entire system.  Historically it was designed as a spaceport for colonizing Mars and Venus.  As those planets grew into their own, though, Luna has been modernized into a cross shadows trade hub.

The laws tend to be extreme and enforced with prejudice by the megacorporations in regards to violence, contract law and nuisance prevention.  Beyond those areas, though, just about anything goes.  VERY few restrictions exist on what may be traded, although there are limits on using purchased goods.  The ownership and trade in slaves is prohibited, although indentured servitude is alive and well.


Earth has been terraformed into a veritable paradise for the rich.  While anyone is welcome, vagrancy is outlawed and even the lowest priced hotels are quite expensive.  The majority of the corporate holders live here and manage their estates either remotely or commute via teleporter.  The working class is almost entirely owned and provided for by the ultra rich.


Mars was the first of the planets to be colonized due the large mineral deposits found there.  To this day it’s major industries are mining and manufacturing.  As a result, the initial terraforming process is in an ongoing struggle with the massive pollution.  Breathers are common, especially on high fog days.


Venus was terraformed to take advantage of its proximity to the Sun.  It is a humid and warm planet ideal for its role as the systems’s bread basket.  The weather is less ideal for the residents as temperatures hover around 10 degrees above Earth norms.


Jupiter itself remains a gas giant.  The moons, however, are home to large scale mining operations the likes of which would make Mars industrialists blush.  They also house some large scale bases for the corporate armadas.

Outer Planets

The space beyond Jupiter are largely occupied by the military.  Travel here is extremely restricted.  Any ships entering from deep space are placed under quarantine and thoroughly inspected before being allowed to travel further into the system.  Those traveling in this area should expect escorts with a shoot first mentality.

Deep Space

To reiterate, deep space in the Trebonius System is dangerous.  It is home to a “race” of creatures known as the Tular.  They were once human but have become undead abominations with advanced necrotic biological technologies.  In even numbers they are not much of a match for the armadas of the Council.  Unfortunately, they are capable of very rapid growth and are able to rebuild invasion level forces every decade or so with smaller incursions every few years.  Think undead zerg.

Beyond Trebonius

A large scale initiative to both explore and colonize shadow beyond the Trebonius chakra point has been undertaken.  Both sea and star faring ships have been seen departing Lunar ports destined for what lies beyond mapped shadow.  Thus far little is known of what they have found or whether they have been successful.